On The Subtle Economics of Facebook, Google, Firefox, and Chrome

@antheridia I am transitioning to this, but only because my 2011 Macbook can. not. handle. Chrome anymore. The memory load is just wayyyyy too much and it freezes everything up. I tried everything, uninstalled all add-ons, disabled plug-ins, only keep a few tabs open - still have the problem. Which is sad because Chrome syncs to my phone and I like having access to the same things there. And at work Chrome works absolutely fine on my PC.

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On Friday Open Thread: I Didn't Yet Know About These Moneysavers

@Snarke yes!!! also yes to @meatballsub. I was looking for pork shoulder/butt this week - something I have never bought before. I found one and was holding it and kind of wandering, and the butcher asked if I needed help. For once I didn't just wander away like I usually would and said I was checking if there were any boneless ones. He took what I was holding and deboned it for me! Yessss not having to deal with bones. (I mean, I know bones are good for cooking and some people are more resourceful than I, but I am squeamish about meat- this will be my first time cooking pork that isn’t bacon or pancetta - one step at a time.)

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On Parks and Rec and Money

@Erica I think Joe brings her down to earth a bit. (again, in a good way) - hence the more modest wedding.

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On Billfold Housing Survey Results: Where Do You Live?

@radicaledward I'm from NY but in another East Coast city, and I still get tired of reading about NYC all the time.. (not just on this site, to be fair. Actually, this one has been doing better than most of late.)

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On The Cost of Vacation, Part 5: Adding Everything Up

@Allison whoa, I did not realize that as well. that's a lot of connections. you just brought this to a new level. My first introduction to Jonathan Coulton was in my freshman year (2006) comp sci class, where on the day of our first exam our prof played "Code Monkey" for us before distributing the exams, while we all sat there nervously just wanting to be done with it.

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On The Cost of Vacation, Part 5: Adding Everything Up

I made a weird realization today... wasn't Ester on Ask Me Another last year? So.. Nicole & Ester have both been in Jonathan Coulton's presence? This is not overly exciting, I just wanted to share.

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On The Cost of Things: Eloping in England

"Emotional distress of trying to figure out who to tell and when, mostly paid back by people being genuinely happy about the whole thing." We plan to elope, but this one scares me. I worry my family will never forgive me. But also, it's *our* choice, right?

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On Running a Business I Didn't Want

@MattFromNYC if it made you feel better in that moment... hey, it could've been worse. I think I'm just impressed that you broke the windshield with your impact.

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On Running a Business I Didn't Want

"I threw my own iPhone through the windshield of my car in frustration" uhhh HOW? God, that must have been stressful though. Kudos to you for sticking with it.

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On Agonizing About Vacation Expenditures

"They’re afraid of not knowing how to do the thing" oh my god you just described everything in my life up to this moment.

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