On How Much is Your Phone Bill Each Month?

I have an iPhone 4s which I believe cost me about $160. I pay $40 to my dad each month to remain on his amazing Verizon family plan with lovely grandfathered-in unlimited data. The data is $30 and $9 is for insurance on the phone. I think when our contract is up in 2015 the nice data situation ends though :( I should update this to add: I believe it is actually $43 because bank of america charges me 3 bucks to do a recurring transfer outside the bank. I find the automation worthwhile though.

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On Monday Check-in

I estimated around $50 and successfully spent $27.95 on some sunday brunch and some sunday afternoon beers and then some groceries grand total for my weekend: 62.71 Also, I just got engaged. Which means budget spreadsheets forever and no more spendy weekends til June 2014. Budget wedding tips much appreciated.

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On Friday Estimate

I hope this weekend is like $60 for groceries, maybe $20 for some other rando neighborhood expenses (coffee out, picking up a sixpack or something) max. I am exhausted and have no plans.

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On Monday Check-in

Did you know that beers cost $12 a piece at Yankee Stadium? because they do. Yikes. I spent $24 on beers and $8 on a sausage there Friday. Saturday cleaned the house and bought $50 of new stuff (french press, bath mat, shower curtain) at Ikea. Plus $5 for lunch there. $14 bottle of wine to go with dinner and arrested development Saturday night. Sunday met a friend for her Birthday brunch in the city. My kind BF picked up the tab for us. I bought us $9 worth of Starbucks later. Plus $60 in groceries for the week. So ~$169 total, I had estimated $150 so I guess that's not so bad.

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On Friday Estimate

Tonight I am going to a yankees/redsox game, which I imagine will be both fun and somewhat expensive? Anyone know what's good to eat there? I plan to spend at least $15 on food and at least $20 on beer. Tomorrow spring clean the apartment and maybe go to the store to buy a few things (specifically, a french press for making cold brew, yum!) $50 for various stuff and maybe some food Sunday: Brunch for a friend's bday $30, walking around the west village after means potential other spending $15. Let's call it $150 for the weekend.

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On Friday Estimate

This weekend will be pretty expensive probably: - It is my man friend's birthday today, which means buying him beers tonight, and dinner and drinks tomorrow. I have surprises planned and may also buy a festive dessert for friends to share. ($150?) - Sunday & Monday we are going camping! Let's hope the rain passes. ($75 for my half of the car rental, $20 for site rental, $25-50 for groceries and beer=$150) Why do I feel like all my Friday estimates start with "This will be expensive..." Oh well, if I can't spend money on my loved ones and steak-cooked-on-a-fire then I don't know what the point of earning it is.

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On Amazon Figures Out How to Make Money off of Fan Fiction

I mean, your other choice as a fan fiction writer right now would be publishing it for free online/potentially being sued for copyright infringement right? Seems like a better deal. Alternately: change the names. Potentially release the next 50 shades of grey. Make a billion dollars.

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On Chasing the Dream

I have a lot of weirdly cautious feelings towards people who confess things like the quote excerpted above on the internet. Like "Think of your future!" "what if future employers see this!" Yes, being enthusiastic (perhaps even falsely) in interviews is a thing we all do to get jobs, but putting the fact that it was false in writing with ones name attached... That said, her description of the plot of that movie is pretty amazing.

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On Only Way to Get 1 Job Is If Someone You Know Gives It to You, But What Do You Give Them?

I think the best thing to give them is potential future payback. Everyone help everyone else out all the time and it all works out. The dinner or flowers or a note are all nice too but not needed.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Groceries Every Week?

Me and the BF spend about $100/week right now for the two of us (in Brooklyn). This will go down significantly when our Fruit and Veggie CSA starts, which is like $400/the season. We probably bring lunch about twice a week and eat out other days. My total lunch out budget per week is $30, which could be like two hardcore lunches out, or a bunch of $5 trips to the deli.

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