On MacArthur Day is the Best Day! Joy Money Recognition Joy

The MacArthur grants make me so happy! Like, first I am incredibly happy for the people whose work I am familiar with who get recognized, almost as much as if I actually knew them, and then I read about all the great work the other recipients are doing, and I am so happy that they are recognized as well. It's been a pretty good day.

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On Our Money Daydreams: Befriending Elderly Millionaires & Finding Bags of Gold

My dream money is always to win one of those giant, $200 million lottery prizes, then pay off all my student loans and like, $50,000 of each of my grad school classmates who I still like. My other money fantasy is to find $50 on the ground and buy whatever I want from Target.

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On Friday Estimate

This weekend should stay pretty frugal (should as in what I ought to do, not what will likely happen) because I don't finally get paid until next week. Friday: friends over for dinner and games, dinner already purchased, so $0, hopefully. Saturday: hike, then meeting other friends at their house. $0 bc I already bought gas this week, likely $5 or so if we need to grab snacks before heading to the friends house. $25 groceries. Sunday no plans. If I can keep it to around $30 that would be great. Under $50 is my goal!

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On Cats vs. Dogs: The Dollars and Sense Edition

My dog is definitely more expensive than my cat but he is also the best purchase I ever made, so I really don't care. I did not purchase my cat bc she was a cute stray hanging around my old place, so luckily I don't have to rank them head to head on 'best purchases'.

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On Monday Check-In

Friday was after work driving snacks (snacks are my downfall) $3, then dinner out which we've been trying, poorly, to avoid lately $20. We did get stuck in the elevator for about 45 min before dinner, and while we'd already planned on eating out this really sealed it. Saturday I hit the farmers market for breakfast and veggies before work, $20. We went to a bar for a friends bday that night,$7. Sunday spring cleaning then we were invited to a friends huuuuuuge beautiful backyard for lunch, $19 on wine, cheese, and bread. Then went to trader joes on the way home and I picked up a few more groceries,$20. Total: $89

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On Monday Check-in

Friday: dog poop bags $9 ( bought in bulk). Saturday: breakfast before work $5, coffees on a walk with boyfriend $4. Sunday veggies at farmers market ( and managed not to buy any plants!) $15. Could that really be all I spent? If so, go me and my $33 weekend but I'm sure I forgot plenty! Also meaghan your weekend sounds lovely, and the guest check-in was a nice change of pace!

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On How Vampires Do Money

Also most of the vampires on Buffy just lived in abandoned factories, or abandoned mansions, or abandoned crypts. I assumed they were squatting and didn't have to pay rent. Some of them had jobs, also, like the vampire who used to work for the evil mayor. And they definitely stole things. ( I am currently re-watching all Buffy seasons on netflix)

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On Monday Check-in

Friday: $5 on ice cream on an after work dog-walk. Sat: $20 at farmers market before work. $13 at little market after work. $20 on garden flowers ( garden is the bane of my budget). $23 Budapest hotel tickets for me and boyfriend ( I wasn't that into it). $10 on beer after. Sunday had to use up some teacher gift certificates at the art store $13 over. $9 at the OTHER grocery store. $55 on a water filter from the rei outlet to use a discount before it expired. Total: $168.

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On Monday Check-in

Ok: Friday ended a long week so we went out for dinner, which ended up being a mistake because of a really long wait. We ended up driving across town to a different restaurant which was just ok: $13(each). Saturday I bought coffee before class ($5) and gas after($20) then we drove to dc for an opening and got tacos before ($20 for us both). Sunday went to the grocery first thing ($35) then a meeting then got some fertilizer for my garden ( $12 it better grow, dammit, after all I've invested this year ALREADY). Then some beers to share at a studio visit that evening ($12). Plus paying rent which I won't count and paying for a parking ticket, which I will ($32). And the grand total? $149. Ok, not as bad as I expected.

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On Walking the Dogs of the Rich

This was my exact experience dog walking. I expected a chill job where I hang out with dogs and spend the day outside. Instead I spent most of my time driving between dog's houses, worried about being late and stressed.

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