On A Guide To -- And The Cost Of -- Being A Modern Farmer

I am both extremely desirous of this life and extremely aware that I am ill-suited for it.

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On The Cost Of Things: Looking Effortless

Grey hair: DEFINITELY NOT CHEAPER THAN BLONDE. I just went through this discussion with my stylist at a midrange salon, and she said I'd have to get to platinum blonde basically, then they tone it grey. With my huge amount of dark hair? A minimum of $400. hahahahwjerhthmf PS. I'm interested in doing this to grow out my prematurely gray hair without having to cut it all off, not just bc Tavi.

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On Getting Feedback After a Job Rejection

@mintjulips Yeah, I think it's out of concern that the reasoning could be perceived as discrimination even if it wasn't, since a lot of the reasons for not hiring someone aren't cut and dry/quantitative (especially once you've gotten to the point of interviews). I feel like it could look especially bad if you passed over someone from a protected class because of harder-to-measure things like personality fit, enthusiasm, interpersonal skills, etc.

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On Getting Feedback After a Job Rejection

As an employer, I've been told not to respond to these kinds of questions because it could be fodder for a lawsuit. Which is possibly quite silly--I really have no idea.

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On WWYD: My Parents Want My Hard-Earned Savings!

I'm reading this less as parents needing the $10k for the down payment, and more of them wanting kids to contribute to their retirement because the parents contributed to their upbringing/college costs. Like my parents warning me now "you better get us a nice nursing home!" If that's the case, I would hope the OP would be able to talk about a plan with them that wouldn't set her so far back in her life plans--maybe contributing annual gifts, or the $5k when she's more financially established. Also, I would hope this didn't come completely out of nowhere--if I were the parents, I would want to let my kids know growing up that I'd want some kind of support in retirement so they can plan/expect accordingly. Otherwise, that's kind of shitty.

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On In Which I Answer a Question About Marriage and Finances That 'Call Your Girlfriend' Asked Us in October

@Lemon Yep, my husband and I contribute to our joint checking account proportionally--he does 2/3, I do 1/3, and we pay for all joint expenses (including rent, utilities, home furnishings, joint eating out, groceries, etc) out of the joint checking. The rest of our incomes we keep to ourselves. We do contribute to joint savings equally, though I'm not totally sure why we treat this differently from the checking account.

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On Dreams Of My Father's Advice

One of my dad's best is "put space between the stimulus and the response." It sounds like he read it in some management book, but it's saved me from some embarrassing situations of freaking out when I'm mad. Also, start saving for retirement now and buy Goya beans.

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On How to Find 'the One' (Purse)

@callmeprufrock YES, i have this problem all the time. my mom does too. i think it’s because we have rounded shoulders. i’ve resigned myself to cross-body bags and messenger bags/backpacks. also, OP: SHOW US THE PURSE! you can't be all "i found the perfect purse" then not produce the goods :(

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On How Much Allowance Money Should You Give Your Children?

I'm going to be the lone dissenter about paying for grades. I feel like that would encourage kids to sign up for classes where they could get an easy A, rather than that AP Chem class.

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On Take The Billfold 10-Question Housing Survey

@moreadventurous Top 10 cities by population in the US: 1. NYC 2. LA 3. Chicago 4. Houston 5. Philadelphia 6. Phoenix 7. San Antonio 8. San Diego 9. Dallas 10. San Jose At least half are arguably not East or West Coast! (I know Nicole already admitted error but I'm driving this point home anyway bc I'm a jerk)

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