On Things I Bought in July: A Laptop, a Dress, Freedom

Hey, congrats on the recent freedome. Just a note, OpenOffice & LibreOffice are do everything Office does and totally free. Unless you're an power user, there's really no point in paying for MS Office. And of course there's Google Apps.

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On I Always Spend All My Money And I'm Never Going to Change, Am I

My dad, who is excellent with money, always gave me this advice: pay yourself first. Put away 10% (or whatever you can afford) as soon as you get your money. Only then do you pay your bills and then have fun. I have successfully avoided this advice for several months now.

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On My Free Lunch

@nogreeneggs My gorgeous roommate gets free stuff _all the time_ and is genuinely surprised at how wonderfully nice everyone in New York is.

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On My Free Lunch

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On I Chose the Expensive Private University — And Got the Debt to Go With It

@Penelope Pine But her credit will go to hell for a decade and drag his down with it. Their data mining extends well beyond political borders.

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On I Escaped the Permatern Life By Leaving the West

How did you find the job at Shanghaiist? What job posting site did you use?

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On I Just Spent 73 Minutes Scrolling Through 'The Rich Kids of Instagram'

Giving them the attention they seek only helps them ignore what hollow husks of humanity they are.

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On Money That I May As Well Have Put In the Trash, Burned, Made Confetti Of, Etc.

@langedangereux You called your parents an average of 20 minutes a day for six weeks? Why weren't you out getting drunk like the rest of the 19-year-olds on study-abroad in Austria?

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On Why Is a Candy Bar More Expensive in Manhattan? (Some Theories)

@stuffisthings I asked a bodega owner in Manhattan why a six-pack of Budweiser was $3 more there than in Brooklyn. He said, "Rent."

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On Practically Free Mom-Endorsed Advice On Turning Your Frown Upside Down (Or at Least, Like, Bringing It Back to Neutral)

@faustbanana My mom offered to look at my OKC profile and see "what needs fixing." Whoa, boy.

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