On Why You Should Shop at Ethnic Grocery Stores

@szajic oh my god, that's so cheap. SO CHEAP. Seriously, $3 for 5lbs of flour?? Whole Foods is now in London too, but in almost every aspect, they live up to the expectation of being insanely expensive. Now that I live in England, I miss cheap pantry staples and the two big Mexican and Armenian supermarkets in my old LA neighborhood like crazy. I got so used to buying 4 avocados for a dollar, bulk beans and grains, or 3 lbs of tangerines for $2 that I forgot what it was like to pay through the nose for fresh produce at more mainstream chains. I've found a few good middle eastern and European markets here (like Aldi, which owns Trader Joe's) that are reasonably cheaper than the big supermarket chains here. In a lot of ways, the European markets, like Aldi or Lidl have more of a stigma attached than the 'ethnic' Asian markets, which is more of a class issue than a race thing.

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On A Thank You to My Daughter for Her Untraditional Wedding

@stuffisthings, @werewolfbarmitzvah, I had a city hall wedding for immigration purposes too! Except, I was the immigrant abroad. The city hall thing was just fine and it does cut out so much of the hassle of figuring out who to invite. I think the entire process would have been so much nicer if my impending visa application process hadn't been such a drag and a huge expense (the visa cost more than the wedding and my mom's airfare from California to England, combined). We popped some champagne down on the beach after the ceremony, and just went out for a nice dinner, and it was great and so not stressful. Granted, we do want to have a bigger celebration for more family and friends down the road, but then we can do it at our own pace. As for the immigration and gov't websites being a nightmare, brother, I feel ya. I did not get a lawyer, but I did talk to as many people as I could find about my situation, and it's amazing how helpful people can come out of the woodwork with recommendations and their own experiences. I ended up just being as meticulously and insanely pedantic and thorough as possible on my application and found a website for expats in my country and situation to be hugely helpful. I know web forums don't seem like the most reliable sources of information, but that site was amazing with the help the offered, so they definitely do exist. Could you and your SO possibly do a cheap or free consultation with a lawyer? Do you have any lawyer friends (or friends of friends) who could give you ideas?

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On Let's Discuss the Merits of Anthropologie (The Clothing Store, Not the Discipline)

@Veronica Mars is smarter than me WHAT'S SHAREPIN, PRECIOUS?

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On Cheap Eats: Lentil Quinoa Salad

By coincidence, I ate (almost) this exact salad for lunch yesterday, but with curry spices instead of fresh herbs. It IS delicious and filling and is nice/cheap enough to make me forget how woefully broke I am. So, there's that.

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On What I Gained After I Accidentally Lost My Taste for Liquor

@AnnieNilsson I actually really like club soda too. I think it came from me drinking scotch and soda for years, and getting used to particularly crappy ones that were heavy on the soda..so I may as well just save a few bucks and skip straight to the soda. I loved this article, btw! I totally have the awkward 'what do I do with my hands now!?!' feeling at concerts when I don't have a drink in hand, which has led to some really bad public air drumming.

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On Our Weird Eating Habits

@Saralyn@twitter Haha, I wouldn't put it past her...

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On Our Weird Eating Habits

@Saralyn@twitter It IS actually a thing, though it is a British thing and has been for ages. The 'soldiers' are for dipping into soft boiled eggs that are still in their shells.

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