On Another Life

I really, really loved this piece. I feel this way a lot. It's thrilling and kind of bittersweet to think of other lives that would almost certainly have been good, or at least different. The older I get, the happier I am with the one I have.

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On The Cost of Date Night (And the Morning After)

@HelloTheFuture Only if you were about to ovulate anyway. When people say 'You can still get pregnant on your period' this is because it's possible to have an irregular or really short menstrual cycle where you ovulate very soon after your period. If you have a super regular or really long menstrual cycle, barring some kind of act of god there's no logical or likely way to get pregnant from having unprotected sex while actually bleeding. But yes also Plan B can make your period start early (although probably not the very same day?)

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On The Cost of Date Night (And the Morning After)

You can sleep with someone right away and then go on to have a real relationship! The two are not mutually exclusive. I don't think they even really bear any relation to one another. What a weird idea. Sleeping with someone right away definitely is not code for "Feel free to not go out with me again."

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On Recent Concerts I've Attended And What They Cost (And Should Have Cost)

What is this article about? I'm really confused. "I went to some concerts"?

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On How Much Should the Dentist Cost?

@ShellB Wow - I completely agree! I am honestly pretty shocked by all these comments. I love going to the dentist and having clean teeth. The feeling of clean teeth makes it all worthwhile. I realize that dental phobia is a real thing but getting your teeth cleaned is FAR, FAR, FAR, FAR from the worst experience you can have in terms of discomfort and I genuinely cannot believe that people are expressing such dislike about it. I go to get my teeth cleaned and examined twice a year and floss every day (sometimes more than once a day), brush my teeth after every time I eat, use an electric toothbrush, and wear my retainers and a mouthguard every night. Like everyone else, I also work full-time and do a lot of other things so it is actually possible to be a real person and do these things. I don't understand how people can be so lazy as to NOT FLOSS and brush teeth often enough when it's so good for your teeth.

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On Allowances

I just reread the excellent book "The Secret Currency of Love" which has an entire essay on this same issue, allowances! I was "supposed" to get an allowance but my parents usually forgot to give it to me. There were definitely chores I was expected to do. The only entrepreneurial thing that I did was to sell lemonade at the Boston Marathon each year. (I lived next to the halfway point so there were a TON of spectators to sell to. At some point I realized that my parents paid for the lemonade mix and ice and therefore it wasn't really a self-funded operation, but in general it was a fun thing to do once a year. I always, always buy from lemonade stands.) My view is that kids should be expected to do chores and that allowance shouldn't be tied to work performed. I think the idea that everything you do can be leveraged into money is an incredibly mercenary and depressing lesson to teach kids. I was pretty horrified by the idea that the kid would offer to clean his grandparents' car for money and that the parents would think this is awesome. What happened to doing nice things for people you love? On the other hand, a really great portrayal of allowance system that (to my mind) works really well is in the Great Brain books. Those kids had to do a TON of chores that were legitimately crucial for the family to get done - definitely an example of a time when it was still useful to have kids so they could do work, not that the kids generated the extra work. The allowance (I think it was five cents a week or something, which was a really decent amount of money for a kid in those days) was hugely important to the kids and it was hugely important that the chores be done; if the kids were being punished, they'd get their allowance taken away (and if they didn't do the chores for some reason, they wouldn't get the allowance, and then they would have to do the chores anyway).

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On Exercising With Coworkers

I would NOT want to exercise with coworkers, but I really don't like exercising with anyone, I'm a solo exerciser. I go to the gym of the university I work at and I definitely see colleagues at the gym quite frequently but that's not bad at all. I think it's nice to see people in different contexts from work, to remind that we have full lives and not just the work dimension.

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On With a Little Help From Our Family?

My parents would of course help me out financially, as long as I wasn't behaving irresponsibly. I am financially independent at this point, but my mom buys me groceries sometimes. I can definitely afford groceries, but if we are shopping together which happens occasionally, often she pays. I like being able to pay for myself and I typically do pay for myself whenever possible, but if I actually wasn't able to afford something they would definitely help. If I had debt that I incurred myself, I think they'd think of it as my responsibility but if it were a hardship like mentioned above (if I couldn't make rent, or couldn't pay for medical care) they would pay for it as a gift, not a loan. If I chronically couldn't pay rent I would move back home instead of having them pay my rent, because I definitely wouldn't like the idea of being "kept" by my parents, but my guess is that they would be willing to pay my rent for several months (or possibly longer, but I don't think that I could bring myself to accept it unless it was truly a stopgap thing).

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On Monday Check-in

I bought a cappuccino for like $3.40 and paid $6.00 toward Thai/Japanese/Korean food for dinner, both on Sunday. I also spent $18.43 at CVS buying fancy conditioner, a new water bottle and antacid pills, because I had CVS Extra Bucks and a $5-off coupon so I saved $14. It was an inexpensive weekend because of the weather and because my mom bought me groceries earlier in the week!

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On Monday Check-in

I had estimated $144-$160. Actual: Friday, nothing. I went to a party and brought a nonalcoholic beverage that I already had in the house. Saturday, $9.55 on a Christmas gift, $11 on lunch, $11.50 on another gift, $32.83 at CVS (largely unforeseen, but useful), $22 going to a cultural show. I also went out for drinks but my boyfriend paid. Sunday - $45.68 for a new mouthguard, $30.79 on two more presents and some copper cleaner for my mom. Total: $192.66. Not bad! I need to buy one more small present, mail cards and mail one package, but those are my only remaining holiday expenses.

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