On The Cost of Becoming a U.S. Permanent Resident, Part I

I cannot recommend highly enough, if you are not already aware of it, the website visajourney.com. Helpful message boards, sample forms, etc. My husband & I used it every step of the way from fiance visa to citizenship and never needed a lawyer. Good luck!

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On Are Business Cards Out of Style?

I have employer provided cards and use them all the time. I have a very uncommon last name and it's easier to give someone a card than spell it out every time. I work in social services and give my card to every client, and always have them in my wallet since I am out in the field a lot so I generally have them on hand for networking opportunities, too.

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On The Cost of Legally Changing Your Name

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On The Cost of Legally Changing Your Name

@SarahFeldstein I also did this and so did most of my friends who changed their names after marriage. I went to SSA first with my marriage license and told them what I wanted my new name to be, no problem. Took SS card to DMV, they gave me a new license. With those documents plus marriage license I changed my name at the bank, work, etc. Never had any problems. And my W-2 and taxes all worked out as easy as they ever were before. I live in Texas so maybe that makes a difference? From what I understand here you only go through the court system if you are changing your name for a reason other than marriage. Also this was definitely post 9/11, I got married in 2010.

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On The Cost of Getting a Green Card

@rhinoceranita Green card renewal (every 10 years) is $450 and a citizenship application is only $680 and you only have to do it once. To us it was totally worth the one time extra $230 to never have to deal with USCIS again.

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