On Monday Check-in

@Mike Dang Such a quick little magical book!

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On To Refund or Not to Refund, A Tumblr Message Exegesis

@Meaghano haha yes of course I remember and will probably not let it go, but the points made above still stand - that show is OLD, it was past spoiler range. You're totally forgiven. I haven't finished watching because it's too much to handle at once, so I can't binge like I normally would! That's why I'm still so far behind.

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On To Refund or Not to Refund, A Tumblr Message Exegesis

@Aconite I mean, yeah I was still mad about the Snape kills Dumbledore thing, because people in the UK ruined it before it was even midnight in the US. Like.. come on. Also re: classic movies like Soylent Green which I've never seen... oft-quoted/famous lines you're pretty much expecting to pop up so your viewing is shaped around that. Like, Soylent Green is people.

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On $100 Worth of Ice Cream From a Man Named Bubby

Bubby is the name for my Jewish great grandmother, and nobody else.

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On Chatting About Date Night

1. Is anything from Anthro *not* ill-fitting though? honestly? 2. For a while I was on that Sitter City site, and I only got one job one time (I wasn't very aggressive about it, I guess). I didn't have any references, because I had only ever babysat my brothers extensively. Anyway, this woman emailed and was like "Do you want to watch my kid on this night" and I was like "Sure..." and then I showed up and they showed me the house and his room and they left. I was like, really?? You're leaving me with your kid now? Ok. I mean, it all went fine. He was adorable and knew how to operate Netflix himself.

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On How Wizards Do Money: Ron Weasley

Oh my god, thank you forever Nicole. (yes, my picture IS Hermione, tyvm)

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On The Most Vain Thing I Have Ever Done Cost Me $96 And I Regret Nothing

@aetataureate $6??!!

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On Link Round-up! Cheap Hotel Rooms, Egg Sandwiches, Commutes

@therealjaygatsby Depending on how things are going, I take one of 3 different types of buses, pretty much none of which get me there on time. Or I walk, about 30 minutes one way (but uphill on the way there, so I'm always really sweaty). I enjoy listening to podcasts when I walk, or reading when I take the bus. The only issue is that I don't feel very safe on certain parts of my walk, so that's not great.

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On Crazy Interviews and What They Cost

Just before finishing college, I had a phone interview and panel in-person interview near my college. Graduated, moved home, was asked to come back 3 days later for an interview with the person who would actually be my supervisor. At this point I had naturally gotten sick from the comedown after finals/graduation stress (does this happen to everyone else too?) so I couldn’t make the drive. My dad drove me the 4 hours, we got disgusting greasy pizza, and I went in to this interview with a terrible cold or flu. When asked my worst quality, I told her that I was mean. Got the job!! The other finalist cried in her interview, so apparently sick > crying.

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On Everything I Needed to Know About Money I Did Not Learn in Kindergarten

@Titania I'm not sure I fully agree with that last point. Maybe if by debt you mean credit cards, yes. But student loans, a mortgage, even a car payment? Not sure I'd consider that full debt.

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