On "Should I Go To Grad School?" vs "MFA vs NYC"

This conversation between the MA/PhD has some sweet moments of honesty, but it's fairly ridiculous as a review of these books or as a discussion about the merits of grad school. If you went to a PhD program you should have SOME idea that you're going to be teaching. The conversation above mentions nothing about wanting to be an educator, caring about higher education, or having any interest in learning about a discipline so you can one day teach it. And comparing these degrees as if they're similar at all is not really very helpful. Comparing an MA in journalism and an MFA in fiction? Each has their own histories, their own problems, their own pro's and con's. And I won't even get into the night-and-day differences between the MA Journalism path and the PhD literature path, almost none of which the conversation illuminated. Lumping every humanities graduate degree together is just playing into the anti-intellectual forces in this country that have de-funded and de-valued so many aspects of the arts and humanities in higher education that has led us to the current crisis of too many jobseekers, too much contingent labor, too many stagnant wages, and too many myths about higher ed.

Posted on May 9, 2014 at 2:24 pm 1