On The Cost of Dating And Prom: A Friday Chat

PROM. I do not remember a ton about costs, this probably means I mainly took for granted what my parents paid for. I went one year with a man I AM STILL DATING (8 years later) so.... There is that. I picked the restaurant for my group, and picked a sushi / breakfasts foods place on Charles St. in Baltimore. It was, not expensive. One of my friends' dates was kind of PO'd about it, don't think it met her 'prom experience.'

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On How a Couple Merging Finances Does Money

@HelloTheFuture I have a friend that recently ended up paying over $1,300 for a basement studio in Petworth. So I would say $1,200 studios are a difficult find an any sort of 'hip' area.

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On How a Couple Merging Finances Does Money

@Derbel McDillet It is a real estate term for a studio that has a somewhat sectioned off area for a bed. So instead of a square room, there is a sense of multiple space or rooms. I mean, it is BS. It is a studio. Mine has a sun room that fits a bed, so this rooms sticks out a bit, but there are only walls on 3 sides of the bed, plus a half wall / headboard. But no door or fully sectioned off room.

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On How a Couple Merging Finances Does Money

@boringbunny Yeah that also seems off. I live in Adam's Morgan ish and pay $1610+ electric for a 'jr. one bedroom'. I feel like $1,800 is a going rate for a ONE bedroom. Even in Columbia Heights.

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On How a Couple Merging Finances Does Money

Two bedroom for $875 in a 'central neighborhood'? ..............................................................................................................................

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On When Two People Work From Home in a One-Bedroom

Definitely dealing with this right now and neither of us works at home! I can't imagine. 13 months ago my boyfriend and I moved into a "Jr. 1 bedroom," so a studio with a more sectioned off bed area. It was a panicked move and we had budget restraints. We thought mostly over whether our furniture would fit, and it does! But not how always being within site of the other would feel mentally, for me mostly. Due to my work and school schedule, he has alone time - whereas I always get home after him. I am going nuts lately. We can't move until Sept. 1.

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On The Business of Sitting on Airplanes

One time on a flight back from Europe, I had the aisle and one half of a couple was in the middle seat. She asked if I would swap seat with her husband, I said sure, but then saw he was in a middle seat and was like "no, sorry." I picked out that seat months before hand!! Ended up the guy in the window seat switched with him and I was just sitting next to the couple the entire 7 hours feelings kind of guilty. I don't mind the middle, except for the stupid reason that asking people to get up so I can use the restroom gives me anxiety. (maybe I need therapy...??? The things that would be easier if talking to strangers didn't give me anxiety ha)

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On On MBAs, MFAs, and Selling Soft Pretzels in China

Interesting info graphics on the MBA article, did anyone else notice that jobs for Masters grads was the only category that didn't increase from last year? Better not mention this to all of the prospective students who are visiting the program I work for...

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On Jay Z Tells Music Fans to Drink Tap Water, Pay For His New Music Service Tidal

Has Tidal announced how much they are paying artists? I couldn't find it any where. I don't understand how you announce yourself as being pro-artist and not include this. Also I was so late to bandcamp. I am obsessed and it will be dangerous to my budget.

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On What's Your Limit When Waiting for a Table?

I tend to not go to places you need to wait (I also don't eat out a ton becuase $$) One time I waited ~30 minutes outside a Rose's Luxury in DC to get a table at first seating (like 5:30). I ate a big breakfast and skipped lunch. I think they always have enough people waiting before they open to fill first seating, so then you are stuck waiting 1.5-2 hours for a table, at least. That was probably the most serious table waiting situation I was ever willing to get into. I am a planner. I hate unknowns, trying to get into a busy place and needs to wait 2 hours is stressful for me.

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