On Paying for Dinner

It's weird, and I am never one to aggressively turn down a free dinner, but I've seem that insisting too much can start to imply weird things like financial and social status. The point of the dinner was to make them happy, so if it's clear that they want to pay or split it, let them. If they won't accept dinner as a thank you gesture, sending flowers or a small gift later is almost always welcomed (sending a wreath in December as a thanks-for-hosting-me gift was a huge hit). Leaving behind a nice bottle of wine with a note has also worked and is hard to reject.

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On Driver Roll Up the Partition Please Don't Need You Seeing Yonce Doing 1 Thing

@moreadventurous I cannot emphasize how bad my teeth really were. I never flossed, ever, ever, ever. It's the worst and bloody and gross. That having been said: PUT THE FLOSS IN YOUR SHOWER. Game-changer. No mess, no mirror to reinforce how awful it is, and you get to extend the amount of time in your wonderful, warm cocoon of a shower. Even if it doesn't line up perfectly with when you want to floss, it'll help stop the inevitable initial bleeding and help it become part of your routine. (I've been telling *everyone* about this since I discovered it a couple months ago.)

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On Places I’ve Lived: Pittsburgh, New York, and the Secret of NYC Real Estate

@PrettyNicola There are few places in the world more picturesque than Craig Street during back-to-school season.

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On Let's Make a Price, I'll Give You All of Ten Francs

This is my favorite title of a post yet.

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On My Boss Tried to Get Me to Join in on Her Beauty Pyramid Scheme (It Kind of Worked)

@cuminafterall I once saw a "Girl Scout Cookie Signup Sheet" in the women's bathroom once at an office I was visiting and thought it was GENIUS.

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On Rental Car Bureaucracy Conned Me Out Of An Absurd Amount Of Money

@EDaily The credit cards typically have a sort of "damage insurance" built into them that debit cards might not. Also, there's a $200-$500 hold put on the card on top of the actual cost of the card. That money is frozen until you return the car.

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On I'm Terrified of Quitting My Terrible Job and Using My Savings for Grad School

Yep, if you don't have to worry about rent/grocery bills (by living at home) and have about $1000 each month to live off of so you don't burn out before 25? DO IT.

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On Devious Games

I'm addicting to both Candy Crush and Plants vs Zombies 2, and I've gotta say the key is to NEVER pay unless you absolutely can't get any more levels. If you know the level is passable without paying, isn't that part of the game? (Unfortunately, for Candy Crush, you have to do the obnoxious Facebook connect to keep going without paying. However, I've found my group of 5-10 Candy Crush addicts, and we just ask for things from each other instead of bothering everyone else.)

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On Americans Like Folgers in their Coffee Cups

Ahhhhhh creepy brother-sister-lovers commercial!

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On Regrets

Buying this Starbucks coffee will make me feel better about regretting everything else that I bought.

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