On The Cost of an Ugly Christmas Sweater

I'm not sure I've spent that much money on an unironic sweater...

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On The Economics of Dating, OKCupid Edition

"I carry snacks in my purse, after all." I'll date you, Nicole.

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On Cops

@dromeda ah I kind of had the same thought re: Kima. Good cop, not a great person. She's about the same to her family as McNulty is to his... Lester and that dancer though ugghhh the creeps. The *best* example of being a good cop and a good person is probably Bunny Colvin.

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On How Wizards Do Money: Susan Bones

“And Hagrid,” Harry said. Then: “What? I always talk to Hagrid before doing something important.” thanks for the smile this week!

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On Office Bathrooms: Where Everyone Is a Disgusting Monster

@andnowlights Once, as a senior in college, I was working very early Saturday morning in a freshman dorm (aka everyone else was asleep). I went to use the bathroom and there was such a massive amount of blood in one of the toilets that to this day I am still convinced someone may have miscarried in there. I will never be un-traumatized from that.

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On The Joy of Holiday Travel

@littleoaks I thought about it, but I already formally accepted the service, so I didn't want to make things complicated. I got the summons back in Oct, and at the time it didn't occur to me how close it was to the holidays.

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On The Joy of Holiday Travel

@LookUponMyWorks I knowwww. The first/only other time I was called, I got put on a trial and it was about 3 days. I could handle that. Longer and I'll start to panic.

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On The Joy of Holiday Travel

I have opted for traveling by car with my bf and the dog, to my family and then to his family. I was considering taking a train or plane to my family early, spending a few days there and then having him come meet me. However, I got scared out of that idea because I have jury duty on Dec 16. Rationally I know this probably won’t be an issue, but there’s a small part of me that is paranoid I’ll get stuck on a 5-day trial or something (which would bring me to Monday the 22nd). They wouldn’t do that right before the holiday, … right?? I did spend about $285 on train tickets for Thanksgiving though. Mostly went off without a hitch, thankfully.

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On We're All Shopping At Our Desks Today Right? OK Great

@thegirlieshow and at LOFT!

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On Chatting About A New Era

I will definitely miss you so much here, but can't wait to follow your new adventures hopefully both here and at The Cut!! You have a really great voice that I have enjoyed listening to, and best of luck on this next phase to you and your family!

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