On My Debt Problem Began With a Wallet

Congrats on getting out of 40k of debt. I'm always shocked when people amass so much debt from buying random stuff. I'm now convinced alcohol is devil juice.

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On Fall Haul

@guenna77 I dare say some of those women working in factories in India and China are victims of sexual harrasement in addition to slave wages and lack of job protections. I haven't run across AA ads with prepubescent girls, very volumpous women yes but not prepubescent girls.

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On Fall Haul

@rhinoceranita Thats my girl. Another high fashion lover on a budget.

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On Fall Haul

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On Fall Haul

I would suggest that you hand wash your clothing from Old Navy in Woolite or baby wash. I have not been shoping yet but I'm excited about fall shoping. I've been saving all year for a few things: A wool coat with a hint of cashmere Well made leather ankle boots Two thick wool sweaters One cashmere sweater One pair of navy colored wool pants

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On When Restaurant Workers Can't Afford to Eat

I worked in restaurants as a late teen. In one high end restaurant, many of the kitchen staff were poorly paid and overworked. When I worked in fast food, theft was common. I suspect it was a result of low wages and trying to make it until pay day. I once caught a widowed mother of three stealing three regular hamburgers. She was stuffing them into her bag when I walked into the break room. She was so frightened when she looked up to see me looking at her. I didn't say anything as I figured she was stealing to feed her kids. I guess that makes me a bad person... oh well. Anyway I tell this story because I'm sure low wage restaurant workers are stealing food to feed themselves and their families. It's like restaurants are "hustling backwards". Pay workers so little that many resort to theft which makes restaurants pay x amount of dollars for high tech surveillance equipment. Why not pay workers a higher wage, most certainly high end places can afford to pay workers at least 15.00 per hour come on.

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On Meet The World's First Bookless Library

@erinep The libary is the one place I don't mind paying fees. I never feel guility about owing the libary. I just view it as a donation.

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On Meet The World's First Bookless Library

This makes me sad. A libary without books.

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On Books That Are Worth The Money

@Ester Bloom thank you. I'm certainly going to read Bad Feminist ASAP. I've read a few interviews with the author. I'm really curious to read her essay about reality television. I will also look into the other books you've mentioned. Thanks

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On Books That Are Worth The Money

Love this post. I'm looking to read a book essays by someone between 20-40 years of age. You guys have any good recommendations?

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