On The Cigarette Tax in New York is $4.35 Per Pack

What is a k-hole. also this is deeply, distractingly wonderful

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On Oslo v. Portland: A Hilarious Comparison in Cost of Living

I'm on board. i already make my lunch and stay in during the week, and if you think "cheap" wine costs $7, then you don't know from cheap wine (think $3). I think me and Norway could be best friends.

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On What Do Your Groceries Say About You?

@melis ditto. eat those bananas, RIGHT NOW.

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On My Last Hundred Bucks: Yoga Class, Mother's Day Gift, and a Shower Curtain

between the salmon rolls, the nailpolish, and the soothing baths, you'll be all fixed up in no time. Promise.

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On Cheap But Also Contaminated Eats

wait, doesn't this also mean we're giving our dogs salmonella?

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On I Spent My $66,000 Inheritance on Basically Nothing

oof, thanks for sharing. reading this gave me heart palpitations, though; i could feel myself sinking lower and lower in my seat as the money disappeared. Money is tough, dude.

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On Should Lisa Charge a Trip to India, or Skip It?

@Vicky Johnson@twitter that was a private loan, right? The feds don't bargain with terrorists (read: grad students). Right? or do they?

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On Willpower, and the Importance of Taking a Break

This is SUCH a delight. This is the type of story that made me want to be a psych major. I love it. This also helps explain why it's much easier to focus when writing something that I understand and believe in; this is in contrast to my experience writing documents I'm not so convinced about, which result in me checking the 'Pin/Billfold/Awl every 15 seconds.

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On There Are No 'Middle Class Snack Kids' in France

@candybeans But really, this is awesome. How do French children make their feelings go away? Bordeaux?

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On There Are No 'Middle Class Snack Kids' in France

Alternately, French children use that $5 to go see a star war. #can'thelpmyself

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