On An Interview With a Friend Who Got Bedbugs The First (And Last) Time She Used VRBO


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On Visiting Hogwarts When You're Broke

Sounds like a super fun trip!

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On The Best Things in Life Are Free (Food)

Food Blogging is the absolute best for getting lots of free food. Enjoyed this piece very much!

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On How To End Up With Oscar, "the Uber of Health Insurance"

I'm excited to read what comes next! Health Care!

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On My Life as a Magnolia Bakery Cupcake Bouncer

That was fun.

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On The Most Expensive Meals We've Ever Paid For

For me it was Le Bernardin, paying about $130 with tip (my share) and I'd say the service alone -- plus a brief tableside chat with Chef Eric Ripert -- was worth it.

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On The Cost of Being Exposed to HIV While Uninsured

Great article that I'm sure will help many in the same situation.

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On From Botanical Gardens Intern to Anthony Bourdain's Assistant

Really enjoyed this, thanks!

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On Places I’ve Lived: A Dormitory for the Arts, Urban Hilltops, and a Former Department Store

I graduated from UCI in 1983 and lived for 3 years in the undergrad student aparments on Physical Sciences Road. Ah, memories.

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On An Interview With a Woman Who Started Her Career During the 'Mad Men' Era

This was a delightful read in every way! Thank you!

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