On What Kind of Milk?!?!?!

Whole if I'm cooking, 1% or skim if I'm not.

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On Fake It 'Til You Make It

@Leon Tchotchke Also before you put in your two-weeks notice at a writing job, consider going down to the basement where they keep all the back issues and stealing a whole bunch of the ones that your articles are in to use for clips. Not that I’ve, uh, ever done that.

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On Fake It 'Til You Make It

This is a great list. I'd also add "Never doubt your ability to write or at least learn to write anything." I know tons of people who are terrified to even apply for like 50% of all writing jobs because they've never done anything exactly like it. Also, for interviews: For the love of god, if someone asks for clips, bring your best work - don't bring in every single thing you've ever written (unless they ask for that, which I've never had anyone do). Also electronic copies are great, but if you're going to an interview bring it in as some form of hardcopy, even if you've already sent it to them. And bring extra copies. That way you have something to carry (in a slim classy binder or brief, natch) and you won't be one of these people who's like "Uhm well I didn't bring it with me but you can check it out on my website!" Because they can, sure, but they probably won't.

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On Cheap Eats: Hot Tips for Beginners

Things that helped me hugely when I was learning to cook: - Actually read the recipe all the way through before you begin, then get out everything - EVERYTHING - you need and set it out by wherever you're cooking. - If you have an electric range, set the temperature a setting or two lower than you think you need and then WAIT, NO, KEEP WAITING. Basically everything I've ever burned has been because I set it too high initially, then started cooking when the pan was the right temperature for me, only to have it keep getting hotter and hotter until it was insta-burning everything. - Winging it mid-recipe can be great, but it can also be a disaster. I know we all think we've got some great, deeply inspired master chef secretly lurking inside us, waiting to burst out, but personally 90% of the Epic Cooking Decisions I make midway through turn out to have been terrible. Some people (me) do way, way, way better sticking to the plan. And if I'm going off-recipe, I try to decide well in advance and not after I've started.

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On What I Gained After I Accidentally Lost My Taste for Liquor

@Charismatic Megafauna Where'd this idea about an obligation to order wine at a restaurant come from? I'm pretty sure that as long as you're there to eat food and not just dine on the free bread and water they bring out, you're in the clear 100%. Order what you want, and if you're worried about the waitstaff, just tip appropriately.

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On Letting People Go

The worst is firing under false pretenses. If you can't afford someone's labor, do the honorable thing and make that clearly and officially the reason. I absolutely cannot stand companies that suddenly latch onto a mistake that would never otherwise have been a fireable offense just so they can try to deny unemployment. It's like the ball-kickiest thing you can do to an employee.

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On Recollections of an Unpaid Intern

I sort of wonder if anyone up in arms over unpaid internships has ever been in a position where they really, really needed one. I sucked in college and didn't even remotely know what I wanted to do for a career before it was far, far too late to get a real internship, so I talked my way into an unpaid one that I did while moonlighting. It was my own fault for being awful at college and, frankly, lazy, but unpaid internships were one of the extremely few options available to someone who had screwed up their career prospects and was trying to get their act together. What would they have me do instead? Keep working retail for the rest of my life, secure in the knowledge that I had, at least, not personally helped exploit any future college students?

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On Are You Pro-Brunch?

@Leon Tchotchke Plus if you have any enemies coming over you can make eggie-in-a-basket and cut passive-aggressive shapes into the bread.

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On Are You Pro-Brunch?

@Equestrienne THIS ONE MILLION TIMES. Just make your own brunch - it's pretty much the easiest meal in the world to cook (if you fuck it up, just slather everything in butter and syrup), and it's generally made from pretty cheap ingredients and/or ones that are already lying around. There's a reason every restaurant on the planet does brunch: it's a cash cow. Plus you can have as many mimosas as you want and not have to worry about getting home.

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On Why I Didn't File for Bankruptcy at 23 (or 24, or 25, or 26, or 27, or 28)

@deepomega I believe you used to be able to discharge student loans via bankruptcy provided they were at least seven years old. It was only in the last 10 or so years that this was changed, AFAIK.

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