On Generic Products I'll Never Waste Money on Again

@Vicky YESSS!!! Wegmans spirals basically make up the bottom of the food pyramid for my household. So amazing.

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On How to Hire Women

@Sallymander OMG, me too! Programmer love! (The 'cray' in my username is for the supercomputer!) I haven't noticed much of it, since I started CS in college and most of my professors were hippie liberal types (<3) who were very interested in promoting women in STEM. I did notice it more in the attitudes of my male TAs, though, who probably had less experience with female students since they were only a few years older and hadn't taught much.

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On WWYD: Too Many Work Expenses At Once

@craygirl And *DON'T* be embarrassed. It's totally annoying of the company to not at least book your flights for trips they are making you take. (also your boss sounds like a total jagweed)

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On WWYD: Too Many Work Expenses At Once

OMG, this is incredibly timely. I'm a poor grad student who this semester has to take at least 2, possibly 3 expensive conference trips which are paid on reimbursements (which take about 45 days...). I don't have any real tips, but just sending you ALL my sympathy. It's very stressful. I know for me, my boss might not have been able to help, but as Mike pointed out, the secretaries in my department are INCREDIBLY kind and understanding, and have offered to give me an advance from the department's petty cash if it's necessary for work expenses. I haven't taken them up on it yet, but you should talk to Payroll or whoever and see if you can get some help!

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On How to Hire Women

@craygirl Wowwwww sorry to get so rambling! Clearly an issue that I have a lot of capital-F Feelings about, hope it didn't end up preachy.

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On How to Hire Women

@Sallymander Ahh this is something I care/research about a ton, as a woman in a STEM field! I think at this point, there's a few major factors which researchers see affecting this: - Women are subtly discouraged, or at least not encouraged, to participate in STEM fields due to pre-existing gender biases - Girls tend to view their math skills as lower than boys who have equivalent skills (due both to the gender biases mentioned above and women in general having lower self-evaluation scores) - Girls can have lower inate spatial skills (though this are easily corrected with a relatively minimal amount of teaching, it seems like many primary/elementary schools don't offer the necessary training) - As @Megano! mentioned, low numbers of adult women in STEM fields means less mentors/advisors for younger women. Some good links to research on these topics: http://www.aauw.org/learn/research/upload/whysofew.pdf (long as hell, but there's an executive summary in the first few pages) http://www.pnas.org/content/early/2012/09/14/1211286109.full.pdf+html

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On 'I Can Tell You the Tech Industry & Tech Media Space Are Both Largely Post-Race'

@Kokoda Jamelle mentions this as well, both in the article: "California’s large Latino population is a relatively recent development" and via Twitter (https://twitter.com/nateog/status/298948304522342400). And I did read that article last night! I disagreed hugely with it. For one thing, he didn't address the issues of institutional racism that have a huge effect on the representation of African & Latino Americans in tech/tech media (which @stuffisthings addressed above).

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On 'I Can Tell You the Tech Industry & Tech Media Space Are Both Largely Post-Race'

@Chuck13 Grr, I tried to post this and it disappeared, somehow! Trying again... You should take a look at Jamelle's original post on the topic (http://jamellebouie.net/blog/2013/2/3/and-read-all-over) - he does acknowledge that there is a large number of South/Southeast Asians in tech reporting. But he specifically focuses on African- and Latino-Americans since so many Asians grew up in California, and because of that are afforded (a) more early experience with tech and (b) better opportunities for networking with people who went into the tech/tech reporting fields. It's a really interesting read - you should check it out!

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On 'I Can Tell You the Tech Industry & Tech Media Space Are Both Largely Post-Race'

@Chuck13 Did you get a chance to read Jamelle's original article? It's available at his blog (http://jamellebouie.net/blog/2013/2/3/and-read-all-over and was super interesting. He does point out that there is a large number of South/Southeast Asians in tech reporting (as well as tech in general, though his article is more about writing), but mentions that this is helped by the large Asian community in CA. He does then narrows his point to Latino and African American tech writers. It's a really good piece, you should give it a shot!

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On And You Can Call Me Professor

@David G Alm@facebook As a frequent Billfold reader, I actually think this may be more of a stylistic misunderstanding than anything? The tone of this post, to me, didn't seem snarky, but more like Logan trying to provide a counterpoint to the previous article. I could be entirely wrong, and I obviously just speak for myself and not Logan/the Billfold! But I don't think she was trying to advance any agenda by posting a link to your essay here. ETA: I think it's also a tonal thing - to me, "BUT: He doesn’t have to worry about tenure!" seemed like she was trying to highlight your point about worrying about not getting tenure while on tenure-track.

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