On How the Other Half Lives

An email for an Argentine club DJ is one letter off from mine, so I can imagine a glamorous other life I do not have. Also, I get his Spanish-language horoscopes.

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On Concerning the Moral Obligations of the Wealthy

@eatmoredumplings It might be worse for society in terms of fewer dollars going to charity.

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On Concerning the Moral Obligations of the Wealthy

i generally agree with this, but to be devil's advocate, i'll bring in the question of incentives. very high-paying jobs tend to come along with lots of stress and long hours (i am NOT saying that low-paying jobs are stress-free). if someone were totally unconcerned with charity, they could work right up to the amount where their income would be tithe-able (2x the max), and not a dime more. i don't know if that situation would result in fewer overall dollars going to charity than a situation where people make as much as they can and give what they want to charity. of course, salary isn't the only incentive to prestigious jobs--some would continue to work above the cutoff because they like the idea of giving to charity, or because they like progressing in their careers, or because they want power and influence. but, i would imagine that effectively setting a maximum salary would have some dampening effect on incentives to work.

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On The Last (Profane but Awesome) Word on Weddings

@aetataureate @gyip @calamity @JNC Musings Factory It's a pretty small wedding with intimate friend groups, and it's not necessarily all couples--there are a lot of singles coming. Strangely, it works out that almost all of my local friends are coupled, and almost all of my college friends are single, so they would naturally be seated with/hang out with each other anyway. Okay, I DO feel a little bad about it, but if the choice is between giving the singles +1s or not inviting some of my closest friends, it's a really tough choice and I would rather have my closest friends there, and I hope because of the above reasons that it won't be unpleasant for the singles. It's a small wedding with little fat to cut in terms of the guest list.

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On The Last (Profane but Awesome) Word on Weddings

I’m not plus-oneing every single person at the wedding because there’s no room, and sorry, but randos I don’t know are the first to get the cut. There’s not anyone at my wedding who would be outside of a friend-group so it’s not like they’ll be there alone with no one to talk to, and I do not feel bad about this decision… but yea, this is funny shit.

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On The Young Professional's Closet

I like wearing work clothes. I think it provides a psychological cue of "This is work time." When I go home and change, it's "This is chill time" or "This is goin' out time." It helps my brain get in the appropriate zone. But, I don't have to wear suits on the reg, so maybe I'd feel differently if I did.

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On Are Land Lines Worth It?

my mom keeps urging me to get a landline because if you call 911, they know where you are, which isn't always the case with cell phones. also, you can always dial 911 on your landline if your cell happens to be dead. i have not gotten one, though.

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On How the Baby-Sitters Club Does Money: Kristy

can't wait for claudia

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On How Ira Glass Does Money (For His Show, and For Himself)

The price-per-square-foot on that apartment is really bumming me out right now.

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On Labor (Profs) vs Management (Administration) at Colleges Heats Up

Is it bad that I saw this article and thought, "they've got it pretty good if their boss only makes 4x as much as they do?"

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