On My Third Shift Mom

Yeah, I run across the same thing. I think the parental blind spot has something to do with the parent's very human ability to forget how shitty things really were in their past, but also with how much things can affect us when we are children because it forms the bulk of our remembered experience. So it was just 6 or 7 years of grinding for my mum, but it was the bulk of my childhood.

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On Buying a Wedding Dress When You Hate Yourself And Love Money

@DickensianCat @Beaks @bowtiesarecool @TheDilettantista Well, in truth, my mum (who worked as a seamstress for many years) is making my dress, and is very excited to do so. This means that the usual parameters (like cost, availability and fit) are not going to apply to whittle down the choices. She's super stoked to do this too, but it means that I'm not going to ever try something on and have it feel magical, because I won't EVER be buying anything.

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On Buying a Wedding Dress When You Hate Yourself And Love Money

I tried on dresses for the first time this weekend, and I felt the same as I did when I chose an engagement ring. All the dresses are lovely, and all the dresses look the same. How on earth do you pick one? Sure, some are more flattering and less flattering, but about 80% were perfectly acceptable looking. It's incredibly frustrating, and also makes me feel like a defective bride since I doubt anything will 'speak' to me.

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On How a Young, Recent College Grad Does Money

@megsy I second this comment -- if you are only making $27,000 there is no reason to defer taxes from your income right now, and it gives you a lot more freedom in how you withdraw the cash. Sure, you can take money out of an RRSP to buy a house, but you need to repay it within a certain amount of time. With a TFSA you get the benefits of tax free savings (hence the name) without the withdrawal restrictions... which could be handy if you are saving up for a big trip or to open your own business. Home ownership (at least in large Canadian cities) is no longer a reliable way to save for retirement: keep your options open!

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On Why Don't I Give Money to Poor People?

My native city has a lot of panhandlers, and I never give anything. I'm ashamed of it, at times, but I'm so scared of people touching me, or following me that I don't give to people who appear to legitimately need it. There are a lot of able-bodied young people who sit on the sidewalk with signs who panhandle for reasons that are completely unclear to me.

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On Everything You Want to Know About Biking: Part One

@BananaPeel Man, the judginess made me SO ANGRY when I was buying my bike. Sure, I might not know the right terms for things, but I cycle every day. Do not put me on a beach cruiser, or blow smoke about how spacers in the drop bar handle brakes will make things more comfortable. I did what planforamiracle suggested, and got a recommendation for a shop from a bike lovin' friend. Then HE got a gift cert for the referral. WIN/WIN.

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On Everything You Want to Know About Biking: Part One

@Apocalypstick technically you are not supposed to operate a motor vehicle while inebriated, but the police will only pull you over if you are all over the road since mostly you will only hurt yourself if you cycle drunk.

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On Everything You Want to Know About Biking: Part One

@ellabella well, they do get a little wrinkly, but I wear a LOT of knit and also fold my things the way erinep describes. Oh, and I ALWAYS put them in a plastic bag, and my lunch in a separate plastic bag because sometimes my lunch leaks. And on one terrible day I dropped my whole clothes bag in the toilet (because I work in a heritage building full'o dudes there's no place other than the toilet cubicle to change) but it turned out okay because PLASTIC BAG. Not gonna lie, it does seem like a lot of effort... but I feel pretty fit, don't spend money on the gym, and can get to work in 15, instead of a 25 minute bus ride. Right now it's worth it, but it might not be forever.

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On Everything You Want to Know About Biking: Part One

@23RVS I bike all year round in Vancouver CA and the only way I've found to not be sweaty and gross when I get to work (I like to ride fast AND all the hills...) is to pack a full change of clothes in a side panier, leave shoes at work, and do my hair and makeup at the office. It's a pain, no question, but it's made me very gentle on my work clothes.

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On It's Hard to Feel Empowered With a Secret Trust Fund

@Michelle I live in Vancouver, across the street from a private school and I'm always *shocked* at how not-rich the kids there seem. My folks dodged the issue by sending me to French Immersion in Richmond, which was at that time treated like a gifted program. I don't think they had to pay any more for it, but the kids there had more involved parents, which led (I think) to it being a better program than the english schools I would have otherwise attended.

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