On Am I Hurting Hotel Housekeepers' Income by Not Leaving My Hotel Room?

My guess is that it’s probably hotel policy to have some sort of confirmation that the housekeepers have cleaned every single room (whether guests want it or not) as some sort of proof in case any guests complain that they’re room didn’t get cleaned. I feel like some of the comments are unfairly putting the blame on housekeepers as opposed to the hotel management – if there is some sort of credit system where their pay is on the line or where they could be disciplined for not cleaning all of the rooms, they probably have their hands tied. Fear of a couple minutes of awkwardness while the housekeeper changes your towels around you (can it be an option for the housekeeper to do some lighter cleaning as you stay in the room and work?) is not a good excuse to deny someone part of their wage.

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On Andrew Jackson Doesn't Belong on a Twenty-Dollar Bill, a Woman Does

@garli When I lived in Switzerland I loved that Swiss Francs had artists and writers instead of politicians. A non-political figure on a bill would be awesome

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On I Went to a Launch Party for a Chair

I'm pretty happy with my personal style and put effort into wearing nice clothes. That being said, Old Navy has really been on their game lately - I bought the same striped linen dress as you and I'm impressed that it's a breathable fabric blend with a cotton lining, as opposed to the polyester wasteland that is forever21 and target. I would totally wear that dress to an upscale furniture launch, maybe with a black or navy blazer and brown flats.

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On Do Whatever You Want With Your Discretionary Income

@CMD+click Agreed on the last point - for me, I don't like spending money on lunch because all the places around work are just average sandwiches/soups/etc that don't necessarily make me happier/more fulfilled than just bringing lunch. At my old place, there was an AMAZING lunch place around the corner that I went to once a week that I never felt guilty about because I got enjoyment out of treating myself and having a good lunch.

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On Friday Open Thread: I Didn't Yet Know About These Moneysavers

@Tams Ive never gotten anything from it, but where I am (suburbia with a lot of moms) it's GREAT for giving away things that you don't want but don't want to just waste and throw away. I've given away extra shoelaces, old art/craft supplies, half-used (sanitary!) bottles of mouthwash where I didn't like the flavor, etc.

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On Life Hacks

@EmilyAnomaly I used to use a rack to air-dry and am thinking of getting one to use now, but I would always get that line across the middle of my shirts from the way it hangs on the rack. have you figured out how to avoid it or is it just a fact of using a rack?

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On The Cost of Vacation, Part 3: Perfume and Makeup

@Erica Chanel no. 5 definitely has an "old lady" smell to me, which makes sense - the fact that it's a classic means we associate it with older generations.

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On Cheap v. Frugal

Gimme ya love, gimme ya love, gimme ya love, gimme ya love.

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On Our Debt to Our Parents

Oh boy. Mike, you should turn this into a series, I bet there's so much variance due to cultural/socioeconomic differences. This is always been an underlying source of stress to me and I have SO MANY FEELINGS about it as a child of immigrants with a relatively contentious relationship with my parents.

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On Broke With Bad Skin, UNTIL ...

@nichteilen there are a ton of great reviews from reddit.com/r/skincareaddiction!

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