On The Cost of Bringing a Person Into The World Via C-Section

1. I would make my partner call the insurance company because I already had to deal with growing a human and being sliced open, but maybe I am a cruel woman who will use that excuse way too long if I ever give birth. 2. I was born in a birth center, and my mom got to take me home that same day. I wonder what insurance costs would look like for this nowadays? Does insurance cover midwife only assisted birth?

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On How (Some) Women Dress For Work

@SnarlFurillo My last job I had a male coworker who was made to go home and shave before he could start work. He had let his beard grow in over the 3 day weekend and our manager decided it was inappropriate. But that's all I have for you. (We also had an announcement reminding us we couldn't wear denim after an admin started wearing these slacks made from a denim material, but that was kind of an obvious rule she tried flouting.)

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On B is for Bonus

@rorow Yeah, my first job advertised a set bonus amount in my offer letter. It was a way for them to mitigate risk, since under extreme duress they wouldn't have to pay me, AND if I left mid year, I forfeited most of it. It was basically withheld salary. No connection to my performance.

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On Saving Money Vs. Earning Money

@Sloane My boyfriend has been lyft-ing in his odd hours on school breaks (he is a teacher). I would say he makes $15-25 an hour before taxes. Not bad if you don't mind driving and meeting new people (two things I hate, so not for me).

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On The Costs of Moving to Kazakhstan

Ooo I just added your blog to my feedly. I love the small details you are including. I feel like a lot of times people leave those out, but that is what I love reading about. Good luck!

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On Saving Money Vs. Earning Money

I do think with the recent surge in service economy apps, there are more chances to pick up a second job without much vetting or worrying about not getting the position, although many of them require having a car - which is a large hurdle for many. The distinction about being given, rather than getting, a job is great however. You never really hear that.

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On How To Become a Math Person, Vol. 1

I am not sure that I have overcome it, but I at least am at a place where I can question my idea that I am not a math person. I often try to reply in my mind what led me so far away from considering engineering for college, it is a huge regret for me at the moment. I did very well in my two years of AP Calc, and was even asked to take on a year of independent study so that I would reach Diff EQ by the end of HS...but I told myself I wasn't a 'math person,' I couldn't come up with answers without being taught the methods, unlike a select few in my class. I figured I would never succeed in an engineering program, I felt like a general good student, but not a math person. Which is why this particularly hits me! Nothing wrong with needing to be taught the methods in school, that is how most everything works. (I am a woman FWIW)

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On The Perils of NOT Working 9-5

@OllyOlly I will also say, my boyfriend worked at Starbucks for 5 years while in school. He had a pretty regular schedule, and was able to fit in all the hours he needed with class time blocked off. I think it depends a lot on your manager, he had a good one who worked with him. (Although one manager tried to keep him under the Starbucks mandated pay raise for his position, and he only received back pay once she left and a new manager realized the 'mistake')

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On The Perils of NOT Working 9-5

I was trying to google Starbucks current close-opening policy, since I know they have one, when I saw that Starbucks announced some new changes as a result of this article (which include no more close-opening and shifts announced a week in advance) More articles investigating worker policies from national news publications!!

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On WWYD: Should I Be Upset Because a New Hire is Getting Paid the Same Salary as Me?

@ECW I agree, salary is never about what you need to secure an imagined financial security level. It is about the value you bring to the company. I would leave the new hire out of it, you will run into situations where someone makes an undeserved amount, but I would go into your next performance review clearly outlining your strengths, especially in management of the new employee. This gives you time to look for new jobs as well, if you find that is what you need to do. If they turn you down for a raise, in my opinion it shows they are taking advantage of you, and don't value your years of experience.

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