On Are You Reading 'North and South' Yet? Because It's Awesome

I started "Middlemarch" this weekend instead of "North and South." I doubt I'll be able to read both by mid-October :D

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On Our Money Daydreams: Befriending Elderly Millionaires & Finding Bags of Gold

There was a Moth story about a month ago that Constanza would like! Essentially: dude has weird childless uncle that is shunned by family, dude thinks childless uncle is awesome so does not shun him, childless uncle dies and leaves dude unimagined wealth, dude can now pay for kids' college. For the win!

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On Professor Dumpster Still Trying To Make Dumpster Happen

@ThatJenn Dude is not a tiny house guy. Check out his multiphase plan to add additional buildings and storeys (?!?) to his compound. Guy is just a drip who lives in a bedroom and thinks everyone else should too, ignoring that he externalized the cost of his bathroom, kitchen, etc. There are already people who only have to worry about their own bedroom, and those people are called "children".

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On "Radical Coop-Living Bride" Inspires Sitcom!

Radical Coop? Like, anarchist chickens? *reads story* Ooooooohhhhhhh.

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On All the Single Ladies, Which is Everyone, Put Your Hands Up

@Lily Rowan I took "early-Bridget-Jones-type singleton" to mean "not in a relationship". TFA, however, includes the phrase "[n]ever-married young singles". I assume it is using "single" as meaning "not married".

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On All the Single Ladies, Which is Everyone, Put Your Hands Up

"And enjoy your awesome DINKy lives!" Doesn't being single rule out the "Double Income" part of that acronym? Hmm, maybe a second job. SJINK?

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On An Illustrated True Saga of Costly Car Repair

@Marille Rofl at "girls don't like getting dirt[y]". My two girls (3 and 5) were quite eager to help, which consisted in handing me some wrenches and poking the engine with sticks. For learning about cars, go buy a manual (haynes/chiltons/et al) and start with easy things to build confidence. Wipers and air filters are very easy to replace. Batteries and tail lights are not much harder. Just seeing all the guts under the hood with the manual in the hand will make you much more informed about the mysteries contained therein. For specific repairs, YouTube is farking ridiculously useful. I found three separate videos on replacing a 2004 Accord starter motor. @@fo Ah, I am ignorant of the Prius generations and their differences. WRT the starter: Replacing it was definitely at the far end of my automotive comfort zone. Putting the new one in was straightforward. But getting to the old one (required disassembling the intake manifold) and yanking it out (torqued to 67 foot pounds, which required the use, and purchase, of a breaker bar) were very time consuming. Cursing was definitely involved.

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On An Illustrated True Saga of Costly Car Repair

$2,300 is a lot of scratch. Two thoughts come to mind. 1) a quick googling turns up a Forbes article that has an $800 price tag for a reconditioned battery (down from an initial $4k to replace). I am assuming that the author is in Houston, so maybe this is irrelevant in your situation. http://www.forbes.com/sites/tonybradley/2014/04/09/replacing-a-dead-prius-hybrid-battery-doesnt-have-to-cost-thousands-of-dollars/ 2) being a redneck at heart, I have replaced a lot of regular batteries in my cars. A few months ago I undertook a more serious weekend project of replacing the starter in my Accord. This took me both weekend mornings, purchase of several new tools, and apprx 5 trips to various stores. But I saved $200 (that is, 1/10th of your cost) over taking it to the dealer. So one must ask: can this not be done one's self? A little more googling implies you have to take out your back seats, and you have to exercise caution around the 200 volts, but these are not insurmountable difficulties. A Chilton's, some socket wrenches, and a few weekends of cursing is surely worth a couple of grand.

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On Hacking 'Kim Kardashian: Hollywood' for Unlimited Money Made Me Lose My Moral Compass

@SarahRobert "Video game" lesson at least. At some point we all realize that the "trying to beat the game" part is most of the fun. Life is different since you can always just find some new Joneses to keep up with. Google that nimrod Marc Stuart Dreier for an example of someone who couldn't be happy with "tons of money" but instead desired "fark tons of money".

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On The Next Billfold Book Club Book is 'North and South'

Hah, netflix has been badgering me to watch North and South for years. I kept thinking it was that Civil War thing that had Patrick Swayze.

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