On Two Friends Discuss Planning and Budgeting for a Trip Abroad Together

@readyornot I second Santa Teresa! You must, must, must stay in that neighborhood for at least part of your trip. Bar Do Gomez can be your local watering hole, and you will feel so magical.

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On When It Comes to Your 401(k), Don't Just 'Set It and Forget It'

@nell Cosign all the way on Vanguard.

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On Brushing Your Teeth At Work

@ATF One of my coworkers once flossed AT MY DESK. Heaven knows I love the guy dearly, but it was a horrifying moment in our friendship.

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On Figuring Out Laundry

@Ellie Exactly! I have seen how they do the laundry at drop off places, and no thank you. Drop off might be more convenient but they ruin things!

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On How Much Should It Cost to Fix My Shoes?

@Meaghano Yes! I love them! They are not ripping you or anybody else off, and they do excellent work. Sometimes it takes them a while to find your finished shoes, but it all works out in the end. I have to go pick up two pairs from them today, in fact!

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On How Much Should It Cost to Fix My Shoes?

Based on your description of this husband and wife team, I think they are the shoe people I go to! Well, the glasses detail makes me think of the wife, at least. Greenpoint? Anyhow, if you wore your boots down that far, it will cost you. Heel taps alone can run about $20 at a good place, and the cheapo $10 job will have to be redone in about a week. So...

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On Another TFA Alum Has Not-So-Great Things to Say About the Program

@TARDIStime Cooking the books, post NCLB. You want funding for your school, you better have good pass rates. It's a sad legacy.

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On Interview With a Woman Who Wants to Pay for Her Boyfriend But He Won't Let Her

@EM "We’re not married, maybe if we got married then it would be time for full disclosure." This makes me so stressed out! Surely that conversation should come before marriage?

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On Food Truck Tipping

@solongefarewell I have never, ever seen one of these tip jars in a grocery store in New York City.

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On Fried Dough Snobbery

Dough! They use very nice ingredients, so if you are eating it as a treat, who cares. Treat. Yo. Self. Also, shout out to Peter Pan, its excellent donuts, and legit mingling of all income groups. I have the best morning stranger conversations there.

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