On Examining My Grocery Spending

I too love talking about grocery store habits! We go to the grocery store once a week on Thursdays like clockwork because I love routines and I love going to the grocery store. We each spend between $20-40, depending on how many staples are at home. We buy almost everything for the week and cook two meals on Sunday: a dinner for boyfriend and I and a lunch for me ( I used to just eat the dinner meal all week but that got too boring.) Dinner usually lasts until Wednesday or Thursday, and lunch lasts until Friday. We either eat out or cook different foods over the weekend. Dinners are usually stews in the winter and roast veggies that can be eaten hot or cold + a meat and grain in the summer. Or a potato salad + meatballs. Lunch is a salad of lentils, grain, and roast veggies in a tahini dressing. I was a big cooker and still love cooking but I HATE having to cook and clean after work during the week. Also my biggest tip is weekday grocery shopping if you have time for it! We decided we were sick of doing errands on the weekend after working all week, so try to time our grocery store/homedepot /drugstore/etc trips for after work on Thursdays. It is so nice to have a little more time on weekends.

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On How Do You Know When to Stop Spending?

@PicNic I get paid weekly so I have weekly budgets! One of my schools pays me once/month, so from that my rent amount goes straight to my rent savings account, and the rest goes to my savings savings account. All of my other bills (phone/utilities, loans, health, retirement) fall on different weeks, so I pay one bill per week, then buy groceries and do whatever I want with whatever is left over.

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On Spring Shopping

@ronswansonluva Also, what does 'boyfriend' refer to? I always thought it meant your comfy baggy jeans look like you stole them from your boyfriend, but I read a magazine blurb that suggested clothes that look like you have a boyfriend so you don't have to dress to impress, which, if thats it I hate the phrase.

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On Open Thread: Share Your 2015 Budget

Ok, this semester looks like take-home is about $2144/month after taxes, which works out to: 440/rent 172/studio 166/health insurance 200/student loans 200/IRA 83/phone 50/utilities 172/transportation (a mix of train, subway and gas--ugh, can't believe it's so high, and its mostly the train to get to one of my schools) 160/groceries, not counting going out or alcohol 100/pets (this is food and some in savings for the vet) 27/car insurance 40/gym 8/netflix. This leaves $326/month for everything else: fun, incidentals, beer, etc. What's helped me is to have several savings accounts, some connected to my checking , and one online that takes 3 days to transfer. As soon as I get a paycheck I transfer money to my various savings so all my obligations are taken care of. Once a month I pay those obligations from the various savings, and everything left over in checking after I've done my transfers is MINE and I can use it as I please! It helps me not be vague or forget about upcoming bills. It also helps that I get paid once a week, so I only have to stretch my extra money for a few days-- I have a problem blowing all the extra at once. The one thing I need to start doing is making an extra savings for discretionary spending that is a little more frivolous, like new boots or pants or things, because I rarely have left over fun money for things that pop up. Or, my shoes get holes, I buy new ones with my extra then have a lean week where I can't do ANYTHING but my necessities and that gets hard. I love coffee out and snacks. Another helpful thing is to never bring my credit cards anywhere, but I use one to pay most of my bills, which means I will have a couple hundred at REI later this year to use frivolously and I am already excited about it.

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On The Uniform I've Chosen for Myself

@bgprincipessa I kind of do this! Except I teach at two different schools, so I wear the same outfit on Monday that I wear on Tuesday when I go to my second school. Then Wednesday and Friday I wear the same outfit. Thursday is the only day with no overlaps because I go to both my schools that day. But by staggering the outfits to avoid doubling up at the same school, I am making the illusion that I own more work outfits than I actually do.

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On Did Your Parents Lie About Your Age To Get Lower Ticket Prices, And Did That Scar You For Life?

I'm pretty sure my family did this, and I remember feeling like it was the sliiiiiickest scam. I can't remember if this was our practice, or if I was always like "say I'm under 11! It's cheaper!!" and they never listened to me. Now I feel the same glee of getting away with something whenever I used my very old college id for movies or find a bunch of chicken at the grocery store accidentally mis-priced and buy it all for my freezer, or any other cost-saving measure. I feel no ethical ickiness from it (and the chicken thing is totally legit, anyway) maybe from learning it from my parents or it could just be dyed in the wool cheapskateness.

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On How Much Can Dog Walkers Make? How About $120,000/Year

When I walked dogs 2 years ago it was $15/walk, and the walker got ten of that. I had a couple of dogs who I could walk to the other's house, but we were paid for 20-minute walks, and it worked out that it was rarely less than 10 minutes to walk to the nearby dog's house. Usually, if I wanted to double up on walks, I had to DRIVE to pick up a bunch of other dogs and walk them together. This was a city, but the dogs weren't very densely packed. Also, I did 20 dogs a day AT THE MOST and I rarely even had much of a break during the day, usually eating on my way to the next dog's house. So basically, I think the $120,000 person is someone like my boss, who held all the keys, distributed dogs to walkers, got paid $5/walk and did some walks herself on top of that.

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On A Drunk Stole My Kale. You Won't Believe What Happened Next!

I had my laptop stolen out of my studio, and my car stolen in high school while I was making out at a boyfriend's house (and wasn't supposed to be there, so I totally got caught). They tie for most expensive, because that 20 year old camry cost just about the same as the computer (at least, I paid the same amount, more or less, when I purchased them).

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On Why You Shouldn't Go to Art School

@Lily Rowan I mean, I seem less crazy when that was my only comment. Nothing was showing up and then they all did at once.

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On Why You Shouldn't Go to Art School

I've tried this three times, and my posts aren't sticking, but it is very important for me to note that AJ was probably going to MASS ART! A public art school that costs state tuition! Not such a bad idea. I mean, art is risky and a terrible life choice (spoken as an MFA who is adjuncting) but those lists seem to discourage for-profit art schools more than art school in general. I only saw one on the list that wasn't a for profit.

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