On A Windfall

My father passed away in February; I walked into my house yesterday to find the life insurance check glowing in a sunbeam on the counter so this is very relevant to me today. It doesn't make me less sad but it does provide relief. I swear before you all that I will use all the good advice from the Billfold and finally get that IRA. I've called the insurance company three times already to make sure that there is no way I'll be on the hook for any taxes or other fees. I also have about ten browser tabs open to things like best dermatologist in Atlanta, affordable personal training, and Zara.com... because retinoid/squat/retail therapy.

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On The Art of Asking for a Discount

@lapgiraffe Exactly! I keep a second job at a small clothing boutique (essentially as a clothing budget) and I get asked for discounts almost every time I work. Like you said, ninety percent of the time the person asking assumes that they deserve it and that you will give it to them. Since it is a small business the owner empowers us to make our own decisions regarding discounts, etc. and what these customers don't know is that we can definitely give them something in exchange for being treated like a human. Asking can work when paired with the right attitude!

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On In 2014 Our Government Is Still Filing Retirement Paperwork by Hand

This isn't surprising at all to me (someone who works at a local health department). There are some fairly sophisticated databases that I work with but they are developed on a federal or state level. None of them can import/export into one another so my most time-consuming duty is entering patient info into four different online databases. My second most time-consuming duty is looking for lost paperwork. My third is looking for nurses and doctors to get signatures so I can FAX things to the state department. I honestly don't know what my job would become if all of these things were readily available/electronic.

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