On How to Make Meatless Monday Your Favorite Day of the Week

@cryptolect Pomegranate Molasses is basically a condensed and slightly sweetened pomegranate juice, so not very similar in taste to regular molasses. If you have a few hours, I have actually made my own before. 4 Cups juice, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/4 cup lemon juice, simmer for around an hour until it gets syrup-y.

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On How to Make Meatless Monday Your Favorite Day of the Week

@cryptolect It is a recipe from "Super Natural Everyday," You cube the tempeh, eggplant, and sweet potato and toss with lemon zest. Then you make a glaze of sorts: smashed garlic w/ salt, red pepper flakes, 1/3 Cup of pomegranate molasses and 1/3 cup olive oil and toss with the tempeh/veg (reserving a bit for the end), roast at 350 for about an hour, checking/ stirring occasionally until the veg starts to caramelize. The eggplant really soaks up the glaze and is fantastic.. I think last night I actually roasted it at 425, but my oven seems to run cooler.

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On How to Make Meatless Monday Your Favorite Day of the Week

As a vegetarian, this is basically all of my meals. Last night :roasted tempeh, sweet potatoes, and eggplant, served over rice with a bit of feta and cilantro.

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On The Work Habit Rules I Aspire to Live By

@polka dots vs stripes I prefer email because I can go back and reference what someone told me. I work at a large university and deal with so many different departments and procedures, it really helps to be able to forward emails and say "Well so and so approved completing XYZ with this documentation on this date ect." I don't mind being on the phone, I just find it so much more useful to email. That said, I do call people back if they specifically leave me a voice mail.

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On Things I Would Do Around The House If There Were Wages For Housework

While restocking an almost empty fridge, I took one look and was like "Wow we should really clean all the shelves in here" my boyfriend said "that sounds like a winter task" And then we just loaded it up with food again.

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On The Cost of Getting Hit By a Car

In college I had a classmate who was hit by a car in a traffic circle just off campus, while she was in a crosswalk. I don't know all the details except she had very prolonged joint pain afterwards, in her knees. She didn't think it was that bad right after it happened, but she ended up needing braces for each knee and some rehabilitation.

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On Why We Live Where We Live

I live in DC because I went to college here, and had the easiest time finding jobs in the same area. I sent off a few applications to other cities, but never heard back. And I don't have enough guts to move somewhere before getting a job. My boyfriend and I have been talking about moving once we finish grad school. I feel like I could never afford to have a family here, so what else is there to do? My mom missed half my childhood with long days and longer commutes since we lived in the suburbs, but I don't want to do that either. But how do people find two jobs at the same time and move somewhere else? How do you decide where to go? My boyfriend has a great teaching job, which aren't really growing on trees lately. But this area is just so expensive.

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On How Do You Do Groceries?

I live with my boyfriend, and we shop together and split monthly grocery expenses down the middle. We cook almost every night, so plan out 7 different meals for the week (Eating leftovers for lunch). Breakfast is boring cereal / yogurt type thing, although we'll do homemade brunch on the weekends. We spend kind of a lot on groceries. ~$130 a week for two people, including coffee and some wine/beer. Occasionally in the summer I will make it to the farmer's market and plan the week from there, but I don't get out of bed that early as often as I'd like. We also buy our rice in 25 pound increments from H-Mart. That is probably worth mentioning!

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On Remembrance of College Interviews Past

I only had one interview, for Georgetown. It didn't go well and I didn't get in (which I actually think was more due to other things, like my general blandness). The one thing I remember is she asked if I had any questions and I said, "I am worried Georgetown will be too hard for me." Dead God. I can't believe I got into any colleges.

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On Here is Your Open Thread

Found out this week that my employer is cutting benefits and changing all the health care plans, and I am feeling a bit bummed out about finances next year. And some of my chronic health issues are flaring up again, so that is fun. Bah humbug I guess!

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