On Are You Paying A Marriage Penalty Or Enjoying A Marriage Bonus?

@garli Same here.

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On Are You Paying A Marriage Penalty Or Enjoying A Marriage Bonus?

@Tams That makes sense, thank you for sharing.

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On Are You Paying A Marriage Penalty Or Enjoying A Marriage Bonus?

@Tams A 5 figure marriage penalty? Are you sure of this? The only place on that figure where that seems to be possible is making nearly 400k jointly at minimum. In which case, I wouldn't think $10000 in taxes would make much difference about one's marriage decisions. Is this because of the kids?

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On Let's Talk About Philanthropy

I give through my company since they match 50% of whatever you pledge (as long as it goes to human welfare organizations and not universities, religious institutions or animal welfare organization). Currently donate $24 per 2 week paycheck (with the match that's equivalent to $36) for a total of $936 a year, equally divided between Planned Parenthood, Partners in Health and Asha for Education (helping low-income children get better schooling in India). On the face of it, that looks ridiculously low -- I could definitely afford to donate more.

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On When Teens Commute to Part-time Jobs

I don't understand the American obsession with part-time work for teenagers. It's definitely not a part of my culture (Indian) though I'm sure all the studying we did made up for it. When I do have kids though (most likely in the US), I'm really not going to push them into doing part-time work before they're out of college -- I'd rather they focus on things that will yield more long-term dividends. There's more than enough time for them to figure out how to get a paycheck.

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On The Resources We Have to Give

This piece really resonated with me because I feel that this is a huge part of the reason we're moving to our new, nicer (and more expensive) apartment in June. It's not that we don't have people over to our place right now, but I'm always feeling like I should apologize for the crappiness of the apartment (an urge which I resist) and the poor floor plan makes it difficult to have more than a couple people over at a time. The new place will have a second bedroom (and bathroom) and is just much nicer in general so I can easily host overnight guests (my parents visiting from India!) without having them sleep on an air mattress in the living room (which is what a friend of ours did for two months). My childhood house was always alive with visitors coming and going -- so much social activity, many dinners and parties hosted. I loved that and I want to try to recreate some of it here. We'll see how it goes.

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On On Calling Your Employees "Partners"

@maxwelljd Used a lot in the actuarial world at my company as well -- lots of more senior people who are "individual contributors", whether by choice or not.

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On Monday Check-in

@annecara If this makes you feel any better, I racked up $200 in library fines in my old university library in India (which is particularly impressive considering most things are much cheaper there), by borrowing a book almost the first month of my tenure there, and then promptly losing it. Of course, I was too ashamed to admit I had lost it, so I just avoided the library, using impeccable teenage logic. In the end, they wouldn't let me graduate without paying the fines, so it was all for naught.

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On Could You Come Up With $700 By Midnight?

Sure, no problem. But, we also make about $190,000 a year between my husband and me, so that's not really any kind of achievement. We also saved approx. 50 % of our income last year.

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On Tailored Financial Advice

I don't really like the idea of an employer coming up with a targeted workshop to improve savings rates among female employees like AT&T did. It seems to imply that the problem with lower savings among women is a problem with female behavior, rather than a natural consequence of making less money to begin with. Helaine Olen explores this quite a bit in her book, Pound Foolish, which I know The Billfold has covered before. It's not that women are financially irresponsible compared to men (the data as described above, seems to indicate the opposite, since their savings rates are actually higher compared to men) but a lot of advice seems to be geared towards the assumption that women are just squandering all their money on handbags and lattes or something.

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