On ManServant Trying to Make "Porn For Women" Happen

Because of the boss-around, light-submissive stuff at the top, I immediately thought of the guys who post on craigslist pretty often that they want to clean my house for me while I possibly yell at them. And they will do it for free! But maybe not present the picture of my dream man.

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On Did Your Parents Lie About Your Age To Get Lower Ticket Prices, And Did That Scar You For Life?

I only remember wanting to lie about my own age -- having a big debate with a friend about whether we should try to get cheaper movie tickets as 12 year olds OR see a PG-13 movie -- or if there was any way we could do both at once! (I don't remember if we were actually 12 or 13.)

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On Walt Disney World's New Fantasyland Less About Rides, More About Celebrity Encounters

A few years ago, I went to Disneyland with several adult women and one small boy, and I would bet his favorite part was the Star Wars Jedi School thing where he got to go onstage and fight Darth Maul. So I get it. It was unclear who in our group had the most fun that day.

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On How A Person With a Five-Figure Income Buys an Apartment in New York City

@rhinoceranita I will tell that story! But I will not own property until both of my parents are dead. I am 40, well-employed, have paid off my credit cards, and am working on grad school loans still.

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On Working in the Fast Food Industry for a Minimum of $20 an Hour

@dromeda Star?

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On Kids Trick-or-Treating Across Class Lines Makes 1%er Feel Faint

@ATF Aw! That's so great.

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On I Don't Get Las Vegas

@TheLifestyleCreep OMG, that's amazing!

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On Link Roundup! "Breaking Bad" Dolls, Men's Watches, Last Call for Holiday Flights

"Only $200"??? That sounds like a lot to me! (I don't wear a watch.) Weren't Swatches $35? Thirty years ago?

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On Would You Pay for a Restaurant Reservation?

@Josh Michtom@facebook Hell, even in Queens! I wanted to go to an Outback Steakhouse one time and it was going to be an hour wait. We went to the diner across the street instead.

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On I Don't Get Las Vegas

@Lily Rowan Oh, and the weather. I love the dry heat. Even when it's a million degrees, you can get in the pool and feel awesome.

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