On On Seattle and Small Apartments

The fact that you live in this kind of apartment definitely justifies your previous homemade-vs-store-bought jimmy johns article - I can't imagine doing any food prep or cleanup is particularly enjoyable without a kitchen.

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On How to Eat Right, Office Lunch Edition

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who rolls my eyes whenever suggests almonds as a healthy snack. It is really hard to find a healthy, filling, work appropriate snack though! I'm the slob that brings potato chips and gets greasy fingerprints all over my note paper.

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On The Cost of Things At My Annual Physical

my mom never believed in preventative health care growing up, and as a result I've never gotten a physical, or even been to a primary care doctor in about 13 years (I'm 24). I'm lucky to have no underlying medical issues, but I always think about whether I should have a 'regular' doctor. I already have a gynecologist and a dermatologist, and the urgent care center in my town is really nice.

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On The Cost of Making My Own Sub Sandwich

@HelloTheFuture touche! wow, this is a sad breakup.

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On The Cost of Making My Own Sub Sandwich

I dont know, I feel like calculating time spent isn't really necessary...after all, what's the cost of driving/walking to and from jimmy johns (time + gas if you drive there), and the time spent waiting in line and then waiting for the sandwich? Also: buttering and toasting bread always makes sandwiches 200% better

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On Love and Nostagia for the Cheaper Stuff

I had fancy mac and cheese recently - baked with 4 types of cheese, truffle oil, bread crumbs blah blah blah - and my first thought was "wow, this is really good. You know what else is really good? Kraft Mac n Cheese."

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On Friday Estimate

Mike, your weekends always sound great - it's always a perfect balance of socializing, productivity, and time to yourself.

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On Chatting About Work Trips and Expense Guilt

I FEEL YOU MIKE. It's definitely an "avoiding excess" mindset, but I'm also just not as bothered by things as most people? Like, I don't think taking a bus from the airport and bringing my own books/magazines/water means I don't take care of myself - I'm just easier to care for I guess.

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On Friday Estimate

@CeeEm It's going away on October 4th! Binge-watch while you can!

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On Paying for the Things You Never Fathomed You'd Pay For

@apples and oranges I'm also stubbornly holding out, so I got an ipod touch. You get the apps that you want, you can still technically use google maps even when youre offline since it still has some gps capability, and there's still a surprising amount of public places that offer wifi. I don't have to pay for a data plan and I won't be in despair if it gets stolen or lost because i still have my phone. I truly believe I've found the perfect way to get what I want while still Sticking It To The (Smartphone) Man.

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