On Why We Live Where We Live

I live in DC because I went to college here, and had the easiest time finding jobs in the same area. I sent off a few applications to other cities, but never heard back. And I don't have enough guts to move somewhere before getting a job. My boyfriend and I have been talking about moving once we finish grad school. I feel like I could never afford to have a family here, so what else is there to do? My mom missed half my childhood with long days and longer commutes since we lived in the suburbs, but I don't want to do that either. But how do people find two jobs at the same time and move somewhere else? How do you decide where to go? My boyfriend has a great teaching job, which aren't really growing on trees lately. But this area is just so expensive.

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On How Do You Do Groceries?

I live with my boyfriend, and we shop together and split monthly grocery expenses down the middle. We cook almost every night, so plan out 7 different meals for the week (Eating leftovers for lunch). Breakfast is boring cereal / yogurt type thing, although we'll do homemade brunch on the weekends. We spend kind of a lot on groceries. ~$130 a week for two people, including coffee and some wine/beer. Occasionally in the summer I will make it to the farmer's market and plan the week from there, but I don't get out of bed that early as often as I'd like. We also buy our rice in 25 pound increments from H-Mart. That is probably worth mentioning!

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On Remembrance of College Interviews Past

I only had one interview, for Georgetown. It didn't go well and I didn't get in (which I actually think was more due to other things, like my general blandness). The one thing I remember is she asked if I had any questions and I said, "I am worried Georgetown will be too hard for me." Dead God. I can't believe I got into any colleges.

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On Here is Your Open Thread

Found out this week that my employer is cutting benefits and changing all the health care plans, and I am feeling a bit bummed out about finances next year. And some of my chronic health issues are flaring up again, so that is fun. Bah humbug I guess!

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On I Want to Illustrate Your Daydreams About Money

My recurring daydream is to suddenly get a raise or other lump sum and be able to make a large donation to the DC abortion fund. I thought about this extensively when interviewing for a job with a large salary bump recently. Alas, I didn't get the job. I do owe them $20 I have had earmarked for that for a while though. Like you know what "HERE'S $1,000 LET ME GET YOU THAT ABORTION" (all my other day dreams are boring and involve like, paying off student loans)

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On Ask An Assertive Person, Vol 1: Discounts

@andnowlights I was at a firm lunch at Maggiano's and there was a piece of glass in my food. All they gave me was a coupon!! (Spend $50 get $25 off or something like that).

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On Cleaning House With Jenny

My parents hired a cleaning service once my mom was diagnosed with cancer. She found her through a neighbor's recommendation. As far as I can tell, it is a woman who organizes people she knows into a fleet, and the person at our house would vary within a small group of women. I would usually sit in my room out of the way when they were over. One time my mom told me the main woman said, "Your kids are so nice. I clean another house where the kids will eat something and then throw the wrapper down on the floor in front of me." People are so horrible. My mom eventually hired her husband, who was a handy-man for a few things around the house. One year my mom gave her $1,000 at christmas to help pay her mortgage since she knew work had been light for her husband that year. So I don't know what my point is exactly. I certainly have a lot of odd feelings about the whole thing - but I probably shouldn't.

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On Harvard: Too Rich to Be a Nonprofit?

@Weasley The line from my university is that the overhead rate does not cover the infrastructure for supporting grants. We have multiple org charts of salaries whose only jobs are to work on grant administration (proposal approval, compliance, accounting, invoicing) plus all the operating costs for those positions.

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On On Reading Insecurity, E+L=M, and a Billfold Book Club Update

I do not get the GOT reference, and yes it is bothering me unnecessarily. :( I did also find myself re-reading all of the Harry Potter books after jokingly picking one up a few weeks ago. So I guess my childhood book patterns are alive and well. What now Slate??!

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On Starting a Business from Scratch When You Know Nuthin About Nuthin

An old coworker definitely paid someone over $1k to be his consultant to get into business school. I think she mainly just read over his essay. There is money in this ladies! You can do it!

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