On Traveling Lighter: Results

@swirrlygrrl All of your suggestions are friggin' brilliant. Thanks for sharing!

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On Traveling Lighter: Results

I traveled with a backpack to a recent short conference but checked it because ultimately the liquids limitations was the thing that defeated me. The only under 3.4 oz wasn't the problem, it was that all liquids and pastes total must fit in a quart bag. I like my potions damn it! But I have started experimenting with bar shampoo (which is so far so good. I use Just Soap's Rosemary Bar Shampoo for oily hair.) So maybe I'll be able to sneak under the bar eventually.

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On Monday Check-in

@CJ Cregg "Burritos make everything better." Very true. Very wise and very true.

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On Monday Check-in

@erinep Welcome back! How was Disney World?! Is the landlady at least giving you 24 hour notice before a showing?

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On Monday Check-in

Friday: Went to Trader Joe's as anticipated predicted $25, got $26.96. Then went to Library. Saturday: Did errands as predicted. The joys of home ownership, we bought 15 bags of redwood mulch.We also stocked up on the wood pellets that we use as cat litter. $51 We went out for lunch $22 and then went home and hauled bags of stuff, back and forth. We watched John Wick on Netflix. Completely preposterous but fun. Had anticipated $100 though so we are under. Sunday: Palm Sunday, church. Bought $100 of gift cards for fundraising. Had planned on going grocery shopping but it was rainy and windy when I left church so I did the only adult thing to do. Drove home instead. Made a hot cocoa spiked with Irish Creme. Ate a ton of toasted Sourdough bread with jam and butter and took a long nap with the cats. Predicted $250 Actual $199.98

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On Friday Estimate

@toka Aww thank you! We both still kind of look at Lost Cat like "Wha? Where did you go? How?" But still really happy about his return.

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On Friday Estimate

Hi Meaghan!!! Today: Trip to Trader Joe's for more cat food to feed the cat flock.$12 for that but obviously other things will end up in my basket maybe $25 total? Saturday: No clue. Maybe some errands. I'll throw out $100 for an estimate. Sunday:Church. Buy some gift cards for fund raising another $100. A few groceries $25. Estimate: $250

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On Friday Estimate

@ATF Congrats! You'll have to let us know what you had.

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On Friday Estimate

@grandma_nancy Wooooo Grad School! Congrats!

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On Do A Non-1-Direction-Related Thing

I got a Mammogram today (i.e. Boob torture). But well worth it.

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