On Monday Check-in

FRIDAY: Summer hours are in effect at the office so I got out at 12:30. Stopped at Whole Foods on my way home to pick up a few ingredients needed for Saturday brunch and some snacks for my evening plans ($21). Went home, ate lunch, cleaned up my patio with my boyfriend, then took the metro to meet my sister for a fun outdoor concert. We picnicked with wine, quinoa salad, pita and hummus and generally had a fantastic time. SATURDAY: Made brunch for my boyfriend's mom and partner as they were in town visiting. We all went to the zoo after, which other than two Diet Cokes ($6) was free. I went to yoga after and later in the evening met some friends for a drink. I bought the round ($21). We all went to a house party after. Liquor run ($22) and cab fare home($9). SUNDAY: Ran a few errands in the morning. Target run ($22), fancy bread ($5) and fancy coffee ($5). Watched USA/Portugal later. I had a few beers but my boyfriend covered that. TOTAL: $105. Not bad! Amazing how much less I spend when I force myself to eat at home. Dinner out is my weakness :(

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On Monday Check-in

Did fairly well! Friday I spent nothing. Ate food and drank wine that I already had at home. Watched Gasland on Roku. Saturday I got lunch with my guy (he paid) then headed off for skydiving. AMAZING. I spent less on gas than expected since the tank was pretty full and my sister also chipped in. $13. Ate food and drank wine that I already had at home (again). Sunday I went to brunch with my guy (he paid) then went to Home Depot. We needed potting soil, and I couldn't resist a few more plants. $42. Went to the outlets later. I couldn't find the one thing I needed which made me crabby. Got dinner after with margaritas. I paid. $49. $104. I need to stop going out to eat. I'm a good cook, just a lazy one I guess.

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On Friday Estimate

@Heather F I like the Rouge Dior ones. The red I have has been discontinued, but they have a bunch of other great colors. If I'm trying a new brand or type of makeup I always go to Sephora or Nordstrom because they are darlings about returns. It hasn't happened often, but if something does not live up to expectations, don't be embarrassed to return it!

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On Friday Estimate

Friday -- Don't really have plans tonight! If I am well behaved I will have dinner and wine at home and pester my boyfriend while he is trying to grade finals. If I am bad I will pester my boyfriend while he is trying to grade finals until he agrees to go out for dinner/drinks. Either way its a free night since it is his turn to pick up the check next time we go out. Saturday -- Yoga in the morning. Paid for with monthly pass. Going skydiving with my sister in the afternoon. We bought each other passes for Christmas last year and are finally now cashing them in. I'm borrowing a car so I figure $40 for a tank of gas as a thank you. $20 for drink/snack after we jump. Not sure about evening plans yet. Waiting to see how jumping through thin air works out. Sunday -- Planning by make brunch at home for my boyfriend and then hopefully we can do something nice together. We have a baby juniper to plant and then maybe we will go to the arboretum for more tree time? I dunno, lets say $20 for randomness. Skipping the grocery store this week as I will be out of town starting Thursday. Total: $80. I hope to keep it at this as next weekend will be expensive.

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On Friday Estimate

@Heather F I recommend Dior. It is expensive ($34) but stays in place wonderfully and is non drying. For a special occasion, its worth it. No reapplication, no gross stains on your champagne glass...

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On Friday Estimate

Busy weekend planned! FRIDAY: Headed to a bar for a friend's birthday. He's starting early so I will probably (absolutely) need to buy food at some point as well. $30 if I just pay for me, $60 if I end up paying for my dude as well. SATURDAY: Starting the day with yoga. Buying a monthly pass is good motivation to go! Then headed to the meat market for a pork roast. I don't buy meat too often so I'm not totally sure what that will run me, but I'm going to estimate $24. Derby plans are up in the air. Either $20 out at a bar or $0 at home. We will see. Kinda tempted just to drink my own bourbon. There's a bunch of concerts going on around U Street as part of the DC Funk Parade, so I will likely find myself down there later in the evening. $30. SUNDAY: Up early to get my pork in the crock pot, then off to yoga. My guy and I are hosting an early Cinco de Mayo party as a thank you for all the friends who helped us move. My share of the shopping is all done for that. I did the Costco tab yesterday and he's grabbing the grocery store odds and ends this weekend. I'll throw the Costco money into the estimate since it was for the weekend $92. So that brings my total to TOO MUCH. Oh jeez and I'll probably need some food for next week too.

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On Friday Estimate

@turdypants Kingman Island? Yup, I'll be there. FRIDAY: Happy hour with my man before the Kennedy Center. I won the tickets so that's free. Not sure if its my turn for the tab or not but lets say $40. $15 for a cab because I'm sure we will lose track of time and have to rush for curtain. SATURDAY: Yoga in the morning. Bluegrass festival after ($10) and snacks to bring ($10). Not sure what's happening later in the day, but day activities make me tired. Probably nothing expensive. SUNDAY: More yoga in the morning. My dude bought my flowers so I need to get those potted. Will probably get inspired and go buy a ton more ($25). Will then probably be tired and want to order in dinner ($20).

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On Monday Check-in

FRIDAY: Ran a few errands after work. $18 at Petco for cat food and $30 at Target. The rest of the night was spent at home, which I had been highly anticipating. I've been so busy! I made a nice dinner and my boyfriend and I SAT AT THE TABLE and ate and split a bottle of wine. I lit a candle! It was so nice. SATURDAY: $5 coffee at Starbucks while I was waiting for my mom at the train station. Went shopping in Georgetown. She insisted on paying for my Banana Republic sale finds. $11 for a cab to the chosen lunch spot and $66 for lunch. I wanted to treat. $20 for bourbon at Costco. Went up to Baltimore for dinner. $10 for parking. My dad picked up the tab. SUNDAY: $4 for a nice loaf of bread. Did work around the house with my guy and then a yoga class later in the evening. Previously paid for. $164

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On Monday Check-In

FRIDAY: $16 for a cab home from a house party. Fun party and it was cold, so worth every penny. SATURDAY: $9 for emergency ingredients at CVS to make soup. Ran 12 miles and I just couldn't face a walk to the actual grocery store (30 round trip the horror!!) so I overpaid for chicken stock, milk and a ton of seltzer. Hydration! Goodwill run happened and I bought my boyfriend and I Greek food for dinner. $41. Went to a birthday party later in the evening. My guy provided the wine. Ended the night with a cocktail which I also did not pay for. SUNDAY: Brunch in Baltimore with my boyfriend and a couple of friends. $35. Watched the Oscars with a leftover bottle of Cava. Total: $101.00 which is $10 below my estimate, but I didn't actually go grocery shopping.

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On Friday Estimate

FRIDAY: Six pack of beer to bring to a house party. $8. And its freezing out so I'm just going to go ahead and admit that an Uber home is going to happen. $20. SATURDAY: Running 12 miles and dropping off a million things at Goodwill. Painful and free. Probably will buy my guy lunch as a thank you for driving me. $20. Six pack of beer for another house party. $8. SUNDAY: Brunch with friends. $30. Small grocery run (moving soon so trying to use up the pantry). $25. Oscars. So $111 I guess. Cool number!

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