On Crashing The Gay Job Fair

This boils my blood. Those fruit flies used him. If they were true active allies, they would had stayed away and give homosexuals (especially those of colors, women, or with disabilities) the opportunity to get ahead in this dog-eat-dog world. Also, the recruiters who made the comment probably weren't even gay. I would use the analogy of a white person attending a black job fair, but I would be told that it's a different story.

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On Blame the Patriarchy For Your Lack of Social Mobility

A Latino friend of mine legally changed his surname to a French sounding one, so his antique business would sell. He seems to be doing well since he lives in a prime location. And besides, his former surname was too common. There are way too many Gomez/s, Gonzalez/s, and Garcia out there.

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On A Call To End Birthday Dinners

@protagoras That's what buys friends and makes parities more memorable for guests. Once I have a higher-paying job (like this September, please God?), I'll return the favor.

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On How Thirty-Somethings Do Money (And Life)

@Megano I so agree! Last month I turned 30 and have received my master's degree. I'm blissfully happy to say: SCHOOL'S OUT FOREVER! No more time wasted on writing papers. No more memorizing for the finals. No more skimming tedious textbooks. No more attending to some dreadful classes at odd hours. No more stress. No more confusion. No more grades. No more asking stupid questions in class, like what's the difference between bulimia and anorexia. NO MORE SCHOOL!

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On Nobody’s Default But My Own: What Happened When I Decided to Stop Paying My Credit Card Debt

"Wall Street’s jaw-dropping fuckery became ever more egregious. Politicians started calling for the decimation of the safety net. And I decided the bank could kiss my ass." My brother said the exact same thing and it doesn't bother him that his old bills aren't paid off. And despite my living within my means and paying the bills monthly in full, I wholeheartedly support him and the author. If they don't ever have to pay them, then hooray for them. Though, for my own protection, I would never ever co-sign with them. As for the $8,000 hospital fee - ouch! There are health insurance for pets, FYI.

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On The Cost of Dual Citizenship

I would have to get my mother the citizenship first. Though I'm fortunate to live in America. It's one of the most geographical diverse nations and there are jobs that pay well. That's why the Irish come here. I would LOVE to live in Amsterdam if there were the perfect job for me. Ireland's too rural, IMO.

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On The Cost of Being Exposed to HIV While Uninsured

As a man, my body notices when a condom slips off during either insertive or receptive anal sex. It's when it oddly starts to feel incrediably good. Your ex knew his shaft went gleefully naked, and he won't admit his indifference for not stopping. If I were you, I'd send him the bill.

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