On Monday Check-in

Friday: $5 on ice cream on an after work dog-walk. Sat: $20 at farmers market before work. $13 at little market after work. $20 on garden flowers ( garden is the bane of my budget). $23 Budapest hotel tickets for me and boyfriend ( I wasn't that into it). $10 on beer after. Sunday had to use up some teacher gift certificates at the art store $13 over. $9 at the OTHER grocery store. $55 on a water filter from the rei outlet to use a discount before it expired. Total: $168.

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On Monday Check-in

Ok: Friday ended a long week so we went out for dinner, which ended up being a mistake because of a really long wait. We ended up driving across town to a different restaurant which was just ok: $13(each). Saturday I bought coffee before class ($5) and gas after($20) then we drove to dc for an opening and got tacos before ($20 for us both). Sunday went to the grocery first thing ($35) then a meeting then got some fertilizer for my garden ( $12 it better grow, dammit, after all I've invested this year ALREADY). Then some beers to share at a studio visit that evening ($12). Plus paying rent which I won't count and paying for a parking ticket, which I will ($32). And the grand total? $149. Ok, not as bad as I expected.

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On Walking the Dogs of the Rich

This was my exact experience dog walking. I expected a chill job where I hang out with dogs and spend the day outside. Instead I spent most of my time driving between dog's houses, worried about being late and stressed.

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On Monday Check-in

Unusually low-spend weekend for me. Friday: boyfriend wanted pizza so he paid for dinner. Sat: farmer's market for veggies before class:$10 but I had market tokens from a while ago, so freeee. Some beers at beer store after stopping by an opening:$11. Sunday: stayed in and went to the studio: $0. Ordered my dog a hiking backpack but used my rei dividend: free ( would have been $75) Total: $11!

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On Monday Check-in

Friday I got gas after work (20), ate dinner at home, then went to Target with boyfriend where I bought a watering can and some candy(14). I didn't make it to the garden store to get dirt bc I was too lazy once work ended. Saturday was a coffee stop before work ($5), then straight home after to make it to an art event in DC. Took the train in ($14, roundtrip) then $20 on my metro card. Korean food after ($16, including tip). Sunday I took the dog on a long walk, and ended up at the pet store where I got hime a new bone ($5, he needed a new distraction) bowling with some friends ($5 shoe rental, $18, total on some games.) I should have just done the $18/unlimited 2 hr bowl. Bowling is expensive, guys! Though, as one friend pointed out, $18 for 2 hours of entertainment is pretty standard. This is why I don't do things. Then grocery store, $17. In all, $120, which is what I estimated although I didn't do what I estimated.

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On Friday Estimate

No real plans yet this weekend, but I will be buying soil ($50, for other gardening incidentals that also pop up), probably food out one night ($20-30), and maybe a coffee ($5), groceries ($20) and gas ($20). $100-120 but I'll probably go over, lets be honest.

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On Monday Check-in

Friday I bought gas after work($13) then got takeout (21) and beer (12). Went to trader joes after work Saturday, which means I spent more than anticipated (46). Then went to a friends house and bought a bottle of wine (12). Sunday was quieter, got some gardening in before the damned snow dumped on my plot, then did midterm grading for school today. Total: $94 which is ok, I guess.

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On Monday Check-in

This Friday I spent $13 on Korean take-out, then saw some galleries in the neighborhood, $0, then $3 on True Detective snacks (candy) when I walked my dog later on. Saturday I taught, and picked up a muffin and coffee beforehand, $4, Then got some groceries, $18, then went to the Print and Multiples Fair and bought my boyfriend a zine, $10. A trip to the other grocery for dry goods, $16, and then dinner out before another opening,$16.(2 weekends of eating out twice!!!) Sunday it was warm and I got real antsy about gardening, so I bought some seeds and seedstarter mix, $36 (wayyy overboard w amount of seeds). Coffee and donuts for me and boyfriend, $5, then target trip, $21, but I used a giftcard from returning an ill-advised dress from a couple weeks ago. Total: $134.

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On Monday Check-In

Friday takeout: $13 (dinner for me, lunch for me and boyfriend the next day. This was a deal and a half) Saturday: pre-class coffee and bagel $4, post-class groceries $22, boardgame night pizza ($10, not the largest pizza, but we got two toppings. I think this was a good deal). Sunday: $4 coffees, $20 beer store (beer + chocolate). Total: $73, not bad, but too much take-out.

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On Friday Estimate

Going to a friend's show in DC tonight, so $14 train and maybe $20 for food before or after. Saturday, work+ groceries, maybe $40, because I might go to Trader Joe's which always destroys my thriftiness. Sunday, brunch w friends planned (at their house) but lets say $10 to bring something. I'll probably need gas also, $15. OK! $100 weekend, but I'll probably do something frivolous and go beyond that.

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