On What's Your Limit When Waiting for a Table?

I tend to not go to places you need to wait (I also don't eat out a ton becuase $$) One time I waited ~30 minutes outside a Rose's Luxury in DC to get a table at first seating (like 5:30). I ate a big breakfast and skipped lunch. I think they always have enough people waiting before they open to fill first seating, so then you are stuck waiting 1.5-2 hours for a table, at least. That was probably the most serious table waiting situation I was ever willing to get into. I am a planner. I hate unknowns, trying to get into a busy place and needs to wait 2 hours is stressful for me.

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On Stars: They're Not Paying Off Their Student Loans Just Like Us!

Holy crap. I can't believe how low all of your interest rates are. My boyfriend's are 6.8%. It sucks.

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On Traveling Lighter

@HelloTheFuture Just another comment to say I have never had a problem packing my Venus disposal.

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On Traveling Lighter

@Lily Rowan For me I find it easier for traveling around a city or in between locations to have something on my back than something dragging on the ground. I don't tend to stay in hotels, so often don't have a place to stow bags if I get in early, so will be carrying around my bag for a few hours while walking around. It can squish into different sized places and folds down easily. I find it easier to fit into overhead bins because it can bend and squish as well.

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On Traveling Lighter

@Erica One tip is to try bar shampoo and conditioner from Lush. But as a caveat, I am pretty blase about what shampoo I use and don't do anything special about my hair. May not work for everyone.

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On Traveling Lighter

I have not traveled with a rolling bag in a few years. I don't take a ton of trips, but have done 2 and 1 week international trips with just a duffle bag and purse. The duffle I have is from Eagle Creek, it is two strap, plus an attachable cross body strap. The two straps can be worn as a back pack. It is just a shell, so extremely light - although wouldn't be great if you needed to wear it on your back for long distances. I also use Space Bags, those cheesy things you see on commercials - but they keep my so organized and create more space! I am lucky in that I never need to bring a computer on travel. I will sometimes bring an iPad, but it will fit in my purse. It would be good if I could cross all the way into only a backpack. My last trip with US Airways to Portugal, they made me check my carry on at the gate (even though when I got on the plane there was tons of space? convinced it is a conspiracy to get people in the last boarding zone to pay to be in a higher boarding order). Luckily I keep an fold able tote in my bag, so transferred my most important things to that.

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On Professor Dumpster Moves Out of the Dumpster, Begins Couchsurfing

Please make it stop

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On Could You Come Up With $700 By Midnight?

I usually keep a ~$1-2K cushion in my checking account, so yes. Feel very lucky to have that safety net. If it were more I might need a few days to transfer funds from my savings.

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On On Being An OK Person In An Age of Personal Brands

I am so glad you didn't give up!! $600, how does anyone think someone will roll over on that?

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On Why Do Your Own Taxes When VITA Will Do 'Em For You Free

I volunteered with Community Tax Aid at the MLK library in DC a few years ago, I will say that at least for us, getting out in 20 minutes was very rare. We usually had a rather long list of people waiting for help. Not to convince people not to go, but do temper your expectations a bit on the wait time!

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