On Don't Get a PhD, Says Person With PhD

@questingbeast I'm having trouble responding to this, because I don't think you even skimmed the linked article. No, you're right, if grad school was about eating cookies in my underwear while reading something for fun, I would never leave. Too bad that doesn't have a goddamn thing to do with reality.

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On Happy Hour Makes Us Happy

There's a sandwich place near my apartment that does $3.50 pitchers on Fridays. One benefit to not living in NYC, I guess.

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On I Paid the Bills by Participating in Medical Studies

@Anne Smith@twitter Ahhh, same here! Look, honestly, one liar won't fuck up an entire study (statistically speaking, although how on earth would you know if you were an outlier or not?? and if you're not, we may never know you were a liar), but if every third person in a study is a liar than we're all in big trouble. Please don't encourage people to screw up science!

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On What Not to Eat at Fast Food Restaurants

@Megano! Ahhhhh! That's terrifying! I used to work as a barista in a bookstore (Books-A-Million for the curious) and we would clean that sucker every single night. It was my least favorite chore because we had such a tiny sink, but I think now I see the value in it. D:

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On When Food Comes Alive

@Sass Yes! Slice up a loaf of french bread and then throw it in the freezer! Bagels can go in there too, and your sandwich bread. (It's possible I eat too much bread?)

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On Reader Mail: Going to Grad School and Being Responsible

@mirror_father_mirror Hahaha that was my first thought. Mine is actually less than a third of that. (Granted, I live in the South, in a small city. So it's livable. But still.)

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On Money Spent This Weekend

$8 - beer for sitting out by the pool all day Saturday $35 - gas $3 - father's day card. still thinking about a gift. $13 - pizza. will also be several lunches for this coming week. $9 - pay-what-you-can for charity computer game bundle. I got Limbo, Braid, Amnesia, and like 5 other new computer games I haven't played! So $68 total. Not bad, especially since the gas should last me until I travel for the 4th of July.

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On Places I Have Lived: Disgusting Carpet, a Lone Cockroach, and a Hole in the Ceiling


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On Willpower, and the Importance of Taking a Break

@AnnieNilsson This is many days late, but yes! If the study is at all ethical and has been through an ethics review board (which most psych studies that are done these days are) the researchers HAVE to "debrief" the students afterwards and tell them that it was all fake and they weren't really rejected by anyone. And thank goodness for that. :)

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