On Ask The Grindstone: How Do I Manage People Who Aren't Turning in Good Work?

I really an really interesting article for homework yesterday that relates to this, The Set-Up-To-Fail Syndrome (Harvard Business Review, looks like you can view 5 free articles a month) It talks about how employees can end up performing down to the level managers think of them, and stresses the importance of instituting a regular feedback structure from the get-go so it doesn’t feel like an attack later.

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On Symbolic Purchases

I didn't really have anyone to share this with, but last Friday I got my first burrito from Chipotle. I always got a bowl and ate it peckishly after seeing some sensationalist headline about how many calories were in the tortilla. 10 years of burrito bowls. I feel far away from my eating disorder now, but for some reason that dang tortilla was always a mental block. But it was fine!!

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On WWYD: "I May Have Just Fallen For My 1st Scam"

I knew someone who almost got caught in one of these. It was a job posting on our campus job board, someone who traveled a lot and needed someone in the home city to help with administrative items. Then all the sudden he wanted her bank account info to wire some money for some reason or other. She backed out, and he actually sent her a nasty email about how unprofessional she was!

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On How Wizards Do Money: Rubeus Hagrid

Gosh these always get me. You would think eventually one would have me all "That's not how it would be!!!" But they are so perfect. Thanks Nicole.

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On Open Thread: Share Your 2015 Budget

@Limabeanz Well I wouldn't say bachelor suite :) I am a woman and I share with my boyfriend. Rent is $1,610 plus electricity. There is a small area that fits a queen bed with a half wall behind it. (Unfortunately we could not fit the bed in the closet) The space isn't an issue, just the not having a bedroom door and the general crap-i-ness of the apartment. I am over it. We live in DC. I work in downtown DC, but my boyfriend works in Virginia, so we can't live too far north where rent is cheaper, and we are young and don't really want to live in the Virginia suburbs. SO... we pay a lot in rent! We previously paid $1,400 to live in the basement unit of a row house out near RFK, but I got tired of the crime reports, lack of windows, lack of bedroom door, and limited public transportation (1 mile from the metro, basically one unreliable bus). A neighbor was murdered in his car coming home late one night so we moved. Then we lived in a boring family neighborhood on the other side of town and paid $1,750 for a one bedroom, our landlord put the apartment up for sale so we were forced out and scrambled to find something. Soooo. DC apartment hunting kind of sucks.

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On Open Thread: Share Your 2015 Budget

@@fo Yes, it is not my favorite living situation, but we had a panicked housing search.

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On Open Thread: Share Your 2015 Budget

SURE: Rent inc. electric: $850 (Live in DC, share a non-bedroom apartment) Groceries: $400 (usually under, but accounts for months with 5 weekend, includes coffee and wine or beer) Going out Money : $200 Shopping: $100 Home Supplies: $50 Car & apt. Insurance: $50 Internet: $40 Gas: $30 Potential school bills: $700 Total Expenses: $2,380 Monthly Income: $2,600 (although will change slightly, I am getting a raise, but also starting to pay for my health insurance out of my paycheck and my smart benefits apply) Since metro fare and health insurance come out pre paycheck, I don't really budget for it. My parents also offered to pay for my phone bill while I am in school, it was $90.

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On Hey, Wait, I've Got a New Complaint

@andnowlights Um I one bit down on a piece of glass in my eggplant parm at a company maggiano's lunch and all they gave me were COUPONS.

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On Hey, Wait, I've Got a New Complaint

An undergraduate I work with recently told me a story of her transatlantic flight where the in flight entertainment was broken, and she had no reading material. She is a nervous flier, so couldn't sleep and just sat in silence for 7 hours. One time I emailed Kashi because I got this strawberry cereal and there were like two strawberries in the whole box. They sent me a coupon for a free box of cereal. I also emailed Madewell after a shirt I bought got a hole after a few wears, they sent me a new one and I didn't even have to go through the trouble of returning the other. But in general I don't complain much. Much more likely to do so if I can do it over the internet.

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On The Most Bought Books And The Most Pirated Movies

@lisaf Yes I was thinking it would be people without kids who may have been too embarrassed to go see it in the theaters or admit they wanted to spend money on it.

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