On B is for Bonus

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On Crazy Interviews and What They Cost

@pterodactylish Ugh, I had to do a "writing test" that required two pages of features ideas, two pages of column ideas, and three researched pitches. This was for a basic staff writer position at a (MAJOR DATE-CENTERED) dating company's crappy blog. No response to the writing test. No response to three follow-up e-mails. Looks like they got a whole bunch of free work from a bunch of desperate people out there.

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On Crazy Interviews and What They Cost

@OllyOlly Interviewer thinks: "I don't want to hire this interviewee for whatever bizarre personal reason but I can't legally do so unless I provide a rationale. Quick, brain, think of a question that no one could really satisfactorily answer." Interviewer says: "How do banks make money?"

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On A Banker Missing His Wallet Asks for Some Money

"Here's 50 cents. Call one of your coworkers."

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On Millennial "Earnings Hangovers" And How to Fight Them

Half of all gains are between 18 and 30? I'm 31 and earning exactly what I did when I was 23. So considering inflation, I'm going to be eating cat food by 46. Niiiiice.

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On A Brief History of Being Unhappy at Work

@moreadventurous When people ask what I do I say "Professional e-mail writer".

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On A Brief History of Being Unhappy at Work

I'm not sure which is worse, having a job you love working for people you hate, or working for nice people in a dead-end job that requires no skill and has no impact on anything. Both make you feel totally worthless, but in different ways. I'm currently in the latter and there is no escape.

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On Who Lives In All Those Fancy Condos? Human Props & Nobody

Wait, they can afford $1,200 a month rent plus all bills and choose to live in this crazy police state of neatness? Guh? Why don't they just buy a house?

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On Riding the Chinatown Bus, and Considering Its True Cost

@madrassoup Yes! Why the hell is a train ticket from NYC to DC $140 one-way? The bus is $30. If they dropped it to $60 or even $80 I'd take it all the time.

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On Raising Kids to Trust People but Distrust Corporations

The fourth-to-last paragraph, last sentence has some broken HTML tags that cut out a lot of words.

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