On The Working Life of Gwyned Filling, the 'Career Girl' of 1948

Fascinating how the cost of living in nyc was as difficult then as it is now!!! I'm curious how you figured the inflation rates? It sounds like a useful tool.

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On Planning a 2015 Budget

Nicole, this budget is so thorough and inspiring, thank you! I miss Redlight Boutique. So sad it's closing on capitol hill. :/ But I heard that the one in the u-district will remain open? So you may have to factor another couple dollars for a bus ticket up there!

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On Friday Estimate

I'm in the middle of Fall Break for school, so vacation! I'm going to DC to visit friends, so here's my budget: $28 round trip Megabus ticket NYC-DC $30 Oktoberfest ticket on Saturday (includes dinner!) $6 coffee and pastry on Sunday $10 beers during the Seahawks game on Sunday (cause I'm from the other Washington!) $15 dinner on Sunday with my friends Trying to keep travel weekend to just under $100! Usually my goal whenever I make weekend trips. Next weekend, I will live cheaper and less drinking. This weekend is a special occasion!

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On 1 Source Of Income: Good. 12 Sources: Better!

Lessons to take away from the recession: - "When I was twenty-five, I trusted my employer to take care of me, and it didn’t, of course. That seems impossibly naive now." - "The person I am today, who can’t trust a single source of income, is better off than the person I was in 2007." YES! I agree this is spot on. Since 2007, I also can't trust a single source of income or an employer to take care of me. Thanks for putting a positive outlook on this so we can take lessons from it rather than just blaming the economy.

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On Time to Panic About Hazelnuts

@calamity What is a cashew? I've always wondered... it must be a nut because I'm allergic to nuts and cashews are BY FAR THE WORST AND MOST DEADLY nut (if it is a nut).

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On Raising Kids to Trust People but Distrust Corporations

Great read, even for someone who doesn't have kids. I also have trouble with grown-up friends who cross the line on the humanitarian-commerce divide.

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On Lessons About Money From Our Twenties

@OllyOlly NEVER BUY TIMESHARES! They won't go away, even after you die, and they will suck thousands of dollars out of you (even after you die).

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On 10 Days in California for $500

This piece is so great!! It makes me want to document all of my spending on vacations. (I usually just transfer an amount to checking before the start of vacation and then wince whenever any amount is charged or withdrawn throughout the vacation and pray I won't get overdrawn). Interesting to see the narrative that develops as you document your expenses on vacation.

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On WWYD With a Five Figure Check?

@Jake Reinhardt @Aconite @aetataureate You guys are all awesome! If I had any money left from the five figure check, shots would have been on me!

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On WWYD With a Five Figure Check?

My first check from an inheritance was very similar. Sure, it was 5 figures and made me erupt in a spontaneous dance party when I first received it. But it really wasn't anything compared to the debt I had from undergrad, the debt I was about to undertake in grad school, and the salary I needed to survive (but could never get from the economy). I was paralyzed and didn't deposit the check for a month. When I finally did, I paid off my credit card debt and hospital debt immediately and used the rest for living expenses during my first year in grad school. It was gone within a year...

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