On Every Job I’ve Had: Indoor Bouncy House, Defense Contractor, Traveling Nerd

I can confirm that the universal rule of weirdos at child-related jobs is 100% true. I spent two summers as a "senior welfare leader" at an English language learning school for kids, and most of my time was spent dealing with staff who were, er, not so conducive to the childrens' welfare. Like the guy who suggested that we all play a game where points are allocated based on who we slept with, and the 14 year old French girls gained you maximum points. Or the guy who would pop up in the dormitories, roll onto his back and put his legs above his head whilst slapping his own bum and shouting. Frankly even £1000 per hour would have been insufficient pay for that job.

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On Choosing to Skip College

@Karebot Yes! This is what I sort of wanted to say but wasn't able to because I got too wound up to be articulate. The thing that pissed me off about the whole piece is that she seems to think that having no plan and just arsing around on her parents' dime is the equivalent of learning to be a mechanic or starting a business.

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On Choosing to Skip College

I got about one third of the way through that piece before I wanted to hurl my computer out of the window. It's fine being a special snowflake who "didn't respond to traditional teaching methods" as long as mummy and daddy are on hand to send you to private school and then later, underwrite you financially and give you a house, er, I mean "investment property" to decorate how you like.

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On 1 Thing: Endless Summer Edition

Get life insurance. I actually have 6,000,000 other life-admin related things to do, but let's start small. And keep this manageable. And not think about having to tell the world I have changed my name (AAAARRRGGGHHHHH).

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On Even Reese Witherspoon Has Impostor Syndrome

The point in the WP article about Mickey Mouse arsing around with Goofy whilst owning Pluto was illuminating, I felt. I had never considered it before.

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On True Value: One Pair of Black Pumps From Payless ShoeSource

This was wonderful.

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On GOOD ENOUGH Homes & Destinations: What You Get For $500K

@Aconite Oh actually, that's not all, because LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT FRIDGE IN THE TUSCALOOSA HOUSE.

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On GOOD ENOUGH Homes & Destinations: What You Get For $500K

May this series never end. That's all.

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On To Refund or Not to Refund, A Tumblr Message Exegesis

@Worgchef The MORNING the final Harry Potter book came out, my friend read it all in about 3 hours and then told me Fred died. Then he was apologetic but seriously, no.

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On When Money Doesn't Matter: Up Close & Personal With The Son of a Chinese Billionaire

@jquick Er, no, that wasn't my point. Fuck who you want, get paid if you want, whatever. I'm not commenting on prostitution. I just felt uncomfortable with what I perceived as an invitation to clutch our pearls and feel morally superior. I was also not keen on: "Never before had I seen such a stark illustration of the hell that is growing up in the .01%". I don't know anything about being super-rich and I probably never will, but I think that assuming that being very rich is "hell" and is directly linked to turning into an amoral beast is perpetuating lazy stereotypes.

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