On Which British Class Are You?

@bgprincipessa UGH I DID IT TOO! And I even read your comment before I did it. f me.

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On Things To Do At Work Instead Of Working (An Incomplete List)

I... I think I know the person who submitted the 4th from the bottom activity? ...ST? Is that you? You've said those exact words to me before. It was on a Monday too!

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On A Friendly Conversation with a Banker

@themegnapkin I think your 50% efficiency statement sums it up. I'd rather be 100% productive for 6 hours everyday than 50% for 12. But I guess it comes down to culture and perceived work ethic... Law culture apparently blows.

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On A Friendly Conversation with a Banker

@DON P.S. This should not discount the usefulness of Banker's chart. A+ for that chart.

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On A Friendly Conversation with a Banker

@DON I mean, if I have a couch in my office, do naps count as working???

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On A Friendly Conversation with a Banker

Can anyone confirm "12 hour days" means - he drinks, eats, and schmoozes away from his wife for 12 hours a day? I think that is what people who work "12 hour days" mean when they say that. Otherwise, if anyone works actual 12 hour days, please explain to me how you can possibly stay productive for that amount of time. Thanks!

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On Let's Talk About What We're Going to Do with Our Tax Refunds

No one else is buying a boat???

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On Who Will Bail the Iron Out? (But More Importantly, The Post Office?)

@EvanDeSimone We couldn't go robot because we might get Roomba instead of Bender, which would have been the worst. :/

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On Rich Parent, Less Rich Parent: Squaring Up After Divorce

@Weasley I totally understand this. I remember feeling guilty about asking my mom for doctor copays. She would remind me about specifics in the divorce agreement when I did. I just avoid the doctor now.

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On Taking the Other Way Home

Hey, Mike, Logan, I just wanted to say you are both incredible. I never thought a boring-old personal finance blog would become my favorite blog, but it has. I get equal satisfaction out of the comment section here as I do having thanksgiving dinner with my extended family. Logan is off in the pantry having a glass of wine by herself, mike just left the room to go get desert ready and Nick and Ellie are still giving death stares across the table at each other. I'm over at the kids table eavesdropping/kicking my little cousins under the table. The tension could cut glass! Love you guys.

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