On Some Costs Associated With My Roommate’s Boyfriend

I cannot comprehend why any of this is ok. There's no need to compromise here. You are paying for accommodations, services and goods for your own use. He is not a legal tenant, is stealing your belongings, running up your bills and infringing more on your personal space than you agreed to prior to renting the space. There's a good chance he's violating your lease, as well. Many places have clauses that prevent guest more than 3 nights a week, or 50% of the time (varies), to prevent unknown/not verified tenants. While I understand that your roommate may personally be great to live with, what she allows her BF to do, moving him in without your agreement, not understanding that his presence 24/7 may be a problem - makes her a not perfect roommate. You need to have a boundaries and respect conversation with both of them, and a STOP STEALING FROM ME conversation with him.

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On Update: My Landlord is Still Terrible

FL here. It's definitely a legal requirement for the state, but I've never gotten interest back. That being said, I rent out a room in my house, and keep the roommates deposit fund in a separate, interest-bearing account, never touched until they've moved out. Then they get everything, minus what they destroy and don't fix (which rarely happens).

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On Impulse Purchases and Saving: A Freelancer's Guide to Budgeting

Ugh, I know exactly where you are coming from on this one. After years and years of scraping by, it's hard to save money for big stuff, instead of taking care of immediate big needs. Yes, I need new clothes (really, I do - everything has holes in it), but I also need a new roof and to go to the doctor. How the f can possibly put every penny away for the next 3 years? There's always an emergency, it wipes out my baby ER fund, then by the time time I've saved anything again, it's wiped out again.

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On I Bought a House With Money I Made From Airbnb

@Anonymous1330 - Are you following code re: hospitality licenses, though? In my state, it's legal to do this, if you own your own home, you just have to get a specific licenses from the state/county/city and pay taxes to each.

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On Young People: Richard Florida Tells You Where to Move

And the last time you were in Orlando was...when? The numbers are most likely skewed by the inclusion of the area around the "attractions", like Disney, which is not actually in, or a part of, Orlando. Tourist areas are always going to be rife with low-level service jobs, but this completely ignores the quickly growing tech industry. Next time you're down here, I'd be happy to show you what the real Orlando looks like.

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On How Much Does an IV Bag of Saltwater Cost?

This just confirmed a suspicion I've had for some time regarding an area hospital system. It's the only ER I've been to where they slap in an IV and run a bag of saline before they do any testing or you see a doctor. I was told the reason was "most people don't drink enough water". As someone one that only drinks water, and in plentiful amounts, I protested. It was ignored, and I was given the IV anyways. All three times I was there. No discussion, no good reasoning, just padding the bill.

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On I Declared Bankruptcy, And I'm Neither Proud Nor Ashamed

@@fo - Yes, they will challenge. I was never told of the $4k wildcard, that may have been a change from when mine went through. I had to justify where I got the money for the bankruptcy (sold my furniture), where and how I was living (with friends for chores/pity), and more.

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On I Declared Bankruptcy, And I'm Neither Proud Nor Ashamed

As someone that had to take that route because of insane medical bills, I'm also neither proud nor ashamed. My credit score was really high before I got sick, so it didn't drop too bad with the bankruptcy, and it's currently around 750. Only 2 years to go until the bankruptcy drops off. I was able to buy a house and get a car loan with a great rate, but can't get a single credit card.

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On I Declared Bankruptcy, And I'm Neither Proud Nor Ashamed

@stuffisthings - Ahem. FL may have the homestead exemption, but you do in fact have to get rid of your belongings. You are allowed to retain $1000 in personal items. If your car is paid off and worth less than $1000, you can keep it. It's a horrible experience.

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On When Complaining Makes a Difference

Something about the article makes me think that perhaps they received a large number of similar complaints, and reached out to the most competently written. It would be bad policy to change the direction of the company for one complaint, but she probably summed up the issues with the most clarity, so she came across as a good person to interview as representative of the group.

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