On For Whom Is The New York Times?

@tw0lle This is what I was thinking...that is a textbook definition. Paging Bourdieu!

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On Is There a Class Component to Catcalls

@coastalelite This article starts to get at something that I wanted to say in response to all the people posting this video on Facebook, but I think it goes even farther than that. Some of the most aggressive catcalls I got came when I was living or working in spaces that were on the edge of gentrification, and I was definitely aware that there are competing forms of privilege at work in these situations. Sometimes it seemed that the catcalls were ways for men without the racial or class privilege they perceived in me to call out my presence in their space with the only form of privilege they had left.

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On Experts Maybe Not So Expert-y After All

@Josh Michtom@facebook THAT'S TOTALLY IT. My cousin used to work there! Also, having grown up in a place where it was just a gas station, it never occurred to me that this is a weird name for a chain.

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On Experts Maybe Not So Expert-y After All

I feel like I know where that Terrible's is. Either that or they all look the same?

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On Got $400? Stay at the New Harry Potter Themed Hotel Rooms

You know those honeymooners are there for the HP-themed sexy role play.

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On To Pay Back Loans Faster, Go West, Young Man

@ECW This is also the case with Nevada. Take it out of the tourists.

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On Don't Want No Scrubs: What Not to Wear to Work

@mirror_father_mirror Although you *do* have to be very careful when shopping to make sure your teacherly-gesticulations aren't going to cause you to blow a crucial button. But I supposed the same goes for a lot of modern mass-market clothing.

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On Don't Want No Scrubs: What Not to Wear to Work

I have to disagree with the "from this decade" point. I am in academia, and most of my clothes (*especially* my teaching clothes) are vintage...and if you'll allow me to say so myself, I look more put-together in my nice wool blazer/slacks/pencil skirt/sheath dress/silk blouse than many of my colleagues in their H&M versions. Thrift stores are the only reason I have nice things.

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On Fall Haul

Sorry, double-post!

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On Fall Haul

Ugh, I have been home sick this past weekend (during the last few nice days we will have in Montreal, it's going to be winter forever from now on) and missed all the end-of-summer frolicking. Couple that with the fact that back-to-school means getting paid again, which means suddenly feeling flush (when I'll actually need that money to live on next summer)...and I have done a lot of online shopping the past few days.

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