On The Cost of Being Robbed While Traveling Abroad

Thank you for sharing your story! This has always been one of my worst fears when travelling abroad - losing any or all necessary info (especially your passport) in a foreign country. If it makes you feel any better (though it probably won't) I had my purse stolen in the exact same way, with almost the exact same response ("where's my purse?? what happened to my purse?") and was met with the same lack of enthusiasm by the local police. It was in DC and I was a junior in college at the time, was meeting up with a friend of a friend for dinner to show her around town, and someone simply walked out of the restaurant with my purse in hand, without me even noticing until later. I asked other patrons in the restaurant by the time I noticed - no one saw anything. It took police 2 hours to show up after I called and all they could do was file a police report and said the same thing to me-- that they most likely wouldn't find the culprit. They said it's most likely that whoever stole my purse just grabbed cash, credit cards, and trashed the rest. The police report actually helped in some aspects - I had schoolbooks I needed to return but no longer had the receipts because they were in that purse. My school bookstore accepted the return and refunded in full with the police report number. The thief had charged my debit card before I was able to cancel it, and my bank replaced that money for free because of the police report number as well. For a long time after, I'd clutch my purse tightly and would obsessively feel around inside to make sure my wallet and phone were still there. It hasn't happened to me since, and I'll be travelling to Europe next week, so knock on wood... Safe travels to Bolivia!

Posted on May 16, 2014 at 5:10 pm 0