The Week We Began Weighing the Beans

Mike: Meaghan, I think I’ve become one of those coffee people.

The Case of the Missing Package

Mike: So I ordered a vacuum on Amazon the other day. It was delivered last night, but when I got home, it wasn’t there. Someone stole the package.

Yakkin’ About Baby Showers

Mike: You will probably getting a package from Target from me today.

Dating Using Discounts

Meaghan: Mike! I just read an excellent article on the Date Report that cites you as a couponing expert. Or um, quotes you about your couponing-while-dating philosophy.

Making More Money and Fixing Our Lives

Sometimes the way to fix a lot of your problems is to figure out a way to earn more money.

We Are Not Spa People

Meaghan: I am getting a PRENATAL MASSAGE today, OMG.

A Respite From Winter

Mike: Meaghan you went on vacation for a little bit—when was this planned and how did you decide where to go?