On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: September 2014 Check-in

Nothing very exciting. After a job change, salary is a little lower, so I'm adjusting for a bit. August: $3494 September: $4414

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On What Will You Do With Your Extra $200?

@Mae I can't find the citation, but the benefit formula for determining distribution is higher for lower wage workers than for those with higher income. The range is something like a 5% return on contributions for those in the lowest bracket, compared with 0.5% for the highest bracket. Here are the CBO's findings: http://goo.gl/cO1Lmn

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On What Will You Do With Your Extra $200?

@jfruh Also not regressive when higher earners pay income taxes on the benefit, but lower income earners don't.

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On What Will You Do With Your Extra $200?

@jfruh It's not regressive when those who pay the most into the system get the least out of it. And it's not regressive when lower income workers receive an earned income tax credit to offset the FICA tax.

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On Happy Monday. Are You Richer Than The Average Millennial?

@que_si It always bugs me that mint includes the car in net worth, especially since they don't update the depreciation attached to the Kelley Blue Book value.

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On Are Family Dinners Anti-Feminist?

@Josh Michtom@facebook A church-run food pantry in my neighborhood is always happy to receive food donations, but they also suggest donations of kitchen equipment or even time to teach people to cook. It's hard to live on rice and beans when you don't have the pan to cook them in!

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: August 2014 Check-in

Nothing terribly exciting this month. Still saving for a down payment on a house: July 2014: $2448 August: $3494

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: August 2014 Check-in

@TheDoctorsCompanion It does depend on what you're comfortable with. When I was paying off my last student loan, I decided to take a huge chunk of my savings and apply it to the loans. I was left with 1K in savings, but I was willing to take the risk of little liquidity because it meant just a couple of months to reach the final payoff for the loans. So for me, the decision rested on how long I was wiling to live with such little savings.

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On Considering Our Retirements

@The Dauphine A consult with an attorney might be helpful to see if there are any options to help your mom qualify. Most legal aid organizations have elder law boards that could also help.

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On The Year We Saved $10K: I Try to Live Below the Salt

@LFR I'm a big saver, around 30% of my gross income. I've had goals like paying down debt, saving for a car, building an emergency fund, and buying a house (the current goal), and part of my savings has always gone to retirement savings. But even if I didn't have a specific goal, I'd still set aside around 30% because I value the discipline of living on less than I earn. The accumulation of cash is nice and keeps me from being worried about emergencies, but that cushion of lets me know that I could go to a different, lower-paying job, or be out of work for health reasons, or whatever - that's really powerful to me.

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