On Paying for Dinner

I ran into this situation this weekend. I stayed the last night of a work/pleasure trip with a friend, and tried to buy her brunch. She insisted we split it, then she asked if my job was covering it, so I lied and said yes. She did insist on leaving the tip, so maybe I wasn't very convincing.

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On Taxing the Childless

@EvanDeSimone Is this really so ridiculous as to be an April Fools joke? Germany pays people a stipend for raising children. As I mentioned above, the tax code is already structured to benefit parents. This is not exactly a new or radical idea.

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On Taxing the Childless

I don't think this is patently ridiculous? The tax code is already in favor of parents--you can deduct childcare and education expenses, there are child tax credits, and the EITC is bigger for people with children. Whether or not you think it's unfair, it's how the tax code is already structured. I think of it as investing in the future, along the same lines of using my tax dollars to pay for public schools I don't personally benefit from. Yes, children are a choice, but I imagine we are as a society invested in the human race continuing to exist.

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On When One Person Earns More Than the Other in a Relationship

I do not understand how the one who writes erotica and copy for content farms has the moral high ground over the RN?? signed, a person with a moderately paying but fulfilling office job

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On Mainly I Want to Talk About Having 13 Kids

@TheDoctorsCompanion I understand that not everyone can afford fancy colleges for their kids. If I can, though, and the kid wants to go and is able to get in, I want to help them get there. Sure, they should contribute, but there's no way in hell they could ever afford it on their own. I don't really think going to school without any debt for parent or child is the ultimate goal. Sure, it should not be excessive debt, but a reasonable amount of debt to get the kid on a better life path through a better education is a worthy investment imho. Probably a better ROI than buying a house.

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On Mainly I Want to Talk About Having 13 Kids

Naw man, I don't see the romance in making your kids pay for their college in this day and age. I am benefiting every day from that gift my parents gave me of going to an elite school. I'm gonna help my kids go to the best college I can afford. One of the ways I will afford it is by not having 13 kids. #diffrentstrokes

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On Interview With a Person Who Paid Off $48,000 in Student Loans in Four Years

i'm not paying off loans now, but i'm choosing to live a mad life in order to avoid taking out an extra $40k+ in loans--I'm in grad school while working full time, and my job is helping me pay for it. i hope when i finish i will feel like it was all worth it! in the thick of it, i feel insane.

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On Working Remotely And Feeling Good About It

"If you’re comfortable and you like your job it’s pretty easy to just keep working until it’s time for bed." This...is not a problem for me.

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On A Triple Feature for When You're Feeling 30(ish) and Not Flirty and Not Thriving :/

@dotcommie there's no such thing as a polar vortex, its a figment of your imagination

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On A Triple Feature for When You're Feeling 30(ish) and Not Flirty and Not Thriving :/

the answer is always move to chicago

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