On The Bait-and-switch Apartment Listing

@MrDean Because that's not really the choice they have to make. No landlord is discounting rent because a realtor is charging a broker fee. In fact, the heavy demand for apartments in places like NYC in Boston is why the realtor is charging the fee to the tenant and not the landlord ("no fee" places listed by realtors are really "landlord paid fee"). So landlords get an extra layer of screening (realtors won't send them unqualified applicants at risk of souring the relationship with the landlord and losing the ability to show their other units), don't have to deal with showing apartments, and (IMO) create a distance that makes the renter feel less empowered and less likely to negotiate terms, make requests, etc.

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On The Bait-and-switch Apartment Listing

@ATF having lived in both Boston and NYC, I actually think ghost listings are a bigger problem in Boston (I think the high number of student renters makes realtors more brazen in their shadiness).

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On I Got a Better Job, But I'm Afraid My New Insurance Won't Cover a Scheduled Surgery

I would talk to the employer and/or HR at your new employer - they may be able to speak with the insurance company and verify that you'll be OK, but I agree with Katni that I think this should be covered, with the exception of any deductible, as it is medically necessary. On another note, I'm sure your surgeon has discussed this with you, but I wanted to offer up this anecdote. I had the exact same surgery you are likely having - although my case was particularly severe (both jaws were the wrong size and my surgeon described my case as the worst he had ever seen, to the extent that my surgery was done as soon as I stopped growing and it was feasible, as there were serious possible long-term issues if it didn't get fixed). I had both procedures done in one go, as well, so my situation is kind of an extreme example, BUT all that aside: the recovery was pretty slow going. Because I had trouble eating for several months as my bones healed, plus sleeping problems due to having to sleep upright, my energy level was very low and I actually was only able to go to school half-days for the entire semester following my surgery. So, unless your surgeon has told you otherwise (and s/he very well may have), you may want to discuss what your PTO options will be when you have the surgery. I'm not sure if you'll be eligible for FMLA at 6 months, so if you end up needing to be out for a few weeks your job may not be protected, and you may not be accruing PTO during any probationary period your new employer may have. I actually had to have a minor follow-up procedure in my early 20s, and the recovery was MUCH easier, so your experience may be very different. Just things to think about.

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On Better Policies for Hiring Interns

@stuffisthings I agree with everything you've said here, and want to add--to give your unpaid interns the education/experiences they're supposed to be having, your employees need to have enough room on their plate to actually supervise them. Ultimately every version of a crappy internship you can think of (unpaid entry-level work, unpaid/paid staring at the wall for 7 hours, etc.) could possibly be traced back to the fact that everyone has too much work on their plates to begin with. Also, instead of schools paying students in internships, why not let them receive the credits but not be charged tuition for them?

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On Poverty, Presentability, and Expensive Handbags

I grew up working class and I wear cotton tank tops under my blouses; I do not know what a shell is. Tressie's points are great, but I'd love to see more exploration of the handicap those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds face when trying to acclimate to white-collar jobs.

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On My Journey To Lease Renewal, a Timeline

Once I am done with it (since I probably shouldn't write about it before that), I will send you the story of me suing my landlady over this sort of thing (plus other stuff).

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On A Non-federal Employee Talks About How the Shutdown Has Affected Her

This article is well-intentioned and I fully support hammering home EVERY EFFECT the shutdown has, but I couldn't help but think that it'd be nice to hear more stories of people who have been affected by, say, the cutoff of WIC; many of whom are low-wage private industry workers.

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On Young People: Richard Florida Tells You Where to Move

hahahahaha yeah, move to Boston, paying nearly NYC rents to live in a city 1/10th the size isn't insane. /bitter

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On Here is Your Open Thread

I actually don't wildly disagree with her advice, but nothing can stop me from making the easy joke that Slate writers are capable of trolling any topic at this point.

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On President Obama's New College-Ranking System

@stuffisthings I like a lot of these suggestions. Stripping protection from non-federal loans would likely shrink the availability of those loans, but the easy availability of private loans is part of why tuition is sky-high. As you allude to, it's also important to note only PRIVATE higher ed has had really insane tuition rises; most of the increase in public higher ed tuition is due to the loss of state funding, not actual expenditure increases.

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