On Friday Open Thread: I Didn't Yet Know About These Moneysavers

If you make under.. $52k? You can file your taxes for free online at H&R Block. Did that for the past two years instead of TurboTax.

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On Talking to Millennial Homeowners Who Just Bought Their First Home

@highjump Yuuuuuuuuup. My partner doesn't even have a lot of loans, but his undergrad loans will end up costing $50,000 out of pocket over 10 years. Wow funny, that would be a perfect amount for a share of a down payment in the area! I have some cash savings, but am now skating by not saving much while in grad school part-time for three years. Partner is also taking out additional grad school loans. No idea when we will have cash for a down payment.

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On Location, Location, Location: Where To Move When You Could Go Anywhere

I feel like I missed my best chance at living somewhere else. I wasn't willing to movie without a job, and then of course got a job in the city I was living in for university. My boyfriend graduated a year later, and also found a job in the area that didn't make sense to leave before 5 years (or he forfeited his pension contributions). Now we are both in grad school...and then after graduating, I am getting close to needing to make a decision on where I want to raise our family. With both sets of parents within an hour, seems easiest to stay here.

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On How an Entry-level Investment Banker Does Money

@BATS! Some days the two years I spent there seem like a fever dream. ON the bright side, the guy I shared an office with has told me I am one of the people in his life who has had the greatest effect on his way of thinking. Which is sad?! or great. I definitely tried to have a very patient and non-antagonistic attitude with him when certain political and social things would come up, and it paid off. Plus I still have his HBOGo password, so really we can't say that job didn't give me anything.

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On How an Entry-level Investment Banker Does Money

@BATS! I worked for a small investment management firm, so related but not exactly the same as I-Banking. I was the only woman on the 7 person team that dealt with investments. Everyone was straight and very sterotypical: several former college athletes, gym rats, prone to slight mysogynistic and homophobic comments. I was definitely treated different by management as a woman, and exited the firm partly becuase of this. Small sample, I know. But I imagine it actually is easy to be on a team with only straight males. We reported demographics to some clients, but with only 12 employees and 4 women administrative assistants, our numbers didn't look bad.

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On One Shall Be the Thing Thou Shalt Do, and the Number of the Thing Shall Be One

I FILED MY TAXES. I FILED MY TAXES. I am getting money back since I paid tuition, so I don't have much of an excuse to procrastinate. Going to buy a Fender Blues Jr because I am tired of just wishing I were in a band. Will let everyone know how this self determination goes in 2015.

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On How a 5 Percenter in Los Angeles Does Money

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On Cheap v. Frugal

@Allison Oh yeah, I mean we just briefly talked about it. But it felt wrong to me, so I wondering what other people thought. It is just quietly filed into "reasons I am not crazy about friend X"

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On Cheap v. Frugal

Related question: My boyfriend used to be in a band and plays bass. A friend, who was also in this band, has a part time job doing recording sessions. This friend recently asked bf to write an record some basslines for an album a solo guy was recording to flesh out the sound. My bf drove up there and worked for a few hours and got the tracks down. The friend only gave him gas money. I thought this was BS! The friend is getting paid to record this album. But my bf didn't think it was a big deal at all.

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On Mr. Biscuit's Rotten Summer

I could read 10,000 more words about you and Mr. B. Glad you were able to bring him home.

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