On Unemployed, Discouraged, But Not Hopeless

@E$ Seconding this. Atrium was great to me. Also GreenKey and Miller Klein. The more headhunters/placement people you work with the better.

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On Desirable Attributes in Apartments

My apartment in Sunset Park hits 17 of these points! (No outdoor space. Sadface.) Srsly this neighborhood is a budget gem. $1.50 tacos, best bahn mi in Brooklyn, gorgeous park. Have you considered looking this far south? I've got a 3 bedroom that I share with one bff and my cat for $1800. We have an office/study! And tall ceilings! A stoop! For real, look in this hood.

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On Cheap Eats: Black Bean Tacos

Limes! Cilantro! Hot sauce! Unless you are one of those poor souls for whom cilantro tastes like soap, the holy trinity of lime/cilantro/hot sauce elevates even the most budget rice and beans to greatness.

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