On The Cost of Getting Your Eyes Checked (When Your Health Insurance Does Not Include Vision)

@HelloTheFuture I will say, my boyfriend has a pair and to me the finish on the lenses has not kept up well at all. I am not sure it affects how he can see, but it is certainly noticeable looking at them. They also don't make glasses for my strong of a Rx, so maybe I am just bitter!

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On Our Beds, Ourselves

A new mattress was my first real big purchase after I got a job out of school (waited two years even then.) It was a bit stressful! How would I know if I got a good one? And the internet is full of horrible reviews of every mattress. But I love my mattress. My old one was inherited from someone else, and it was kind of a bowl. My boyfriend and I would just roll into the middle each night.

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On Next Question: Do You Consider Yourself Middle Class?

@Trilby How are you clearly in the middle class when the defined upper limit presented here is $90k...? High amounts of debt?

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On Whole Foods Opening "Values-Oriented" Store For Millennial Shoppers

Since I shop at whole foods now, and generally buy more basic items... I would absolutely switch to a cheaper version of the store? Who wouldn't.

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On When the New Music Stops

@forget it i quit Seeing her next month in DC! I am pumped

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On When the New Music Stops

Last month I paid 1/2 a spotify subscription, bought 2 x $4 albums from Band Camp, and was gifted the Courtney Barnett Record Store Day release. I like to think I will still be listening to new music in my 30s! Guessing it is a lot different now with the internet. Even my dad, who was stuck in the 80s for a long time, listens to a much wider variety of new stuff since he has Siruis in his car.

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On How A Top Chef Made Peace With Pastry

Has science really shown there is no salvation to be found from abstaining from wheat and sugar? My doctor recommended a low FODMAP diet to me during a particularly bad flare up of IBS, one of the elements Fructan, is found in wheat. If my IBS is flaring up, it actually does help to avoid eating it. And it is a pretty obvious effect. Other times I can eat certain items with no issue, and there are obviously more things at play with the mysterious non-specific diagnosis of IBS, but I think writing off that certain foods may have negative effects as unproven by science is a bit silly.

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On Which Siblings Would You Like To Cut Out Of Your Parent's Will?

True story: My grandmother cut two of her 5 kids out of the will! My mother was blamed, and none of her siblings ever invite her to family gatherings anymore. Feel like I was too young at the time to really get a gauge of who was at fault. But, for the most part they seem like shitty people so I am on #teammom. Her dad was abusive so you probably can't blame any of them for the poor family skills. My mom's sister was very nice to her at the funeral, after not talking to my mom for years. Then they went to the will reading, and she just walked out and hasn't talked to us since.

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On How Your 401(k) Stacks Up Against Fortune 500 Companies and Other Stories

Wow some of these 401k plans are a lot lower than I would have thought! I work at a university now, and most everything sucks except we do get 4% automatically, plus 150% of up to 4% that we contribute. I do have to wait 2 years though.. maybe this is a horrible benefit. My last company, was a miserable miserable place. But we had a great 401k contribution plan. Up to 3% matching, and then profit sharing of up to 15% (I think it almost always was 15%). Interestingly, it was an investment firm and they managed the 401k funds. So I didn't have any personal choice in the investments, but they have a very solid investment strategy so it ended up better than what I could do on my own. Plus no fees.

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On The Cost of Dating And Prom: A Friday Chat

PROM. I do not remember a ton about costs, this probably means I mainly took for granted what my parents paid for. I went one year with a man I AM STILL DATING (8 years later) so.... There is that. I picked the restaurant for my group, and picked a sushi / breakfasts foods place on Charles St. in Baltimore. It was, not expensive. One of my friends' dates was kind of PO'd about it, don't think it met her 'prom experience.'

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