On Everybody Wants to Do 1 Thing

OH GOD right estimated taxes. This is my first year doing it because the university decided they didn't feel like doing the withholding from my fellowship anymore. Can anyone tell me why the deadlines are spaced out so weird? I accidentally paid my 2nd quarter taxes a month late because I was like TWELVE DIVIDED BY FOUR IS THREE! EVERY THREE MONTHS! and then it was June which is TWO MONTHS from April!

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On When One Person Earns More Than the Other in a Relationship

@garli "if both people involved don’t feel like their life is easier/better because of their partner" Exactly. These sorts of articles seem to be asking "is my life easier/better *THAN* my partner's?" which is absolutely the wrong question.

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On When One Person Earns More Than the Other in a Relationship

I'm getting kind of bored with the whole "I make less money and have more free time and do the dishes more why does s/he resent me waah!!?!" narrative. My fiancé makes about 2x what I do, but I work as much or more (guess what, 13 hour days in a "practically chosen" health/science field are not always super well compensated!) and I would be willing to bet that's a more common setup than we see in the media. On our part, we split expenses about 50/50 (he has some weird hangups about money/savings after a bad period of freelancing before we met, although I hope to bring him around to the percentage method if I don't get a higher-paying position soon). Do I sometimes get mad when he's like "oh I feel like buying *expensive unnecessary toy* for myself, I had a hard month at work, I deserve it" and I'm like "this candle I got was probably too expensive ):" or when I usually end up doing more of the housework because I'm the woman in the relationship? Sure! but I don't turn it into some giant existential crisis about the value of life and our relative work.

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