On Why There Were 400 Visual Effects Artists Protesting at the Oscars

I had no idea about ANY of this until I came across this blog post on Twitter today: http://thebigsocialpicture.blogspot.co.nz/2013/02/the-oscar-protest-that-you-didnt-know.html How dire. I personally find the outlook for all of the creative industries in general pretty bleak.

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On Zip-a-Dee-Do 1 Thing

It's actually Friday here, but I have done my one thing at work in digging into analytics and creating a few reports (been putting this off forever).

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On What I Learned About The $20 Trick

Oh man, I would never have the balls to do that. I am the least brazen person ever. Kudos to you!

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On How Many Dollars Do You Donate And Why: Some Super Short Chats

$40 to World Vision to buy a goat for someone who needs one. Generally I donate between $10-20 a month. I don't have any causes close to my heart so I rotate charities and causes - some months I might know someone raising money for something, or it's XXX cancer day, etc.

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On The Other Side of Budgeting

Side hustles FTW. I've stopped now after a few years of it, but it does wonders to boost the bank account (and hopefully, your resume). I remember you, Mike, not only from Longreads, but Bundle, I think?

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On How To Furnish an Apartment for $0

We've probably spent <$1k on furniture. You'd think after six years on my own I'd have everything? Nope. Years of flatting and flitting from various sizes and degrees of furnished dwellings has wreaked havoc on my possessions. We recently moved from a studio to a 1.5 bedroom house. The extra stuff we needed came from friends, TradeMe and a generous gift card scored via work.

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