Getting Feedback After a Job Rejection

Five years ago, I applied to a visitor services position at a museum that I was really hoping to get, and had a positive interview experience. Sadly, I didn’t get the job, but someone gave me that tip that I should ask the interviewer about the outstanding qualities they found in the candidate they ended up choosing as a way for me to get feedback for improvement. Have you ever received feedback from a potential employer about your interview performance or how they perceived your skills and experience? Is this too much to ask?

The Inheritance My Father Left Me With And What I Did With It

My father passed away when I was 24, the youngest of six siblings. We were close; we loved talking about hard work and money, whether we were out eating at Denny’s, or at home watching football or the Daily Show. He died before he got to see me go to grad school, start a real professional career, meet the love of my life, get married, get a mortgage, have kids, have grandkids, start my 401(k), live a life. My dad was 54 years older than me, but his passing was sudden. When I was younger, I didn’t anticipate that he wouldn’t be able to walk me down the aisle, and now I have no idea how I’m ever going to afford a wedding in the future. His parents (my grandparents) lived to be 93. I thought my dad was in otherwise good health until he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at the age of 78.

The Cost of Accidentally Dropping Your Phone

My iPhone once survived a 10-foot drop off of a subway train platform. I was holding the phone in my right and trying to push it into my coat pocket before exiting the subway car. When it slipped out of my hand, I grasped for it, but only managed to grab onto my headphones and phone case.

Living Situations From Seattle to NYC

Where have you lived Julia Lipscomb?

Music I Listened to While Working as a Temp

Most profound listening experience: Every morning, I would sleep in until 11 a.m. because I worked swing shift. Being that I was in Seattle in March, it would still be dark and cloudy at that late hour. My commute was a slow, degrading walk down Pike/Pine Corridor to the train depot. It was always overcast, and sometimes it rained early in the day. I had Tegan & Sara’s The Con on repeat during my commute, which fits perfectly with heartbreak and lack of Vitamin D.