On The Cost of Throwing a Pony Party for Your Seven-Year-Old Daughter Who's Really Into Horses

Haha my little one turned three this weekend. Somehow I missed that she has turned crazy about horses. Grandparents gave her a toy stable with some horses. She trotted off to fetch a dozen my little ponies and a fistful of playmobil horses to join the fun. What the eff. So mentally filing away "horse rescue brush fest" in case the pony craze sticks with her for the next four years.

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On To Refund or Not to Refund, A Tumblr Message Exegesis

I don't get why people get so worked up over spoilers. It didn't destroy my enjoyment of Harry Potter when ding dongs blasted "SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE" all over the internet. I will make the exception for my brother's friend who, in high school, suggested that I watch Soylent Green because "dude it's about eating people". That's like the only point of that stupid movie.

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On The Year We Saved $10K: I Try to Live Below the Salt

@LFR I'm a big saver, but I am almost never saving for anything in particular. I instead have an overarching concern that "something" will happen and that I don't want to be broke when it does. So you ask an interesting question. I think it points to a fundamental difference in thinking about money. I suspect that the OP is like me and doesn't think twice about "of course you have to save". But other folks have the (valid!) point of view that money is for spending; the point of accumulation is eventually spending it down.

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On The Discreet Charm of Commuting

My last job was two miles from home. When they moved our office 10 miles north, I toughed it out for 6 months and then switched jobs to... another job two miles away from home. I walk 4 out of 5 days, even in the 100 degree Texas heat. I bring fresh clothes and cool off in the a/c for about 20 minutes before changing. Being essentially bald, professional looking hair isn't a concern. Best parts of the commute: free exercise; thirty minutes to listen to longform podcasts (some even work related); good looking people on the running trail; feeling smugly superior to all the cars gridlocked on the bridge that I am walking over. Worst parts: have gotten rained on; have been buzzed by a jerk riding his motorcycle on the side walk; have been mistaken for homeless in my bedgraggled walking clothes. ETA: was not a morning person before kids, now greatly enjoy being up at 5 am.

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On On Job Hunting While Married

Isn't this essentially illegal? http://www.eeoc.gov/laws/practices/inquiries_marital_status.cfm I am staunchly pro liberal arts and college-for-college's-sake, but in some ways higher ed is ridiculously retrograde.

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On The Budget-Friendly Way to Avoid Alzheimer's

As someone who is both vegetarian and bed-wettingly-scared of Alzheimers, I am conflicted. o.O

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On A Male CEO Leans Out

@hoorayllamas If you're not around during those 0 - 4 years, by the time you show up at 8 you won't have a parental relationship with them. It'd be like your uncle showed up when you were 10 years old and started bossing you around all day long. Plus: 15 year old kids are very hard to toss up into the air. Whereas I can throw my two year old way above my head while she keeps shouting "do that again!"

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On The ABCs of Grad School Should Include "ABD"

@honeybunchesofoats I can see how you would find this insulting. But what's interesting is that at the PhD level "being super smart" is not a scarce resource. Anyone doing graduate work at a decent school is already one of the kids who graduated top of the their class, crushed the SAT, etc. Oddly enough what made someone special all the way up until the PhD suddenly becomes ordinary. "Getting things done on time" is a scarce skill in college. Take the all nighter, a gigantic waste of time that is almost always a result of poor planning. But it was viewed as a badge of pride (by myself included) for some absurd reason. "Great writer", I would say, is also a scarce skill in academia :)

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On The ABCs of Grad School Should Include "ABD"

The 49% figure does not surprise me. Back in '93 as a philosophy undergrad, there was a whole echelon of ABD grad students pushing the ten year mark. Dissertations are hard; there's truth to the ultramarathon thing. But also is there not some measure of grad students who are hiding out from real life, and thus fear finishing their dissertations? I can think of at least three people I knew from my undergrad days who fell into that category. School was a lot cheaper back then. With current prices maybe this isn't a thing anymore.

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On The Gender Gap Starts at Home -- With Your Allowance

I only have daughters and thus I can side step this particular problem. So thankfully I can keep saving my anxiety for explaining puberty!

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