On The Woman We Hired to Help Us Communicate With Our Cat

Our cat was peeing in front of the litter box. We have a box where they enter from the top, and the hole is in one corner of the square-shaped box, so depending on how the box was oriented, the hole would be near the front or in the back. At the time of the peeing, the hole was in in the front. Knowing that our cat is 11 years old and very fat, I moved it to the back so she wouldn't fall in upon jumping up. PROBLEM SOLVED. I should pay myself $200. While I can understand it is not always possible to empathize with a creature with which you cannot directly communicate, someone accepting payment for portioning out what is obviously a near-lifetime experience in dealing with assholes (cats) masquerading as a psychic, or telepath, or whatever is fraud, in both the legal and practical definitions. This is the same thing as watching that cat-whisperer guy who feels the need to carry a guitar case around with him that does not contain a guitar, except that he doesn't claim to have telepathic powers, so he is not a criminal, and thus far, far better.

Posted on June 25, 2014 at 4:06 pm 2