On 'You're the Problem With America, Basically'

@stuffisthings Buying stuff to cheer yourself up when you're miserable (whether you can afford to or not) is a bad habit, and not an effective way to manage depression. (In fact, it makes it worse, because being in debt is bad for your self-esteem. I speak from personal experience.) I don't see how pointing that out is romanticizing poverty. ...and, yeah, there is this weird thing where "being able to buy stuff" can make you, if not happy, at least calm and un-anxious and able to handle setbacks, while actually buying stuff doesn't have that effect. (See also: cakes, the eating and having thereof.)

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On 'You're the Problem With America, Basically'

For a long time I've believed that people with emotional spending issues (like myself) might benefit from having a laminated card in their wallets that says, in large friendly letters: BUYING STUFF WILL NOT MAKE YOU HAPPY in the place where their credit cards used to be. And then maybe, underneath that one, another card that says: "We deserve to exist simply because we exist, and life is full of wonderful things there for us to enjoy freely." which is from The Successful Self by Dorothy Rowe. Because: "But I’m kind of always miserable? And I think that ties into it." Yeah. Yeah, it really, really does. Sigh.

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On The Media is Obsessed with People Who Live Alone

I do like the sound of that Swedish place. I've often thought that something like a college dorm, or a convent without the religion, would be a great way for me to get the amount of solitude I crave without turning into a total hermit, which I am terribly afraid would happen if I lived completely alone.

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