On The End of an Era

WHHHHAT? Literally, my earliest childhood memory (at 2 years old!) was when my family visited NYC and we went to FAO. Can't believe they're getting priced out.

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On Getting Feedback After a Job Rejection

@thirtysum No! It never hurts. It is just that SOME companies have policies against it. Otherwise, by not asking, by not being open and transparent, how is anyone going to learn? How are we going to solve larger problems in the workforce economy (like unemployment, under employment, overqualified, shortlisted, people who are unable to buy things and give back to the economy, and people who are looking for jobs for 3 months or more) if we allow corporations to protect themselves over people? Thank you everyone for sharing comments, but this all really sucks.

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On Getting Feedback After a Job Rejection

@dotcommie (author here) this is interesting! You mean employers are asked not to respond to questions in writing in the event that it was discrimination or they are to be accused of discrimination?

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On On Calling Your Employees "Partners"

@angry little raincloud Any job with "associate" in the title has always bugged me. So it's not an assistant? It's not managing anyone, exactly, right? What does an associate even mean anyways?

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On 13 Ways Daylight Saving Time Can Cost You Money

$3 for coffee on Sunday before classes, even though I noticed right after I had purchased the coffee that I had used up my loyalty card and could've gotten it for free. $12 on shitty lunch that I had only picked through because I wasn't thinking straight On Monday, I got a cold, so that meant: $6 for benadryl $5 for box of kleenex Yup, can't handle the change of seasons.

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On On the Daily Show's Jessica Williams, the Latest High-Profile Victim of Impostor Syndrome

Jon Stewart was a writer with arguably the same amount of experience as Jessica Williams has now, when he replaced Craig Kilborn in '99. Jon Stewart left some pretty large shoes to fill, but he did grow into them. Jessica would be perfect! Also don't understand why Tina Fey and Amy Poehler aren't being considered.

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On The Working Life of Gwyned Filling, the 'Career Girl' of 1948

Fascinating how the cost of living in nyc was as difficult then as it is now!!! I'm curious how you figured the inflation rates? It sounds like a useful tool.

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On Planning a 2015 Budget

Nicole, this budget is so thorough and inspiring, thank you! I miss Redlight Boutique. So sad it's closing on capitol hill. :/ But I heard that the one in the u-district will remain open? So you may have to factor another couple dollars for a bus ticket up there!

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On Friday Estimate

I'm in the middle of Fall Break for school, so vacation! I'm going to DC to visit friends, so here's my budget: $28 round trip Megabus ticket NYC-DC $30 Oktoberfest ticket on Saturday (includes dinner!) $6 coffee and pastry on Sunday $10 beers during the Seahawks game on Sunday (cause I'm from the other Washington!) $15 dinner on Sunday with my friends Trying to keep travel weekend to just under $100! Usually my goal whenever I make weekend trips. Next weekend, I will live cheaper and less drinking. This weekend is a special occasion!

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On 1 Source Of Income: Good. 12 Sources: Better!

Lessons to take away from the recession: - "When I was twenty-five, I trusted my employer to take care of me, and it didn’t, of course. That seems impossibly naive now." - "The person I am today, who can’t trust a single source of income, is better off than the person I was in 2007." YES! I agree this is spot on. Since 2007, I also can't trust a single source of income or an employer to take care of me. Thanks for putting a positive outlook on this so we can take lessons from it rather than just blaming the economy.

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