On How Do You Deal With Your Nightmare Coworkers?

@andnowlights .... it will never fail to amaze me how somebody with that poor of social skills could get that far in life. It's something I think about almost every day at my job. Any time somebody blatantly gets my name wrong, asks ridiculous questions that are answered right there in the below email, has no gauge of the room and says off things, etc etc etc, I'm just amazed that they make so much more than I do.

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On On Not Being Lonely About Labor


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On How the Other Half Lives

@andnowlights Oh man. I have no idea, but it may be worth looking into. I know that it's true b/c when we made this discovery, my friend sent me an email to f.i.r.s.t.l.a.s.t@gmail.com, no joke, and it came through fine. I don't think this is very helpful, but maybe that person's is actually one letter off from yours and it's a coincidence when it does happen? link

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On How the Other Half Lives

@andnowlights Hm, is this Gmail or another service? I ask because in Gmail, the dots don't matter. You can send an email to firstname.lastname@gmail.com or firs.t.name.last.na.me@gmail.com or any other combination and it should all go to the same person. Just like it would with fiRstnaMe.lastName@gmail.com.

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On How the Other Half Lives

@Tripleoxer Yeah I can't remember this ever happening to me... But my email is first.last@gmail and it's definitely a unique combination, so it'd be hard to mix up by a couple letters. It does happen at work, but I think that's more a result of the autofill and my last name not being unique.

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On How the Other Half Lives

Haha I can't believe you actually said this: Josh: Arg. You are a robot! I will just send an email. Forget it. If it *was* a robot, would that have made any difference? I used to have to use Live Chat a lot to set up rides at work on this car service, whose website never ever worked (they finally updated it like a year later). It was awful. I had to sit and wait for them to respond, and I'm sure they were helping 5 people simultaneously. They were always sooo slow even when the answer would end up being something really simple.

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On The Beach: A Bargain or A Bummer?

@Lily Rowan Yeah, most beaches on LI you have to pay for! Although sometimes you just have to pay for parking, but if they're in the middle of a highway you don't have a choice. Long Beach can get pretty expensive... it's been a while for me but I think after just a few trips you would've already saved money by getting a summer pass or something.

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On Our Tendencies to Procrastinate

@Meaghano I use StayFocusd which is an extension for Chrome, if anyone is interested!

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On How David Shapiro, Creator of Pitchfork Reviews Reviews, Does Money

Whoa, Logan!! I think I did a double take.

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On Our Attempt at a $20-a-Day Budget

I keep trying to convince myself not to buy drinks at dinner, because it is literally half the check!!! Such a waste, but then it's always so tempting. And then I wonder how my eating out costs are in the triple digits every month. My biggest issue with the "$20 a day" idea is that I usually group errands together, right? So, hit Target, hit the dry cleaners (in theory but really I never go to the dry cleaners because I'm lazy), but you get the idea. I guess the $20 are supposed to carry over from day to day in this scenario though? So I could accumulate my dollars for weekend spending? Because I'm usually pretty good on weekdays, having no life as I do.

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