On Millennials All For Socialism, Don't Know What It Means

@andnowlights I absolutely agree that there will be no Social Security when I want to retire (born 1979). That said, I don't mind paying it because otherwise there are a lot of seniors who won't be able to get by. Losing a little from each paycheque is FAR better than seeing homeless seniors, even if some folks take advantage of the program.

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On How Thirty-Somethings Do Money (And Life)

I spent my 20's at university: 4 year arts degree, 3 year masters degree, and three years working there. I'm turning 35 at the end of the month and it's been SUCH a relief having a regular job and life! Although I can't describe it as a career shift, it's been such a change in lifestyle I feel like a different person now.

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On How the Baby-Sitters Club Does Money: Abby

If her grandparents have a house in the Hamptons, doesn't it seem likely that they might have some financial impact on her life?

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On Weed Sells Like Hotcakes! Who Knew?

@siege91 I also live in Seattle, and it sounds like we use the same service. I'd much prefer to go to a store, because I like to follow the law whenever practical, but right now there's nothing close/we don't need anything.

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On How the Baby-Sitters Club Does Money: Mary Anne

@HelloTheFuture Yes! I love reading these, but the thing that I love about the Billfold is that the website as a whole (hi Mike!) is pretty clear eyed about cost (including opportunity costs), and this is....not.

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On How the Baby-Sitters Club Does Money: Mary Anne

I feel like a jerk for pointing this out, but I'm having trouble figuring out how Mary Anne could be a vice president of a construction company by 32. VP's (even for the small firms) usually require about 10-15 years of experience managing construction projects as well as a degree (at least 2 years) in business management. Given that it takes about 5 years after getting out of school to manage projects, this means she has to be starting out in the industry at about 17. Also, how did they pay for her education? It's statistically unlikely that she became a VP without any kind of post-secondary education (particularly if she is making 6 figures) and that's going to make a difference in what happens with their money. Signed, Architect At Least 15 Years Away From A Vice President At 35.

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On Why We Are Moving To Canada This Week

I'm a Canadian and YUP no way I'd ever spawn down here (I'm in Seattle). In Canada 1)my job would be held for me if I worked ONE day full time before taking maternity leave, 2)I'd get a full year of unemployment benefits paid to look after said spawn (share with my partner if I want) and 3)hospital and care costs would be covered through the government with the Medical Services plan.I love y'all down here -- USians are GREAT! but this for-profit health insurance is a scam. Does anyone really think we are better off having to shop around for health emergencies?

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On How the Baby-Sitters Club Does Money: Mallory

I love this BUT would someone who has an AmazonFresh account really consider themself too poor to use Uber? AF is crazypants expensive for little added value!

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On How Muppets Do Money: Kermit

I love this series too! And I think that it's really interesting that some of the things that don't really seem to make a ton of difference on the Muppet Show (gender and age) make a HUGE difference in the things the muppets have to plan for, while things that help me distinguish muppets from each other (order vs. chaos) don't always have such a big impact on fiscal strategy (see NoName's comment, above)

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On How Muppets Do Money: Scooter and Skeeter

@HelloTheFuture That's true. Perhaps what I mean is: I hope there is a muppet who did a Master's degree in a field they work in. All we know about Big Bird is 'something in tech', and Scooter up there 'studied theater, with a concentration in arts administration'.

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