On Let's Throw Some Money at Our Problems: December 2013 Check-In

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On Let's Throw Some Money at Our Problems: December 2013 Check-In

I paid off my credit card! it was at about $600 at the beginning of December, when I started a new job, and I used my double paychecks in December(one from the old and one from the new job) to pay it all off! Next I am working on a student loan serviced by Nelnet, and also saving money for a trip to New York in the fall.

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On Friday Estimate

@LookUponMyWorks I guess I just miss the glory days of paying $45 for a full price sweater, and less if it was on sale, instead of crossing my fingers that the sweater I wanted was still available while waiting for it to be discounted to $45 from $90. Their prices have gone way up in the past 4 years.

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On Friday Estimate

@LookUponMyWorks What is up with LOFT's prices? Their sale prices used to be way more affordable.

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On Friday Estimate

I am going to TWO Origami Owl parties, and I want to support my friends and independent women who unfortunately work for pyramid schemes, so I will probably spend about $150 on necklaces, and then Old Navy is having a sweater sale, and I need some sweaters for my NEW JOB that starts after Thanksgiving. "Need". $200?

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On Big Food Is Coming For Us

@cuminafterall Unless you live in an area with a really strong recycling program, bags and boxes are non-recyclable--even tetra pak. My community can handle recycling cans, but can't recycle yogurt cups, let alone tetra pak. That said, my husband is all over Campbell's chili in a bag.

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On Monday Check-in

I wanted to spend $0 dollars, but I got a forgotten paycheck from a side job, so I spent $120 on Christmas gifts, and $15 on yogurt and fruit for the week, so I feel ok about me weekend! Although I think I accidentally donated half my cardigan collection when I FINALLY took that box to Goodwill, so I might need to budget for some new sweaters.

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On You Can Now Live At Disney World

@Renleigh That is cool then. My dream is to work in their archives, but I majored in Digital Libraries instead of archives, and they probably have legitimately respectable librarians/archivist in charge of their archives...

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On You Can Now Live At Disney World

@Renleigh Oh I am sure it is a terrible place to work and they exploit their workers like no one's business. But going to Disney and staying on the resort is the closest thing I have ever come to feeling like a rich person. Plus I was with a young child, so everyone called us "princess" the whole time. My experience was very different going back as a chaperone for teenagers a few years later. I just feel like, these people are spending millions on a home and homeowner's fees and eventually taxes (unless there are no taxes because Disney is private land? I don't know), and for the very generous estimate of $1000 per day for a single person, you could stay at a hotel with a built in cleaning service and people to cook for you and you could ride the rides and watch the fireworks, and in a year you would still spend less than a million dollars. Plus, if you got bored, you could go to Disney Paris or whatever. I would not turn up my nose at one of these houses if I inherited it, but I guess my Disney dream just doesn't involve property taxes.

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On You Can Now Live At Disney World

@hotdish This all just reminds me of the final scene in Queen of Versailles, when you see the fireworks of Disney exploding through the window frame of their enormous, incomplete house.

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