On Today, In "Things David Brooks Doesn't Understand": Poverty

Poor white bread is off crying because of the insult. No one, not even prunes, wants to be compared to David Brooks.

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On Learning from Patti Smith

@Erica Ugh. I've had similar experiences. Like what, barbers aren't supposed to exist? I hate it when people laugh at those who cut the hair and make the potato salad. I'd like to see them try to cut hair or make potato salad. Speaking of, I would be thrilled if Patti Smith shared her mom's potato salad recipe.

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On Stop Apologizing

I had a coworker like that. I got a real cobra-snake vibe off her, and I started apologizing to her. Then she got nastier. So I managed to stop apologizing to her or treating her as if she had any power in any way. Actually, I stopped talking to her, and my work life automatically improved. At the time, I felt guilty for acting like a total bitch, but it turns out that I protected myself. The more you apologize to someone, the more you put them in the position of power. In theory, it is good manners to apologize. It just doesn't work so well in practice.

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On Outlook Not Good for Universities, Says Moody's Magic 8 Ball

@Theda Baranowski Thank YOU! Keep spreading that word about library school. I knew someone who actually got a job out of library school and loved it, so I peeked at library school and then evaluated the costs against the number of job openings. Yeah, I'll pass on that.

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On Entrepreneurial Outsourcing

@NeenerNeener He totally did. I'm sure his colleagues will appreciate it when the downsizing starts. Yikes!

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On When Parents Pay/Don't Pay for Their Kids' College Education

It may be that the students whose education isn't paid for understand what is at stake. If they can't graduate, they may miss out on some good opportunities. As for the rich who aren't smart enough for a scholarship, they can take risks. They have a safety net. Then again, my cousin who just started attending a brand-name school and who was going to pay with a mix of financial aid and her parents' money just decided to drop out after a semester. She wanted to live closer to her boyfriend. So you may as well throw basic teenage romance into the list of factors if someone will succeed or fail.

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On Companies, Disliked

@TheclaAndTheSeals Sounds about right. But at least customers have WTFComcast as a consolation prize.

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On 'His Explication Never Waxed Garrulous'

He is the most stylishly dressed crazy old grandpa ever.

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On When to Pay for Services, and When to Do it Yourself

If it involves plumbing, it is always, always better to hire a professional. A good plumber can save you a lot of grief. Just do your homework first or get on Angie's List because some plumbers will take advantage of a) your lack of toilet knowledge and b) your aversion to poop and overcharge.

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On Things I Wasted Money On (This Year)

@Trilby Speaking of prepaying for a major illness, one of my relatives suffered from a blood cancer, and those chemo bills are terrifying. I didn't tally up the numbers, but I'm pretty sure that the cost of treating the cancer was way more than what my loved one put into the insurance when he was healthy.

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