On Making Money From a Kick in the Head

@EvanDeSimone how DO you monetize a youtube video? is this something everyone knows how to do? (sorry is this too let me google that for you?)

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On Places I've Lived: A Black Tub, Missed Sunsets, And The Original Airbnb

@annawiener you do you Anna.

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On How Much Should You Tip for Office Food Deliveries?

This is very relevant to my life. I panicked recently on one of my first catering deliveries, especially since the food was being charged to a grant, since 20% seemed like a lot. I left $20, but sounds like that was very reasonable.

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On A Windfall

As someone with a dutch oven, burr grinder, and kitchen aid, they are worth it! Enjoy the new goods. As for the trip, someone else mentioned Montreal and I second that. I would else just check where Jet Blue is running some <$200 flights, as they always seem to be doing.

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On A Windfall

@Allison I believe direct family members can give gifts of up to $14,000 a year without tax implications (Actually wait, doesn't have to be family -> Here WSJ)

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On Monday Check-in

@Stina People often refer to an MBA program as B-school (business school), that is my guess.

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On Tipping and Smiley Faces

Think of all the money I missed out on as a waitress! If only I knew what I know about about a simple :) My average tip size was usually a little over 20% (minus tip out to the bartender), can't believe for these women it is 28-30%. I guess that was 10 years ago now (holy smokessssss I never thought about that)

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On Moving From Fast Fashion to a Few Quality Pieces

@aproprose I just want to say, don't be tempted by JCrew Outlet. The seam of a skirt I bought ripped up the back the first time I wore it, and a sweater also came apart at the seam after a few wears. I find the prices do not match up with quality, but maybe others have had better experiences.

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On When One Person Earns More Than the Other in a Relationship

I had asked for more 'why freelancing," and this actually was a great glimpse! Guessing it was more happenstance, but thanks Billfold.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@RiffRandell Would be worth googling whether it is good for a car in particular, but Goo Gone tends to be great with anything like this.

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