On Monday Check-in

FRIDAY: Ran a few errands after work. $18 at Petco for cat food and $30 at Target. The rest of the night was spent at home, which I had been highly anticipating. I've been so busy! I made a nice dinner and my boyfriend and I SAT AT THE TABLE and ate and split a bottle of wine. I lit a candle! It was so nice. SATURDAY: $5 coffee at Starbucks while I was waiting for my mom at the train station. Went shopping in Georgetown. She insisted on paying for my Banana Republic sale finds. $11 for a cab to the chosen lunch spot and $66 for lunch. I wanted to treat. $20 for bourbon at Costco. Went up to Baltimore for dinner. $10 for parking. My dad picked up the tab. SUNDAY: $4 for a nice loaf of bread. Did work around the house with my guy and then a yoga class later in the evening. Previously paid for. $164

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On Monday Check-In

FRIDAY: $16 for a cab home from a house party. Fun party and it was cold, so worth every penny. SATURDAY: $9 for emergency ingredients at CVS to make soup. Ran 12 miles and I just couldn't face a walk to the actual grocery store (30 round trip the horror!!) so I overpaid for chicken stock, milk and a ton of seltzer. Hydration! Goodwill run happened and I bought my boyfriend and I Greek food for dinner. $41. Went to a birthday party later in the evening. My guy provided the wine. Ended the night with a cocktail which I also did not pay for. SUNDAY: Brunch in Baltimore with my boyfriend and a couple of friends. $35. Watched the Oscars with a leftover bottle of Cava. Total: $101.00 which is $10 below my estimate, but I didn't actually go grocery shopping.

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On Friday Estimate

FRIDAY: Six pack of beer to bring to a house party. $8. And its freezing out so I'm just going to go ahead and admit that an Uber home is going to happen. $20. SATURDAY: Running 12 miles and dropping off a million things at Goodwill. Painful and free. Probably will buy my guy lunch as a thank you for driving me. $20. Six pack of beer for another house party. $8. SUNDAY: Brunch with friends. $30. Small grocery run (moving soon so trying to use up the pantry). $25. Oscars. So $111 I guess. Cool number!

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On Tuesday Check-In

FRIDAY: The weather was nice so I walked up to Whole Foods over my lunch break to get a few things. $39.03 for bread and cheese, sparkling wine, bananas, blueberries and 2lbs of broccoli. Avoided the chocolate and then regretted it. My boyfriend and I went to a concert at the Library of Congress. Tickets previously purchased. Skipped all restaurants and bars for the evening and consumed the bread/cheese/wine at home. SATURDAY: $15.41 for falafel dinner for two (bargain). Went out with a few friends for drinks. I had a gift card that I used, so just $5 cash for tip. Avoided taking a cab home and then regretted it. SUNDAY: Boyfriend paid for lunch since I covered Saturday dinner. $87.20 at the grocery store BUT that includes six bottles of wine that I got on super sale. I have hidden them from myself. Hopefully they will last for a bit. MONDAY: Walk on The Mall and nice chat with a friend. Was intending to go home after, but she was making a Trader Joe's run, so of course I had to go. $25.76. Various purchases including peanuts with which I made my own peanut butter. Fun. So that is a total of $172.40. 100% of that was on food and drinks. 88% was spent at three different grocery stores. Jeez.

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On Monday Check-in

Friday my boyfriend, sister and I went around to three different liquor stores for complimentary tastings. Awesome time, everyone was friendly,the wines were delicious, and I was a tad buzzed by the end. Tastings were free, but I spent about $35 on a few bottles for Thanksgiving. Afterwards I cooked dinner for the three of us at my apartment. Met a few friends out late for a drink, but my guy paid for that. Saturday I got to be a plus one at a charity dinner gala. Super fun and free to me. Took a taxi to go meet my boyfriend because I was in a cocktail dress and too cold for public transport ($10). Paid for a couple rounds of drinks ($24) and a late night snack ($8). Sunday I made bought a couple of coffees ($6) and made a quick trip to the grocery store for a few Thanksgiving things ($24). Total: $107

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On Monday Check-in

Friday I made a quick post work trip to the grocery store. I needed cat litter and I was having a few friends over for homemade pizza/wine/movies. The pizza was delicious, the wine was boozy and Hocus Pocus was campy goodness as always. $45 at the store and $2.99 for Amazon instant rental. Saturday I had morning yoga (previously paid for). Got a coffee afterwards for $2.50 and then bought a pair of shoes at DSW for $29. Steal of a deal. My boyfriend was hosting a house party Saturday night so I picked up a few things for him at Target $23. Oh and $6 for a quick dinner. Sunday the boyfriend was hungover and I was starving so I ran to Panera and got us lunch. $17. Bought a 2 liter bottle of Sprite Zero on the way home. On sale for $1. Total: $125ish? Eh, I like to stay under $100 but I got shoes so whatever. They were necessary.

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On Monday Check-in

Friday: Nothing!! Went to the gym, and then made dinner at home and watched watched a mediocre documentary with my sister. I had a bottle of wine kicking around that we drank. Saturday: Yoga in the morning (previously purchased class pack). Spent $9.50 at the farmers market on the way home. That got me one sweet potato, one acorn squash, a tiny cucumber, a large apple, and a bunch of beets with decent looking greens still attached. Made a trip to the regular grocery store for dinner making ingredients as well. $45 but got a bunch of specialish things like wine, nice cheese, ice cream, etc. Made my boyfriend dinner and we watched the Tigers game. Well, he watched the Tigers game. I fell asleep in the sixth inning. Wine... Sunday: My guy bought me lunch. Made another trip to the store because I forgot some stuff i needed for the week. $25. I went for a really long run. I lounged around after my run because I was tired and my hamstring hurt. Weekend total: $79.50 ALL ON GROCERIES. That is so sad :(

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On Monday Check-in

Super late doing this as usual, but here goes: Friday: $26 at the grocery store. Picked up a bottle of wine to bring to a friend's new apartment (she was providing dinner) and a few other odds and ends. We decided to just have extended drinks at her place rather than venturing out, so that was it. Saturday: $4 for Coffee and a banana on my way to yoga in the morning (class pack previously paid for). Went home and watched college football, did a few chores, ate etc. Headed up to my boyfriend's place in the evening to watch the Tigers play. Wasn't feeling beer so I grabbed a couple bottles of wine. $22. Drank too much wine and fell asleep before the game ended. Sunday: Spin class in the morning (class pack previously paid for). Went to Sunday Funday at a friend's place in the afternoon. Boyfriend paid for our food/beverage contribution at the store. I paid for two Diet Cokes and carry out pizza in the evening $21. Total: $73.

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On Monday Check-in

Super belatedly... Friday: Got out of work early (hooray) went for a jog on The Mall. Stopped at the grocery store on the way home to get bananas and a few baking ingredients. Stayed in a watched Netflix with my sis. $10. Saturday: Chores and football at home during the day. Baked cookies to bring to a evening gathering. Also picked up a bottle of wine to bring. $14. Sunday: Spin in the morning (previously paid for class package). Met a friend at a bar to watch football. Tab with tip ended up being $35 for a brunch quesadilla and three fairly crappy Bloody Marys. Total of $59, but I also should throw in $34 for my Relay grocery order that I picked up on Monday. Should have been $64 but I had a $30 credit for referring a friend.

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On Monday Check-in

$11 at Whole Foods for a bottle of red wine. I had Friday night plans to go to a friend's birthday gathering at a bar a block from another friend's apartment. Decided to be efficient. Shared the wine with the apartment friends before heading to the bar for one beer. Threw in $10 there to keep it simple. Dancing afterwards was free. No cover and too much work to wade my way over to the bar. Saturday my roommate was out of the house all day so I took the opportunity to be a hermit. Went to the gym, cleaned, read, watched some football. Super lovely. Made an unplanned $45 trip to the store for a few necessities. Needed lady items and figured I may as well get laundry soap, yogurt and avocados too. Sunday I went to my spin/run combo class. Previously paid for so zero. Made a quick stop at CVS to pick up Gatorade, seltzer and gum. $5. Watched football and made a delicious eggplant flatbread. Total: $71. A good total but I need to learn to minimize grocery store runs. Go in for one thing, come out with twelve... Over the course of a month it really adds up.

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