On Monday Check-in

Also feeling very hungry after looking at all your food photos Mike.

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On Monday Check-in

A little nervous to add this all up because this past weekend=birthday weekend. On the other hand, this past weekend=birthday weekend so all purchases are justified, no? Friday: $150 on birthday party supplies because it was one of those milestone numbers. Saturday: $25 on brunch with visiting friends. I'm never much of a brunch person but woke up on Saturday noooot feeling great and home fries and eggs felt necessary. $27 on Arcade Fire with said visiting friends. Vaguely considered getting a drink too, until I saw Barclay's Center's prices. $5 my share of a cab after the concert to catch the end of a friend's goodbye party. Sunday: $13 at Afropunk - including donation to the festival & a snack. The show felt worth wayyy more than that, so I'm considering this good financial planning. :) Total: $220? I think?

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On A Father-Daughter Duo Answers Your Questions: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Why is it one or the other? If you haven't applied to school, it will probably be at least a year if not before you start. The raise might help to pay for school too.

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On The Cost of Seeing Beyoncé and Jay Z in Concert

Man this seems well worth it. I didn't even look up ticket prices to this concert b/c I somehow assumed they'd all be like $200??! Even $80 seems a small price to pay to see Bey in person.

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On "So, What'll You Have?"

@LookUponMyWorks oo I also love all of those drinks. Particularly the dirty gin martini.

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On Class Consciousness In Kids' Books

The Slate Culture Gabfest podcast actually talked for a good bit about Corduroy this week. http://www.slate.com/articles/podcasts/culturegabfest/2014/07/slate_s_culture_gabfest_on_comedy_central_s_faux_reality_show_nathan_for.html Funny to have heard that this morning and then read this. Corduroy is on the world's mind, I guess.

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On My First Job, Or How Not to Deal With A Boss Who Masturbates at Work

@seakelps I'm thinking the same! Also an '11...

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On A Call To End Birthday Dinners

@cryptolect This is a great trick.

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On Monday Check-in

Lots of seeing music and seeing friends this weekend. $82. Weekend was a lot less expensive than expected because I decided not to renew my Citibike membership. I don't like by a docking station before and so am not sure how much I would use it. I didn't see Snowpiercer but I did see Boyhood on Sunday and oh wow would I recommend that movie.

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On Friday Estimate

Free concerts tonight and tomorrow but that means probably a few snacks/drinks while I listen...let's say $30. Gardening/world cup on Sunday! Want to try to watch in an Argentinian spot if I can find a place. Probably another $30. Throwing in another $15 for groceries etc and $100 for renewing my citibike membership (eep!) Estimating $175.

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