Mother’s Day Chat: Is This Holiday Weird Or The Weirdest?

I think Mother’s Day is *weird* and I don’t know how to celebrate it except as a daughter.

Our Vanilla-and-Guilt-Flavored Real Estate Fantasies

Fantasies and gratitude for reality aren’t mutually exclusive! Or maybe fantasies distract from gratitude. I don’t know! It’s not greedy! Or is it?

Chatting About Amusement Parks

Ester: Good morning, Meaghan! I have the song “Fancy” in my head, which is especially roughly since I know about five of the words. How are you?

Meaghan: You mean by Reba McEntire? Wow you are having a better Friday than I am. I’m good! I’m excited we made it through the week, and without publishing any men at that. How are you? Do you have any PLANS this weekend?

Chatting About Tuna Noodle Casseroles, Jell-O, and the American Iron Housewife

Ester: Hello!

Meaghan: Hi. Happy Friday. Did you do your 1 Thing yesterday, which was to cook?

Ester: I did, actually, Accountability Partner! Thanks for asking. The casserole came out nicely, but, I don’t know, a little on the bland side? I’ve never made tuna noodle anything before; I guess it’s supposed to taste like comfort food. Have you had time to cook at all, what with the new baby and your crazy family hanging around?

Meaghan: Ha, you mean my crazy family whom I love and adore in case they are reading this? A little bit! I kind of got in the bad habit of not cooking when I was pregnant, and generally not doing anything because I was growing a human, DAMMIT, so I am trying to become a contributing member of the household again, which is weird!

Ester: Oh, pshaw, don’t bother. You’re contributing! You’re feeding / holding / bonding with THE BABY, to whom you are sun and earth combined. You are Gaia, mother of all things. Gaia don’t cook.

Meaghan: Ha, my boobs are his sun and earth combined.

Ester: Right, one boob is sun, one boob is earth.

Meaghan: Scarily accurate. HA! Okay but my question is why did you want to cook a tuna casserole? That is amazingly nostalgic. I have never made one but definitely ate them as a child.

Ester: See, I never ate them as a child. My mom didn’t believe in that kind of food.

Why We Are Moving To Canada This Week

This should go well. Let’s talk about health insurance.

It’s Weird But Adult to Talk Money With Strangers

Meaghan: So YOU had an exciting morning, eh? You visited a financial advisor!

Ester: Yes! It was very adult. Our advisor lady did our taxes for us this year which was the FIRST TIME that’s ever happened, but she was so smart and nice that we decided to ask her to Counsel us. To give us Counsel. Because we’ve never gotten that before either.

Meaghan: Yeah! I have never done it, though it has always seemed like a good idea. I guess almost like therapy the key is finding someone who you trust/respect.

Ester: She came recommended from a Billfold pal, actually! (And a real-life friend.)

Meaghan: Amazing. I guess also having her help you with taxes was a nice way to get to know her and see how she works and stuff?

Ester: Yes, and vice versa — she got to know us pretty well by doing our taxes too. :) We figured that would give her a pretty clear picture of who and where we are, and it did. The big change is that the fella, who is currently a full-time corporate lawyer, will not be one for long, so there is much Mystery and Complexity about what happens next.

Summer Fridays Past and Present

our first Summer Friday! Which means that we finishing blogging a little early from today through the summer.

Just Two Ladies With Bachelor of Arts Degrees, Talking About Life

So we published a chat today between Jessica Gross and Merve Emre about the book Should You Go To Grad School, which is a thing we talk about all the time here on the site, perhaps because it is impossible to resolve. But it made me wonder: Did Ester go to grad school?

How Much Is a Diet Coke Worth?

Ester: Hi Meaghan! Happy May.

Meaghan:Hello! Yes it’s so nice out. I wore a dress with no leggings to the doctor this morning and was suddenly reminded that thigh chafe exists. Spring at last!

Ester: Spring! And what better way that celebrate than GOING TO THE MOVIES.

Meaghan: It’s a beautiful day to sit indoors.

Ester: It’s always a beautiful day to sit indoors. That’s the magic of cinema. But — and this is the saddest part about being a parent, so beware — I don’t get to do it that much anymore.

Meaghan: But when you do, do you really DO IT UP? i.e., spend $1,000 on popcorn?