On Monday Check-in

@halloliebchen I am. Thanks hon.

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On Monday Check-in

Well I went way under the budget however it was due to the time honored method of being too sick to do things. Some weird stomach thing. Anyway Sunday I was finally able to do some things. I bought some food for the new homeless program's open house with the donated gift cards. I also got $34 dollars in groceries and $6 on a huge strawberry shake. Tonight I will be making epic tons of artichoke spinach dip for the open house tomorrow. Predicted $100 actual $40.

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On Friday Estimate

@matty blue Welcome matty blue! Throw us a link to your shop when you get it up.

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On Friday Estimate

@erinep You are a good woman for going to the dinner. I'd hold out for him getting you more than one drink if you're not driving personally, but still. That was very nice. Hopefully you'll get seated with a group of snarky people and the evening will be saved.

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On Friday Estimate

@LookUponMyWorks Sorry about that typo by the way.

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On Friday Estimate

I did all of the work this week, ALL of it. You might be thinking "Wait Stina, I believe I also did some work this week." Well you are wrong. That was a hallucination on your part. So very glad that I get a reasonably restful weekend.. Friday: Going out to eat. $30. Maybe some groceries $30. Saturday: We are going to the Wisconsin Science Festival! Trying a flight simulator, looking through a telescope, listening to talks. Should be fun. The activities are free but lunch will not be. So maybe $40. Sunday: Church, meeting, buying food for Open house but I got some donated gift certificates for that so $0. Some prep work for the open house as well.

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On Friday Estimate

@crenb Happy Birthday crenb! Have the best birthday weekend!

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On Eating Bugs (Bunny)

Do I judge meat eaters? No. My commute does about as much damage to the environment as any steak. Do I appreciate that if one eats meat that eating rabbits would help the environment and thus help a whole bunch of animals (including humans)? Yep. Can I do it? Nope. Because fuzzy. And my sister has some for pets and they are sweet. And did I mention fuzzy? I definitely also cannot eat Octopus anymore once I learned how smart they are. About as smart as a human toddler with emotions and can bond and such. The commercial where the foodies transform into Octopus pet owners? Get it.

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On Monday Check-in

@erinep "This qualifies as a #billfoldlivejournal". Hey, it's interesting, so no worries. Glad to here that you had such a great weekend.

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On Monday Check-in

@ThatJenn Well at least you can join cool choir next year (I'm assuming). Sounds like you had a great weekend anyway.

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