On What'd You Spend On Your Bed? Like $200? Does That Sound Right?

I got a 2 year old $1500 bed off Craigslist for $180! It is amazing and has made my life SO MUCH BETTER. I didn't know sleep could be this good. But I know in NYC buying beds of Craigslist is considered insane, so maybe not. Before I bought my bed, I was about to buy this bed off amazon for about $400. It's gotten all around rave reviews. I did a ton of research from different sites and it sounds awesome. Plus they ship it to you in a box and then you let it inflate in your house. Presto.

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On Logan Saw a Dude Steal Some Coffee And Said Nothing And Mike Is Like, That's Wrong

velveeta chz comment, for real. I think that Logan had more empathy even for a second for a human being rather than a huge cooperation (I'm not saying Starbucks is evil, but I'm fairly sure they may still be part of the problem facing this country) means that maybe there is hope for us all.

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On Money and Depression: Telling Your Boss, Or Not

I think disclosing to a boss is a very case by case thing based on where you work, the culture, how close you are to your co-workers/bosses. When I was going through a depressive episode once, I told my boss because at that point, what did I have to lose? Either I chose to trust it would be OK and reach out and tell her, or feel even more anxious, ashamed and overwhelmed by keeping it a secret. That time it turned out fine. I'm a bit older now, so I don't know that I would at this point, probably if I needed too. However, sometimes knowing I can open to someone and be vulnerable is enough to keep me going. Knowing that I have someone nearby to trust is really key (at work, this can be really important.) Also, I do think growing up and older helps settle anxiety and depression a bit... or maybe you just learn to trust yourself more to get through it, find people in your life to love you, learn to love yourself, etc. And maybe meds, maybe not, but more just learning how to be in it, without letting it take over your whole damn life. Structure and boundaries help immensely with depression. It's all good and fine to take time and heal but do something within that that is going to hold you accountable, whether that's having a stable job, going to therapy every week, owning a pet you have to show up for even when you're sick-- something to make you show up for your life even when it sucks.

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On Weddings Are Super Expensive to Attend, It Turns Out

It makes me sad people have become so cynical about weddings. Guys, it's one of the only traditions left we have in this culture to bring people together in that way to celebrate love and family.I got married and it cost about $5000-$6000- I had bridemaids and everybody wore what they wanted to and looked amazing, everybody was happy to help and pitch in, and if they weren't it was totally fine. I do agree travel expenses can be substanial, but it's also an amazing experience to get together with people like that. We also made sure to get people gifts who helped out, which felt really really good and were deeply appreciated.

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On My Last Hundred Bucks: Things That Seemed Totally Within My Means, But Actually Weren't

I don't think your spending sounds THAT excessive. I mean, maybe cut out a few of those drinks. But seriously, you live in NYC and it's expensive. Maybe you need to get a better paying job? Also, just STOP feeling so GUILTY! I feel like that's at the root of all this overspending anyway. Don't let the world shame you - and don't shame yourself- for wanting a drink and an iced-coffee every now and then.

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On Young, Privileged, and Applying for Food Stamps

Oh my gosh, what is the BFD about Foodstamps? I was on them at 22-23- I think I got like $100 bucks a month or something — not very much but enough to make a big difference in my life. I could have eaten PB&J's every meal for a year and probably not have starved, but the point is that I actually QUALIFIED! And I needed them for that year. Why should poor people have to be completely and utterly desperate before asking for help? Why can't they just ask for help?

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On I Spent My $66,000 Inheritance on Basically Nothing

How fascinating. I received a $10,000 inheritance at age 24 and a $30,000 legal settlement at age 27. I used about $15,000 to pay back student loans and then I socked the rest of that money away. So at age 30 I still have about 25K of it in CDs and IRAs. The way I did it? I literally pretended that money DID NOT EXIST. I was terrified that was the only money I might ever come into (it might be!!). I didn't even tell my boyfriend for a couple years! Though now I realize this was a bit extreme, in a way though, this worked out because now we do have money for a down payment on a house or a jump on our savings.

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