On It's a Weird Day. Let's Rank States!

@honey cowl I did an online geography test on the states and I did really well generally except for the New England states. Delaware did me in because I forgot that it EXISTED. (Sorry Delaware people).

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On Tuesday Check-in

@moreadventurous Jealous. Jealous here. Though not of the cold. The cold you can keep. But glad that you had a wonderful time.

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On Tuesday Check-in

You can get parm sandwiches and Ben & Jerry's at a stadium? Tennis stadiums are extra fancy I guess. Friday: I was waiting to see if I was going to get a delivery of something I needed for a project. If I got it, it meant that I would work over the weekend. All day... nothing. Then at 3:07 I get the notice that I got it. With a note at the bottom from the person that they would be away all weekend on vacation. I'm sure they didn't know that they had just wrecked my 3 day weekend but I still said some unpleasant things at that point. Friday night we went out $31. Saturday was work $6.37 on incentive food. Husband grilled out for us that night though. Sunday: Worked until 1 pm from home. Had planned on going to Taste of Madison but my husband had gone out on a bike ride and the guy that planned it got them lost several times plus he popped 2 tires while out, so he arrived back much later and more tired than anticipated. So we instead went to a 1/2 price sale at a local thrift store. He spent $7 on 2 pairs of jeans and I got 4 tops (none of which I needed) for $15.83. Then we went out to eat which cost $45 but we had a gift card. Then we picked up some oil and car lubricant $18. Got some groceries too. $32 Monday: Finally got to sit around the house. Did a few chores, cooked a lot. Husband had to go to work. $0 Did not predict due to uncertainty but spent $111.20

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On Two Weddings, One Summer

@erinep ExACTly. Do not taunt the Wisconsinites with the possibility of Alcohol if it is not free. I have attended the super modest weddings in the church basement that happened because someone was pregnant (1 for 6 on those marriages lasting) and they had punch only. That is far preferable to a cash bar.

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On Friday Estimate

@erinep Did he kill the mouse or did he just happen along it? Yipes. Much sympathy on your check-in at Noon. "I don’t get paid for the month until Tuesday" We got paid today. That's weird. Have a great time. Apply for all of the jobs!

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On Two Weddings, One Summer

@kellyography AND a cash bar. I am sitting here. Judging. JUDG-ing. I am hugely cheap but we had a vegetarian option and all side dishes were vegetarian plus two kinds of wine.

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On Friday Estimate

@erinep You wouldn't happen to be also taking an ATM card with you? *Arches eyebrow* But if I were there I'd be totally encouraging all of the bad habits. So don't listen to me.

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On Friday Estimate

@calamity "I am a domestic goddess and none shall cross me!! I'm envisioning you mounted on a Pegasus with a bunch of veggies under your arm and a chef's knife held aloft. With of course epic uplighting behind you. But have fun at the Bar crawl and this weekend.

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On Friday Estimate

@EmilyAnomaly It's ok *pats back* the girls needed proper support. But congrats on the weight loss.

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On Friday Estimate

No stinking clue. Because I have been expecting a delivery of one outstanding thing that I need to complete an analysis and if I get it today some work will be in my weekend. If not, then a weekend *gasp* of actual vacation. Friday: Stopped this morning on my way to work to pick up some non-perishable food for the weekend. $6.97. Drop off remainders from rummage sale after work at St Vinnie's. Stop by Sears for vacumn cleaner bags maybe $12? Dinner out $35 Saturday: Either work the whole day and incentive food $8. Or maaaybe visit the Farmers Market and Taste of Madison = unknown but surely epic amounts of money. Sunday: Saturday plans if I had to work on that day, otherwise unplanned at this point because I was expecting to be working a lot. Monday: Hanging out with the husband. Cook out Brats and Burgers. Make German potato salad.

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