On 'There is Nothing More Incredible Than Being Completely Done With a Huge Debt Load'

Reading this gave me hope, but then I was like....What? I have to make my own clothes and blow off going out with my friends? I did recently stay in with a friend and we did cook an insane meal, but my share of the cost ended up being more than going out (and totally worth it). I'm doing it wrong...I know....

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On What a Deal

@TARDIStime I'm pretty much only home to sleep, so I've been doing the wash & fold for a while. Each lot is a little over $30, but that's usually about 3 weeks worth of clothes or more, and you get the clothes all neatly folded, sorted, and ready to be thrown into the drawers. Even though I'm often down to my last dollar before payday, the amount of time and mental clutter I save makes it worth it. However, I failed to budget for a big laundry load this month and ended up doing just half of the wash myself from 1-4am on a Saturday night. (And no, I haven't put it away in my room yet.)

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On The Road Less Expensive

Very commendable. I could never think like Mike, ever. However, Time and Psychological Drainage are huge factors in my value calculations. Since I place higher worth on those things, I guess I am destined to always be down to my last $15.

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On But Wait, Now How Will I Discover Terrible New Dining Establishments I'll Visit Once And Never Return To?

@j-i-a That copy is unreadable! Some of the Boston stuff looks like a crappy imitation of the Urban Daddy style, with its fauxsauve 'Gentlemen, This is Vodka' skeeziness. Instant unsubscribe for me. (Though I still keep UD around, because they have cool stuff.)

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On Is It All Happening? (It's Not All Happening)

Funny... I've been thinking about doomsday preparations for the past few days. Even went so far as to subscribe to one of those Off-Grid living pages! Could last Saturday's Nostradamus special on the H Channel have something to do with it?

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On Where Have All the Ice Cream Trucks Gone?

I used to hear an ice cream truck in my Maryland neighborhood once in a while, but as I lived at the bottom of a long hill and was forbidden spending money, sweet treats, or access to the world outside the house, I sighingly dismissed the Ice Cream Truck as yet another blissful childhood cliche I would be missing out on. Until my mom randomly became friends with the lady that drove the truck. Then that sh*t was HOOKED UP. Life lesson, y'all.

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On What It's Like to Be an Extra

Are there any websites/resources for extra work in the Boston area? Or is Craigslist the primary source for casting? A one-off gig that involves watching people do stuff sounds more lucrative than being a research study guinea pig.

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On Oprah Goes to India

@Jake Reinhardt Please tell me he was being sarcastic. Unless Nick eats his sandwiches with a fork and spoon...

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On The State of Things: 100 Martinis and Vermont

$100 for martinis and tips for yourself and some friends in a CITY sounds unthinkable to me...but I guess it can be done!

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On Watching the Kardashians and Working For Myself

Loved this. But I keep going back to this sentence: "You can’t be glamorous unless you actually are." How does that work? Like it's an inborn trait? I smell another essay...

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