On Here Is Your Open Thread

oh. Oh yeah. Bringing up some memories here.

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On Coworkers Who Steal Your Lunch

@Vicky He wouldn't buy you lunch??? What kind of lame ass excuse did he have??

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On My Love/Hate Relationship With My Work IDs

I think there is a difference, though, between an ID badge and a name tag. I use my ID badge for work all the time, as I move around the building or between buildings on campus. That makes me feel secure. When I used to work at an ice cream shop, I had a small foam hand pinned to my visor with my name on it that I'd often forget was there until some smug customer addressed me directly by name (they were usually the smug ones, I promise). That felt different to me.

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On Americans Pouring Ranch All Over Everything

@erinep You brought up an important point that I forgot: yes, ranch only on shitty pizza. I will not be putting ranch on any of my good quality pizza slices.

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On Americans Pouring Ranch All Over Everything

@therealjaygatsby The other day I was at the grocery store and happened to walk by the Ranch dressing. I turned to my boyfriend and was like, "should we get some ranch for pizza?" He obviously said yes. So, yes, hot sauce and ranch on all our pizza now. Livin' the dream.

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On Your Bosses Think They Work Longer Than You Do

My boss has the super annoying tendency to try and show off how much he's working, and how late, and how many hours etc etc. This might be inspiring to some, I guess, but it does the opposite for me. All I can think is, well, yes, you get paid about 6x as much as I do so you probably should be working more hours. I also know that his time management is terrible, so that factors into my not being impressed.

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On Your Bosses Think They Work Longer Than You Do

@seakelps that is super impressive! I have a hard time keeping track of where my time goes like that. (I also want to add how much I feel you about reading at your desk because you timed the bus exactly wrong.)

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On Renters Insurance, Renewed

Yeah, this is something I've been saying I'll do for about 2 years now... may be a good reminder....

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On One Company's Productive Work Set-up

Does anyone else worry that people would become protective of "their" spot in this kind of situation? The excerpt says they tended to sit in the same place often, so I wonder if there were territory issues. I'm still a high school kid in the lunchroom at heart, and these are the the things that make me anxious. I do like the flexibility aspect though.

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On 1 Thing Is Gonna Melt All This Stuff

@erinep I want this and @annpan and @Caitlin with a C 's 1 things to all be my 1 things also!!! You guys are all such 1 thing inspiration.

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