On I'm Working at an Office and Need Lunch Ideas. Help!

@clo To be honest, I just keep a bottle of decent balsamic vinegar at my desk and pour it on the salad. It helps that my mom was big into low-fat stuff when I was a kid so I'm used to no-oil salad dressing.

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On Baby's First Fraud Alert

@meetapossum Or you tell them the list of countries you'll be going to, and the cashier gets confused by "Estonia" and "Lithuania" and just doesn't write them down. Luckily I caught that one and made her go back and include them.

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On What's Your Husband's Name?

@SarcasticFringehead My mother never changed her name, so I use a fake "maiden" name for the security question.

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On Moving Via Public Transportation

I know someone who moved his entire apartment, including furniture, with an army of skateboards. I think that only works if you're not moving far, though.

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On Almost Bought a Guy a Bus Ticket

This is a great post, Logan. I did a similar thing when I was visiting Dallas. I had a guy hit me up for a bus ticket outside of the medical center. He said he had been a patient there for weeks and had just been discharged and just wanted to get home. My boyfriend told me I was just being a gulible Canadian for buying him a ticket, but it was $8 and he didn't even have shoes that fit. That story might have been bunk, but if he didn't even have proper shoes it's not like he didn't need that money for SOMETHING and what's $8 in exchange for not having to worry that he was telling the truth and I didn't help him out?

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On Working as a Mailman in Canada's Frozen North

As another resident of the Frozen North (although a bit farther south), hi! Also, great descriptions, I could tell this was Whitehorse well before you said "Yukon".

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On Canada is Also Not an Abortion Utopia, Unfortunately

@Worker Parasite I felt the same way. I live in rural northern BC and I was pleasantly surprised at the coverage. I think urban folk don't realize that driving/flying a few hours to a hospital for relatively simple procedures or even just to load up at Costco and Walmart is pretty much standard.

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On What is Your Grocery Shopping Style?

- spend 2 hours making a list of meals that 1) mostly meets my picky boyfriend's tastes 2) is healthy and contains few processed anythings 3) contains 1-2 slow cooker recipes and at least 2 ultra quick recipes 4) allows me to make something portable to bring to work for breakfasts and lunches for 5 days, plus a shit load of some sort of healthy snacks because I'm ALWAYS hungry - go to Farmer's Market, buy lettuce and garlic since that's the only thing that grows in the frozen north - go to butcher's shop, buy really cheap cuts of really expensive meat, tell myself it's worth it because I'm supporting a local business and local farmers - go to grocery store, feel good and healthy while I fill up my bag with produce - avoid all snack aisles because they are not on approved snack list for week - splurge on cheese I really shouldn't buy - by this point my basket is really heavy and overflowing and I'm realizing that I'm spending too much but don't put anything back - Silently panic at the check-out because how does food cost this much?! Resolve that next week we're eating cheap (we won't)

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On Currency Smells Familiar

@stuffisthings I used to live near a Quaker Oats factory in Ontario and sometimes everything really did smell like maple syrup.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Transportation Each Month?

I live in a small town in Canada with no public transport, so a car is a must. I paid my car off soon after I bought it, so now my only expenses are insurance, gas, and maintenance. Insurance is $1100 a year, and I fill up with about $80 of gas every second month. All together, it comes to $134 a month when averaged over the last year (thanks Mint!). I'm considering buying a bike, but the cheapest used one I can find is $450, and I don't think it's really worth that to me since it definitely won't pay itself off ever, since I mostly walk while in town and I won't be able to ride it 8 months out of the year in the snow.

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