On What Happens When Rich People Get Divorced

"Now I just want tits on a stick, a blonde wig and someone to tell me I’m great when I get home.” A;OIEHWA;OGIHRS;OAIEHR that sounds like the scariest nightmare like some Mama Bates shit

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On Temptations

Logan your hair is perfect

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On The Windows Into Our Souls

Eye contact is like an orgasm in that as soon as you start actively thinking about it you run a high risk of fucking it up

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On TV, A La Carte


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On A Conversation With a Kyrgyz Schoolteacher About Wedding Customs (And Costs)

@loren smith omg. lake song-kul in naryn is the most beautiful place i have ever been in my life (a lake at the top of an incredibly high mountain range and it literally looks like heaven) - i would say that is the absolute can't-miss for me - there's also a place called jeti-oguz around the big lake in the east of kyrgyzstan, which is towering rocks and waterfalls sandwiched between perfect water and huge snowy mountains - otherwise all of the jailoos (summer pastures) are just overflowing with wildflowers right now, and on a motorbike your badass dad is gonna have a GREAT TIME

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On A Conversation With a Kyrgyz Schoolteacher About Wedding Customs (And Costs)

@BornSecular this happened like two days ago and i immediately wrote it up and sent it to logan while i was on a german minibus in the mountains. i am still in kyrgyzstan for a few more days and am still accessing the internet via a USB dial-up modem! and i ended up meeting/working with/loving dinara while i was in the peace corps

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On You Made It, But You Can't Sell It

Avery Barkley is such a Dickens character now is he not - the prince turned chimney sweep

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On Raising Twin Girls, and Building a Future in a New Home

@highjump HAHAHA I just texted Rachel this question so RACHEL COME TELL US

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On The Underground Economy Online

I have to say, I may know someone who may or may not have conducted transactions like this repeatedly about two years ago, and it may or may not have been... easier than anything ever

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On The Love Song of the Banana With Dreadlocks

The only important thing about this piece is the actual face of the stuffed banana

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