On How Much Do Teens Plan to Spend on Promposals? $324, On Average

I actually did something like this ~15 years ago, but I didn't know it was a thing until yesterday. The boy that I had been flirting with heavily all school year and I were both into drama (so, a different kind of nerdy), and before every opening night the drama kids would paint the auditorium stage to cover up whatever had been spilled on it during the year. I got the idea (and, somehow, the balls, I would die before I did anything like this today) to paint "[overly precious inside-joke nickname], WILL YOU GO TO THE PROM WITH ME?" on the stage in giant letters, where he (and everyone else) would see it when they came to rehearsal after school. Which I did. And then once it was done, I chickened out and ran and hid in the light booth, and someone took it upon themselves to play a ska-punk cover of "I Think I Love You" on the sound system right as he walked into the auditorium, which was pretty embarrassing. It worked out about as well as things can in high school...we went to prom (in a group with four of my friends because neither of us had cars) and dated for about a year until the relationship exploded in a horrible firestorm of first-love trauma. It cost me $0 (the question-popping, not the relationship, which cost me my romantic idealism at least), and nobody filmed it.

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On Traveling Lighter: Results

Can someone explain the point of packing cubes? I don't get it.

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On Link Roundup! Coming To Terms With Compulsive Shopping, Advice for Job Hoppers, & More

Hey Ester! I'm not sure if there's a better place to put this, but this article is right up the Billfold's alley: http://qz.com/359040/the-internet-and-cheap-clothes-have-made-us-sport-shoppers/

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On I 'Leaned In' at My Nanny Job—and Got Fired

@caryatis While saying "don't take the subway" in New York is rather unreasonable (is she supposed to take cabs from Brooklyn every day on a nanny's hourly wage?), leaving 15 minutes early is generally good practice.

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On I 'Leaned In' at My Nanny Job—and Got Fired

@Sueb Yeah. Grad school may not teach you how to write, but it will teach you how to teach writing. If that's what you want.

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On Who Gets the Privilege of Paying for HBO Now?

Not available in Canada. Ooooof course not.

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On I Used An Accountant And I Liked It

I started paying someone to do my taxes when I moved from the US to Canada. I started trying to do it myself with an online program, the same way I'd always done in the US, until I realized that I didn't even know what the acronyms stood for and I was *definitely* going to fuck it up. It's still a little painful to pay for it, but I don't really feel like I have a choice.

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On Life Hacks

@thirtysum Yes! I have things that make me happy. The point a few years back when I discovered that wearing nice, comfortable, durable shoes means that I don't end up halfway through the day with blisters or the heel falling off changed my life in a small way. Cheap, crappy shoes can ruin your day and make it hard to get things done, but I didn't know there was an alternative because I'd never had nice shoes! I'm sure the "experiences, not things" people don't deny themselves items like comfortable, quality shoes (which are, for me, a real luxury)--they just don't think of them as *things*. If you're really not at all concerned with things, it's likely because you don't notice them because you've never lacked them.

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On 38 Roommates in 10 years

...And now I know where Unibroue gets their names. (I thought it was just meant to be badass.)

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On On Productivity Anxiety

Oof. I read this headline and thought, "that sounds like grad school!" --Ph.D Candidate

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